What we learnt about Chinese opportunities in the UK and China


What we learnt about Chinese opportunities in the UK and China

Chinese Portal On June 17th Chinese Portal held an event to give Chinese and British students and graduates the opportunity to discover what China related career opportunities are available to them in the UK and China. While we discussed possibilities in different sectors and issues surrounding visas, there were a few core questions that seemed to be on the majority of people’s minds and we were able to come out with a few key points. 

Use the right tools for your environment

As the experts pointed out, the online spaces in the UK and China are hugely different. While Baidu is commonly used as a search engine in China, when looking for opportunities in the UK, it will not provide comprehensive results. Instead, Chinese students were urged to learn how to use Google properly, while it was suggested that British professionals get to grips with more social tools such as Wechat, as this is where a lot of brands post information, and where meaningful professional relationships can be built. 

The Chinese art of ‘Guanxi’ or, loosely, ‘relationships’ is also very important, and your relationship network is often key when it comes to referring you to or recommending you for a job. CVs in bigger companies can often go overlooked, especially when there is a high volume of applicants. Experts stressed the need to make close connections with Chinese friends, reaching out to them and professional connections to find out what’s available and to see how you can get ahead. 

European students should pay close attention一带一路 dynamic 

China’s new “One belt one road” system may provide opportunities for those from countries lying along China’s ancient Silk Road trading routes. As Chinese companies are encouraged to strike deals with local companies and provide jobs and infrastructure in countries from South East Asia to the Mediterranean, the opportunities for students of China to enter into Chinese companies continues to grow. 

Students and graduates should pay close attention to the development of this policy and its impact on their own and neighbouring countries, as well as local businesses. 

Take an internship

For those looking to go out and work in a Chinese company, one of the most important pieces of advice we got that evening was that an internship is invaluable and, in some cases, the only way to really get your foot in the door. Long-term internships are still common in Chinese companies, and are more often used as a pre-selection process.

The ability to bond with colleagues and prove your hard work and dedication is of top importance here. It also gives you an opportunity to discover if working in a Chinese company is the right environment for you! 

Sending blind CVs and writing directly to Managers and the HR department, or going through a connection or close friend, are more likely to yield results in this area than when applying for a permanent position.

All in all, there was a very positive outlook by the end of the event, the conclusion being that there are plenty of opportunities for both Chinese and British students and graduates in both countries!

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