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A Spell for All – Walkthrough (Version 14.8.4)


In this article, we will provide a comprehensive walkthrough for the game “A Spell for All.” Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, this guide will help you navigate through the game and make the most of your playthrough.

General Tips

  • Explore and Interact: Make sure to wander around and talk to every character you can. Some events in the game are timed, meaning you have a limited number of actions to respond. Keep an eye out for phone calls and knocks on the door.
  • Key Locations: Visiting certain key locations, such as The Wild Ranges, Your Bedroom, and The Library, will trigger timed events. Return to these locations multiple times to unlock new content.
  • Inventory Management: You have the option to leave any item in your own bedroom. Additionally, the game will occasionally give you items like Old Stones. It’s best to use Stones when you find them by visiting the Wild Ranges.
  • Event Order: While there may be an optimal order to see all possible content in the game, it’s not necessary to follow a strict sequence. You can charm people in any order you like and explore different paths.
  • Save Regularly: The game automatically saves every morning and evening, but it’s recommended to save regularly to avoid losing progress.
  • Take Note: Keep an eye on the notes in your phone. It will remind you of tasks and objectives you’ve been assigned.

Game Settings

To customize your gaming experience, you can access various settings from your phone. Here’s a breakdown of the available options:

  • Alarm: Set the time you want to wake up after a night of sleep.
  • Alert New SMS’s: Choose whether to show or hide SMS alerts in the game.
  • Explicit Filter: Decide whether to show or hide sexually explicit images in the game. This can also be set at the beginning of the game.
  • Theme: Switch between white and black themes for the game interface.
  • Inventory: Choose whether to display icon labels or text labels for the items in your inventory.
  • Inventory Display: Decide whether to show the inventory in the right sidebar or as a popup from the left sidebar.
  • Spell Runes: Switch between the “Rune Matching” system and the older version of looking up spell names in the Book. This can also be set at the beginning of the game.
  • Undo: Enable or disable rollback functionality for certain game-ending actions. This can also be set at the beginning of the game.
  • Bubbles: Choose the position of the conversation response bubbles (centered or lower left of the screen).
  • Pink Noise: Enable or disable dream sequences that don’t influence the story.
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Additional settings can be found under the “Play a game” icon:

  • Cheat Helper: Enable or disable cheats in the game. This can also be set at the beginning of the game.
  • Puzzles Helper: Enable or disable puzzles. In this walkthrough, we provide answers to puzzles. If puzzles are disabled, you automatically get the correct solution.

You also have the option to minimize the left and right bars, showing only a minimal set of icons. Hover your mouse over the icons to see useful information.


The game includes a built-in cheat mode. You can access the cheat menu from the Left Bar in the game window. Expand the bar using the + icon and click the “Cheat” link.

In the cheat menu, you’ll find several options:

  • View People: Edit details for yourself or other characters in the game, including adding or removing items from a person.
  • View Items: Add or move items in the game that are not in someone’s possession.
  • View Places: Change flags for different locations. Flag 1 indicates a place is known and visitable.

For more technical details and information on flags, refer to the files in the “Development” folder.

Gender Differences

The gender of your character affects certain events in the game, particularly when learning the Possession spell. Additionally, there’s a unique item called a strap-on that is exclusive to female players and only available in the Explicit version of the game.

With the Transform spell, a female player has the ability to become a hermaphrodite/futanari, a woman with both male and female genitalia. In most situations, the game will treat you as a male for sex scenes, but you will still be referred to using female pronouns like she/her.

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There are three major paths in the game, each with their own variations and impact on events:

Apprentice Path

In this path, you become Sir Ronald Gates’ apprentice. No killing takes place in this path, except for a few bad endings.

Conspiracy Path

If you refuse Sir Ronald Gates’ apprenticeship, you’ll follow the Conspiracy Path. This path leads to significant reorganization, especially regarding money and the Clairvoyance spell. Similar to the Apprentice Path, no killing occurs here except for a few bad endings.

Murder Path

In the Murder Path, Sir Roland Gates is killed, and you become the prime suspect. You can choose to be the actual killer or not. Killing can occur in this path, either accidentally or intentionally.

Hard Murder Path

Demand Sir Ronald give you the Book, argue over it with him, and accidentally kill him.

Soft Murder Path

Demand the Book but leave before killing Sir Ronald. However, you witness another person killing him, and you’ll be considered the murderer. Death can still occur in this path, but you are not personally responsible for Sir Ronald’s death.

Story Arcs

The game features major quests and story arcs that are common to all paths. These arcs can be pursued independently, although some require the completion of others. Here are the story arcs in the game:

  • Seance: Attempt to summon the ghost of Kurndorf and learn his secrets.
  • The Ritual: Deal with the aftermath of the Seance and attempt to banish or bind Kurndorf’s ghost.
  • The Demon: Encounter a dangerous demon unleashed during the Seance, which now stalks you.
  • Dragon Gem: Embark on a quest to find a hidden spell and obtain a powerful magic item.
  • Davy and Kate: Explore Davy’s obsession with Kate, which can be a key to controlling him.
  • Vampyre: Uncover the presence of a vampire in Glenvale who is targeting the Gates family.
  • A Witch Freed: Decide whether to free Jessica after the Seance or keep her as a slave.
  • Ross Sisters: Attempt to control the three Ross sisters, with the exception of Amy (who cannot be controlled yet).
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Two interconnected story arcs require the completion of both the Dragon Gem and The Demon arcs:

  • Free Leanne: Save your friend, Leanne, who has become a soulless Thrall under the influence of the demon.
  • Corrupting Mother Superior: Attempt to take control of the strong-willed Mother Superior in the Church.

Time Management

Time in the game progresses at a rate of 10 minutes per action outside and 5 minutes inside. Some actions, like checking items or your phone, take no time. Taking a break for a while consumes 1 hour or 30 minutes, depending on the location.

Most shops open at 8AM and close at 6PM, but some locations, such as the School and Restaurant, have different operating hours. Some events only occur during the day or night.

Additionally, the game follows a weekly schedule, starting on a Monday. Some places, like the Town Hall and the Bank, are closed on weekends. Certain events only take place on specific days of the week, but these criteria are not noted in your phone.

You have the option to spend the night in your bedroom and wake up at 6AM. You can change your alarm setting to 6AM, 7AM, or 8AM using the Alarm App on your phone. In some cases, friendly characters may allow you to spend the night at their home.

Consider saving certain actions for nighttime, such as using Stones or engaging in sexual encounters with charmed characters. The spell Pass can be useful at night, granting access to locked places.

Please note that this walkthrough does not specifically mention spending the night, so adapt some steps accordingly for nighttime activities.

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