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Empress’s Grace Arcanist Guide for Lost Ark

If you’re looking to delve deeper into the Empress’s Grace build for Arcanist in Lost Ark, you’re in the right place. This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information you need to master this build and enhance your gameplay. So, let’s jump right into it!

Understanding the Arcanist Builds

Arcanist is a versatile class that offers several build options, each named after the number of skills taken per type. For example, “332” and “341” indicate the number of Stacking, Ruin, and Normal skills included in the build. These builds not only differ in terms of damage output but also bring about significant changes in playstyle, gem efficiency, and Deck Meter generation. While it’s important to explore the various builds available, it’s equally crucial to maintain the fundamental aspects of gameplay. You can test out different builds in Trixion before investing your valuable resources.

The 3-Stacking & 2-Ruin Build

One popular build is the 3-Stacking & 2-Ruin build, which offers increased damage and cost savings on gems. Unlike its counterpart, this build allows for a smooth gameplay experience with level 7 cooldown gems, while the “341” build may require at least level 9 gems to shine. In this build, you’ll forego Serendipity and opt for Four of a Kind instead.

Recommended Rotation for Arcanist

While there isn’t a strict rotation for Arcanist, you can follow this guideline to maximize your DPS:

  • Start by building four stacks using Scratch Dealer & Quadra Accelerate.
  • Use Return for buffs, as it initiates your burst window.
  • Cast Secret Garden or Celestial Rain while Return’s buffs are active.
  • Build stacks again with two Spiral Edge.
  • Cast Secret Garden or Celestial Rain before Return’s buffs expire.
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It’s worth noting that Call of Destiny can also help you build two stacks, serving as an additional Stacking skill. This knowledge becomes particularly useful when all your main DPS skills, such as Return, Secret Garden, and Celestial Rain, are on cooldown. By setting up four stacks for Four of a Kind and rebuilding them before your next Return, you can maintain a constant “build-spend” gameplay loop. If you have Raid Captain, be mindful of managing your Move Speed bonuses from skills. When it comes to cards, opting for short-duration ones like Twisted Fate and Cull after casting Return can amplify your damage significantly. However, Judgment deserves special attention, as it triggers the 4-stack effect on all Ruin skills, regardless of the number of stacks. Prioritize using Celestial Rain and Secret Garden first. If you’re fortunate enough to have Four of a Kind’s Swift Preparation, you can unleash some devastating damage while under the effect of Judgment.

The 3-Stacking, 4-Ruin & 1-Normal Skill Build

Another interesting build is the 3-Stacking, 4-Ruin & 1-Normal Skill build. Although this build may offer slightly less damage, it grants a 20% increase in Deck Meter gain. It’s important to note that playing this build without level 9 cooldown gems can be challenging. However, don’t let that discourage you from giving it a shot in Trixion. Just be prepared to make necessary adjustments based on your own stats and gear. With this build, you’ll incorporate Serendipity into your rotation. Key changes to be aware of in this build include:

  • Four of a Kind takes a different tripod called Deception. When you have four stacks, there’s a chance (up to 75%) that they won’t be consumed, allowing you to use another Ruin skill.
  • Serendipity has the lowest priority unless you have Cull or Judgment. Outside of those moments, use it when it won’t disrupt your rotation.
  • Due to higher meter generation, you’ll find yourself using cards more frequently. Alongside other priorities and procs, this can be overwhelming at times.
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The card priorities for this build are similar to the “332” build, with the only difference being the replacement of a Ruin skill with Serendipity if you have Cull.

Now that you have a better understanding of the Empress’s Grace build for Arcanist in Lost Ark, go ahead and give it a try. Remember to consider your playstyle, gear, and stats when selecting a build. With practice and dedication, you’ll become a formidable force in the world of Lost Ark!

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