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A Shattered Crown | Diablo III Quest


In the world of Diablo III, the Skeleton King was once a beloved lord named Leoric. However, his descent into madness, fueled by Diablo’s evil, led to the loss of his sons and his very soul. Though he was defeated, it appears that he has risen once again to plague the land. This article follows the quest to stop him and retrieve his old crown.


The Quest Begins

The key to defeating the Skeleton King lies in his old crown, and the protagonist is advised to seek out the blacksmith, Haedrig. The blacksmith knows the whereabouts of the crown and can guide the way.

Seeking the Crown

Leah, a skeptic, questions the significance of the signs and texts that foretell the return of evil. Despite the doubts, the journey to find the crown begins. Along the way, they encounter Haedrig, who is grappling with the difficult task of putting his wife, who has been bitten, to rest. The necromancer offers assistance, understanding the path of death all must tread.


Battling the Undead

With Haedrig’s wife laid to rest, the quest continues. The group faces hordes of ravenous dead in the Cellar of the Damned. The Templar, a companion on the journey, expresses the need to finish the work at hand, even if the protagonist cannot.

A Tragic Love

During the battle, Haedrig’s love, Mira, becomes infected and calls out for help. The Templar, who has renounced love to avoid tragedy, urges Haedrig to take action. As Haedrig mourns his loss, the necromancer assures him that granting peace to the fallen is a noble act.

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A Promise Fulfilled

Grateful for the assistance, Haedrig introduces himself and agrees to help in locating the crown. The crown is buried with Haedrig’s grandfather, and the tomb can be found in the Weeping Hollow cemetery. The quest to find the crown continues.

Exploring the Cemetery

The group makes its way to the Weeping Hollow cemetery, where they encounter the fallen apprentice of Haedrig. The necromancer acknowledges the disruption in the balance caused by the apprentice’s death.


The Chancellor’s Altar

Delving deeper into the cemetery, the group searches for the Chancellor’s Altar. They encounter various crypts and tombs, but the crown is not found. The Templar reflects on the fallen king’s destructive reign, while the necromancer remains determined to find the crown.

Confronting Evil

Finally, they locate the Chancellor’s Tomb, where Chancellor Eamon guards the crown. A battle ensues, with Chancellor Eamon expressing his determination to prevent the return of the Skeleton King. Ultimately, the group emerges victorious and retrieves the crown.


Quest Completed

With the crown in hand, the group returns to Haedrig. Surprised by their success, he repairs the crown and expresses his desire for a more meaningful life. The necromancer informs Haedrig of his fallen apprentice, offering condolences. The quest comes to a close.


In the world of Diablo III, the quest to defeat the Skeleton King and retrieve the crown is fraught with challenges and sacrifices. It is a test of bravery, determination, and the strength of friendships forged along the way. Hope you enjoyed this article, and continue to support Blizzplanet for more exciting updates on Blizzard games.

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