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Destiny 2’s Best SMG Set for a Nerf in the Upcoming Season

After dominating the Trials of Osiris in Destiny 2’s Season of Defiance, The Immortal submachine gun has solidified its position as the top weapon of choice. Boasting exceptional stats and a versatile perk pool, it has consistently claimed the top two spots in Trials of Osiris week after week. However, Bungie has finally acknowledged its reign and announced plans to nerf The Immortal and its Aggressive Frame archetype in the upcoming season, aiming to balance their dominance in PvP.

The Rise of Aggressive Frame SMGs

The prominence of Aggressive Frame SMGs in the Crucible began with the reissue of the IKELOS submachine gun but reached new heights with the introduction of The Immortal. The key to its overwhelming success lies in the presence of Rangefinder, a crucial range-boosting perk found in the third perk column. By pairing Rangefinder with damage-boosting options like Target Lock or Kill Clip, The Immortal became an unstoppable force in the meta.

Despite a minor nerf to Target Lock, The Immortal continues to maintain its grip on the PvP scene. Bungie acknowledges that its exceptional stats make it unparalleled among Aggressive SMGs, exacerbating an issue that already exists with the archetype itself. Therefore, Bungie aims to address this imbalance by making adjustments that maintain the viability of Aggressive SMGs while requiring higher precision to achieve their optimal time to kill.

Nerf Details

While the upcoming nerfs won’t render Aggressive Frame SMGs ineffective in PvP, they will provide an opportunity for other weapons to shine. Here are the changes:

  • Base damage for Aggressive Frame submachine guns reduced from 15 to 14.
  • Precision hit multiplier increased from 1.45 to 1.5, resulting in a slight reduction in critical hit damage from 21.8 to 21.
  • The Immortal specifically has its base range value reduced by 10.
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Additional Weapon Archetype Updates

Apart from the adjustments to submachine guns, Bungie has also shared some additional updates in the weapon archetype department. These changes will be implemented alongside the upcoming Season of the Deep:

  • Sniper Rifle damage in PvE increased by 10%, excluding Izanagi’s Burden’s Honed Edge perk shots.
  • Fixed an issue where the Long Arm scout rifle was unintentionally dealing extra damage against minors.
  • The Tyranny of Heaven bow will receive updated and improved stats to align it better with its contemporaries.

These changes are part of a broader suite of sandbox updates that will be released with Destiny 2’s Season of the Deep on Tuesday, May 23rd.

With these adjustments, Bungie aims to create a more balanced and diverse meta in Destiny 2’s competitive landscape. The reign of The Immortal and Aggressive Frame SMGs might be winding down, allowing other weapons to reclaim their rightful place on the battlefield.

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