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RAID: Shadow Legends – Understanding Champion Stats

This comprehensive guide aims to shed light on the various stats in RAID: Shadow Legends that significantly impact your champions’ performance. By understanding the role and importance of each stat, you can optimize your builds and make informed decisions.

Why Stats Matter

Champions in RAID: Shadow Legends possess multiple stats, and each of them influences the champion in a unique way. However, there isn’t a single best stat to focus on, as the optimal choice depends on the specific champion and the desired build.

To make sense of the stats and their implications, let’s take a closer look at each one:

Health Points (HP)

HP, or Health Points, represents the amount of health a champion possesses. In essence, it determines how much damage a champion can withstand before succumbing to defeat. Typically, champions with the Defense or HP role boast higher HP values, making them more durable. If you struggle to keep your champions alive during battles, increasing their HP can significantly enhance their survivability. However, it’s crucial to remember that HP alone doesn’t dictate a champion’s tankiness; factors like DEF and RESIST also play vital roles.

Attack (ATK)

The ATK stat measures a champion’s damage-dealing potential. While it’s tempting to evaluate a champion solely based on this stat, it’s not the sole determinant of their offensive capabilities. The effectiveness of a champion’s skills also plays a role. For instance, the champion Jizoh’s skills scale with his DEF rather than ATK. Therefore, increasing his DEF, not ATK, enhances his damage output. That said, most champions scale with ATK, making it a crucial stat for boosting damage. Be sure to read a champion’s skill descriptions to ascertain whether their skills rely on ATK or other stats.

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Defense (DEF)

The DEF stat determines a champion’s ability to mitigate incoming damage. A higher DEF value equates to more damage reduction, making a champion tankier. In RAID: Shadow Legends, the tankiest champions often possess high HP and DEF values. Don’t be fooled by champions with seemingly low HP. If they have substantial defense, they can be surprisingly challenging to defeat. Combining high HP and DEF is the key to building formidable champions.

Speed (SPD)

Speed influences a champion’s priority in battle. The faster a champion is, the earlier they attack, potentially swaying the outcome of a fight. Besides determining attack order, the speed stat also affects a champion’s turn meter refill rate. A faster turn meter recharge equates to more attacks throughout a battle, provided the champion survives. If your team emphasizes burst damage over durability, prioritizing speed can prove highly advantageous. It allows you to unleash your onslaught before the enemy has a chance to retaliate.

Critical Rate (C. RATE)

Critical Rate reflects the probability of a champion landing a critical strike. Critical strikes deal significantly increased damage and can be pivotal in turning the tide of battle. The amount of bonus damage inflicted by critical strikes depends on the champion’s Critical Damage (C. DMG) stat. A champion’s C. RATE directly indicates the likelihood of landing critical strikes. Increasing this stat can substantially boost a champion’s overall damage output, especially if their skills synergize with or amplify critical attacks.

Critical Damage (C. DMG)

The Critical Damage stat determines the additional damage inflicted by critical strikes. A normal attack deals 100% damage, while a critical strike deals 100% plus the champion’s C. DMG value. For instance, a champion with 70% C. DMG will deal 170% damage with a critical strike (100% base damage + 70% additional damage). Boosting a champion’s C. DMG significantly augments their damage output, particularly when paired with a high critical rate. Champions focused on critical strikes derive immense benefits from a high C. DMG stat.

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Resistance (RESIST)

Resistance, more specifically known as Debuff Resistance, gauges a champion’s ability to resist debilitating effects. Successfully resisting a debuff means the champion remains unaffected by it. Although the RESIST stat doesn’t directly denote a probability, higher RESIST values increase the chance of resisting debuffs. When a debuff is rolled to be applied, champions with high RESIST have a greater likelihood of blocking it. This indirectly enhances a champion’s tankiness since they’ll, on average, endure fewer debuffs that can damage them or weaken their defenses.

Accuracy (ACC)

Accuracy, specifically Debuff Accuracy, determines a champion’s proficiency in applying debuffs to enemies. The higher a champion’s ACC, the greater the likelihood of successfully landing debuffs. Just as RESIST plays a role in resisting debuffs, ACC acts as a counterbalance. If you attack an enemy with a debuff but their RESIST is high, they may block it. However, a high ACC can overcome their RESIST and ensure the debuff takes effect. Champions specializing in debuff-based skills greatly benefit from a high ACC stat.

Now that we’ve explored each stat’s significance in RAID: Shadow Legends, you can confidently optimize your champion builds. Remember, understanding the intricacies of stats empowers you to make informed decisions and strategically strengthen your roster. Let this knowledge guide you on your path to victory!

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