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Hidden Locations of Baby Jiang in Genshin Impact Game

Where to Find Baby Jiang in Genshin Impact Little Game Walkthrough

Baby Jiang is an NPC from the Li Yue region in Genshin Impact who resides in the mountains northwest of the city. You need to locate and interact with him to complete the world quest called “Little Game.” This quest unveils the poignant story of a young man.

In this guide, we will provide the starting point for the quest and all the hidden locations where baby Jiang is hiding.

Initiating the Little Game Quest

To begin the Little Game quest, head to the northern teleport point of Tianheng Mountain where you will find Baby Jiang. Look for the blue exclamation mark above his head. From the teleport point, head southeast towards the cliff’s edge. On the other side, you’ll encounter hilichurls.

How to start a game of hide and seek with baby Jiang

Engage in dialogue with Baby Jiang, and he will invite you to play hide and seek with him. Choose the option “Fine” to start the game.

Genshin Impact Little Game Walkthrough: Baby Jiang’s Hideout Locations

Where to find baby Jiang in the game

For your convenience, we have provided a general map indicating all the hideout locations for baby Jiang.

Hideout 1 (1 minute to search)

Where is baby Jiang hiding for the first time?

From the starting point, proceed straight ahead. Within one minute, follow the path that turns northwest towards the teleporter. Behind the first large stone, you will discover baby Jiang’s hiding spot. Interact with him to progress in the quest.

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Hideout 2 (50 seconds to search)

Continue along the road, heading north from the starting point and through the berry bushes. After 50 seconds, you will find Jiang to the left, near a green tree and stone wall. Engage in dialogue with him.

Hideout 3 (40 seconds to search)

Where is baby Jiang hiding for the third time?

Follow the direction indicated by the camera rotation; you have 40 seconds to reach the east side of the mini-map where there is a house near a small lake. Look for baby Jiang hiding behind the far corner, along with a box and berries.

Hideout 4 (30 seconds to search)

The final hideout is located to the southwest, and you have 30 seconds to find it. Without changing your direction, retrace your steps from behind the house through the box. Behind the pond and a couple of medium-sized trees, you will spot Jiang hiding on the cliff behind a stone. Approach and interact with him.

Achievement: Player Zero in Genshin Impact

Achievement Zero Player

Upon successfully completing all stages of the hide and seek game with baby Jiang, you will earn the “Zero Player” achievement. This achievement rewards you with 5 primogems.

Baby Jiang will remain in front of the house, allowing you to engage in further conversation and learn more about his tragic history. Pay attention to the inscriptions on the tombstones for additional insights.


Upon completing the quest, you will receive the following rewards:

  • Adventure Experience x250
  • Source Stone x30
  • Mora x20
  • Hero Experience x2
  • Magical Amplification Ore x3
  • Li Yue Reputation Points x20

We hope this article has helped you locate all the hide-and-seek spots for baby Jiang and complete the Little Game quest. If you encounter any difficulties or have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment. We will do our best to assist you. For more guides and information on Genshin Impact, stay tuned to our regularly updated content.

Video Walkthrough

Read on for a detailed video walkthrough of the Little Game quest.

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