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The Top Destiny 2 Titan Arc Builds for PvE and PvP (Season 22)

The dust has settled after the release of Lightfall, Destiny 2’s latest expansion. Now that it has been out for some time, we can finally examine the revamped mod system and compile what we believe to be the most powerful Meta builds.

Determining the quality of a build depends on your objectives. If you’re a PvE enthusiast, you may find greater value in builds that excel in burst damage and survivability. PvP players, on the other hand, might require faster recovery and agile movement options. These builds may not hit hard, but they definitely hit fast. Let’s dive right in and explore the top PvE and PvP builds for Arc Titans in Destiny 2.

The Best Arc Titan PvE Build: Thunderstruck

This Arc Titan build revolves around the utilization of the Heart of Inmost Light exotic chest piece to achieve a consistent uptime on all your abilities. This exotic grants faster recharge time on ability use, empowering your other two abilities whenever you use one. To fully maximize this build, we will also prioritize aspects and fragments that enhance spamming grenades, creating barricades, and frequently regenerating your melee ability.

Modified Chaos

Required Gear

  • Exotic Armor: Heart of Inmost Light (Chest)

The Heart of Inmost Light is the cornerstone of this build, providing faster ability recharge rates for your other abilities after using one. While you can experiment with the Cuirass of the Falling Star for a significant increase in Thundercrash damage, it won’t contribute as much to ability uptimes. Some players prefer to switch to the Cuirass when using their super and then switch back to the Heart of Inmost Light. Feel free to experiment with different combinations.

Class Setup

  • Super: Thundercrash
  • Grenade: Pulse Grenades
  • Class Ability: Thrusters. We’re going a bit unconventional here and opting for Thrusters to provide additional mobility options.
  • Melee: Thunderclap
  • Jump: Catapult Lift

Amplify your Thrusters, charge up a devastating punch, and unleash a barrage of pulse grenades. This build promises a thrilling and unique gameplay experience.


  • Knockout: Critically wounding a target or breaking their shield infuses your melee attacks with Arc energy, increasing your melee range and damage for a short duration. It can be compared to a non-exotic version of ACD/0 Feedback Fence. It also heals you and grants Amplified when you get melee kills.
  • Touch of Thunder: This aspect enhances the size and potency of your grenades. Your Pulse Grenades create ionic traces as they damage targets, prolonging their active time.
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  • Spark of Ions: Grants Ionic Traces when defeating a Jolted target.
  • Spark of Magnitude: Further extends the duration of lingering Arc grenades.
  • Spark of Shock: Causes your Arc grenades to Jolt targets.
  • Spark of Amplitude: Causes enemies to drop Orbs of Power when you rapidly defeat them while Amplified.

Armor Mods

Apart from Stat Mods, prioritize maximizing ability uptime to fully embrace the grenade, melee, and class ability spam that this build thrives on.

  • Head Mods: Recommended mods include Ashes to Assets, Arc Siphon, and Heavy Ammo Finder for increased orb generation, more super energy, and heavy ammo.
  • Arm Mods: Suggested mods are Grenade Kickstart and Impact Induction for faster grenade energy regeneration.
  • Chest Mods: Consider Emergency Reinforcement in addition to any damage reduction mods that suit your playstyle. Emergency Reinforcement is currently highly effective and crucial for high-end content.
  • Leg Mods: Recommended mods are Arc Weapon Surge, Recuperation, and Orbs of Restoration. These mods grant additional arc weapon damage, increased health, and ability recharge.
  • Mark Mods: Opt for Time Dilation, Bomber, and Outreach to extend the duration of Armor Charge and reduce cooldowns on grenades and melee charges.


  • Kinetic Slot: Witherhoard (recommended) – While not mandatory, Witherhoard is a kinetic slot grenade launcher that inflicts damage over time (DOT). It provides consistent DPS to enemies, ensuring a continuous supply of grenades. It’s definitely a fun weapon to use.
  • Energy Slot: The choice is yours, but consider using the Ikelos SMG with Voltshot, which is my personal favorite. If you don’t have the Ikelos SMG, any arc weapon will suffice. However, since we’re emphasizing Jolt, a weapon with Voltshot is recommended.
  • Heavy Slot: Once again, this is entirely up to personal preference. Currently, grenade launchers and rockets are popular choices, but Linear Fusion Rifles are still viable. Regardless of your preference, opt for an arc heavy weapon to enhance build synergy.

Blue pops are the best pops

Stat Distribution

Focus on maximizing Resilience and Recovery for increased survivability and Thruster uptime. Aim for a minimum of 60 Discipline, but higher values are preferable. The remaining stats can be customized to suit your playstyle.

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As an Arc Titan, this is the most effective build I have ever used in mid-tier to endgame activities. Constant movement, healing, and ability spamming are key features of this build, even without relying on Solar abilities. Take some time to experiment with the cadence of ability usage to find your optimal rotation. Before moving on to your next build, make sure to save these loadout slots.

The Best Arc Titan PvP Build: Overcharged Ape

This Arc Titan PvP build bears a striking resemblance to the Solar PvP Titan build. The focus remains on being a swift, Shoulder Charging force. Maximizing the damage output by carrying over some of the Arc buffs from PvE is significant, so be sure to utilize your abilities whenever possible.

Throw a tantrum

Required Gear

  • Exotic Armor: Peregrine Greaves (Legs)

With Peregrine Greaves, your Shoulder Charge receives an extra damage boost when you jump just before executing the charge. This is the only way to eliminate opponents in PvP with a single hit.

Class Setup

  • Super: Thundercrash
  • Grenade: Storm Grenade
  • Class Ability: The choice is ultimately yours, but I prefer Thrusters.
  • Melee: Seismic Strike
  • Jump: Catapult Lift

This build revolves around Shoulder Charge, so don’t forget to switch if you were previously engaging in PvE content.


  • Knockout: Similar to the PvE build, this aspect energizes your melee attacks with Arc energy, increasing melee range and damage for a short time. It serves as a non-exotic version of ACD/0 Feedback Fence, healing you and granting Amplified upon melee kills.
  • Juggernaut: Provides a frontal shield while sprinting. If the shield breaks, it will consume your class ability energy, so avoid relying too heavily on it during combat.


While these fragments may not greatly affect your gameplay in PvP, they offer additional protection during fights and while sprinting.

  • Spark of Resistance: Provides bonus resistance when surrounded by enemies.
  • Spark of Hast: Increases resilience, recovery, and mobility while sprinting.
  • Spark of Frequency: Temporarily buffs melee damage when receiving melee damage.
  • Spark of Feedback: Boosts reload speed briefly after landing melee hits.

Armor Mods

Apart from Stat Mods, prioritize stability and handling for your weapons. These mods enhance weapon performance and ability recovery.

  • Head Mods: Consider using either Kinetic or Energy Targeting mods.
  • Arm Mods: Opt for Grenade Kickstart and Reloaders of your choice.
  • Chest Mods: Choose Unflinching mods that suit your playstyle.
  • Leg Mods: Use Absolution, Better Already, and Orbs of Restoration.
  • Mark Mods: Select Reaper, Bomber, and Outreach.
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  • Kinetic Slot: Use a Shotgun or Sniper Rifle of your choice. Despite this elemental build focusing on ability usage, a flavored primary weapon is still recommended.
  • Energy Slot: The choice is yours, but a Pulse Rifle or SMG would pair well with a Shotgun or Sniper Rifle, respectively. Feel free to mix it up based on the map.
  • Heavy Slot: Once again, this is entirely up to personal preference. Currently, grenade launchers and rockets are popular choices, but Linear Fusion Rifles remain a solid option. Personally, I prefer Heavy Machine Guns. If possible, choose an Arc Heavy weapon to further enhance build synergy.

Make Shaxx proud, Titan

Stat Distribution

For this build, prioritize 100 Resilience and at least 90 Recovery for increased survivability and Barricade uptime. Consider investing in Strength to maximize your Shoulder Charge recharge rate.


This is a straightforward Ape build designed for speed and devastating melee attacks. Remember, you have weapons other than your Shotgun at your disposal. Give it a try the next time you find yourself in Trials of Osiris on a smaller map.

These are currently the best Arc Titan builds for PvE and PvP. Be sure to save them in your new Loadout slots before moving on to your next build. For more Destiny 2 news, check out our dedicated section or take a look at our Guides & Tutorials listed below:

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