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Apex Legends Unveils New Map Rotation: A Mid-Season Update

When it comes to battle royale games, Apex Legends is no stranger to keeping things fresh. Just recently, the game surprised players with an updated map rotation mid-season. Kings Canyon and Olympus are temporarily removed from the lineup and replaced by the two newest additions to the five-map collection: Storm Point and Broken Moon.

This map rotation shakeup aligns with the fact that we are now at the halfway point of the current Apex Legends season. However, what caught players off guard was the lack of mention of this change in the patch notes released earlier. Nevertheless, these new maps are likely to stay this way until Season 18 arrives with its own rotation.

According to current and upcoming maps, the map rotation for the remainder of the Apex Legends season will progress from Broken Moon to World’s Edge and finally to Storm Point, before starting fresh again. Currently, Storm Point is the ranked map until it switches over on Wednesday.

With this sudden change, players are curious about what specific alterations have been made to the returning battle royale maps. It is highly likely that some problem areas, commonly referred to as “rat spots” by the community, have been patched out. As players spend more time on the maps, these changes will become apparent. Additionally, players have already noticed a notable alteration on Storm Point. True to its name, the sky above this expansive map has taken on a darker hue. Apex leaker and dataminer KralRindo suggests that this change could be a foreshadowing of an upcoming event.

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As is customary with map rotations in Apex Legends, there are mixed opinions among players regarding this new spread of maps. While some players are in favor of the change, others express a desire for a different selection. Some players have even taken to social media to voice their disappointment at having both Storm Point and Broken Moon return simultaneously.

Apart from the map rotation, this update brings other significant changes. The R-99 has been relocated to the Replicator, and Seer has undergone some nerfs to his kit, although his abilities have received adjustments to maintain balance. Furthermore, players can now indulge in another Collection Event, featuring a mini event-based battle pass and an Heirloom for Horizon. The Heirloom can be obtained by acquiring all of the Collection Event character and weapon skins through an Apex Pack exclusive to the event or purchased with Apex Coins. The update also includes quality of life improvements and bug fixes, including enhancements to the revamped Firing Range.

For those eager to participate, Apex Legends’ current Dressed to Kill Collection Event and its cosmetic items will be available until July 4th. As for the battle royale maps, players can expect to enjoy World’s Edge, Broken Moon, and Storm Point for the remainder of the current season.

Stay tuned for more updates and embark on thrilling adventures in Apex Legends’ ever-evolving battleground!

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