The stereotypical qualities of Chinese people from different regions

The stereotypical qualities of Chinese people from different regions, CHINESE CITIZENS, CHINESE CULTURE, CHINESE CITIES, PHOTOS, FUNNY

The stereotypical qualities of Chinese people from different regions

Beijing: A sense of superiority

Due to Beijing being the capital of China, the locals have an innate sense of superiority.

Shanghai: Arrogant

Every Shanghainese believes they are good at careful planning. A sense of natural intelligence is the unique quality with which the Shanghainese reckon they are born.

Tianjin: Complex

Tianjin people are known for their artistic flair. They combine both the romantic and impressionistic Western style with traditional Chinese style.

Chongqing: Straightforward

Chongqing people are natural warriors and are renowned for their hot tempers. They do not give in easily.

Sichuan: Laid-back

Sichuan is known as "the land of abundance" in China. Living in such an exquisite and fertile place makes the Sichuan people an attractive race with an intelligent temperament and a relaxed approach to life.

Shangdon: Loyalty

It seems that ‘Shangdoness’ has already been a positive word for a number of years, which implies that the people from this region are blessed with the qualities of forthrightness, kindness, elegance, intelligence and are confident and  self-assured.

Hunan: Domineering

Many will agree that the Hunan people are known for their domineering nature and they will never allow themselves to be neglected or overlooked. Hunan people have a distinctive character and are very direct and straightforward. They are very brave, and they seldom hesitate to make decisions.

Hainan: Fey

Hainan is an amazing place with a bright, sunny climate. Its good weather makes it is a popular destination for tourism and leisure activities. Native born people who have lived in the region for a long time love the quiet lifestyle, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Inner Mongolia: Sturdy

Inner Mongolia is located in the northern part of China; its territory is huge and it has countless mountains. The vast expanse of grassland and endless Gobi desert has resulted in a people known for their brave and determined nature.

Tibet: Spiritual

Once we mention Tibet, the temples for pilgrims will immediately spring to mind. A snowy plateau conjures up an image of the holy and innocent snow Lotus, and adds to our perception of the pious character of Tibetan people.