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The Ultimate Guide to the Top Gear in Armored Core 6

If you’re a fan of mecha, then you’re likely eagerly anticipating the opportunity to customize every aspect of your hulking Armored Core (AC) in Armored Core 6. Just like in Souls games, the gear you choose for your mech determines your playstyle, including movement speed, defense, and optimal ranges. Constantly tweaking and updating your AC is crucial to handle new missions and challenges. However, there are a few builds that stand out for their versatility and the ability to overcome any task. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best builds you can create in Armored Core 6 to dominate your opponents with sheer force.

The Perfect Build for the Early Game

During chapter 1 and throughout the game, having the maximum amount of Armor Points (AP) should be your top priority. Right from the start, enemies and bosses can be ruthless, and surviving long enough to learn the mechanics and missions is essential. Here’s a solid early game build to aim for:

  • Arm Weapons: SG-026 Haldemans. Equipping shotguns on your arms allows you to shred through boss health bars quickly, especially when you can get up close and personal.
  • Shoulder Weapons: VP-60LCS. These laser cannons excel at staggering opponents. Since lasers don’t run out of ammo and only overheat, they are perfect for filling stagger gauges.

When it comes to the AC itself, there is some flexibility with the head and arms, but spider-type legs are crucial for this build. They may not be great on the ground, but their agility and maneuverability in the air will give you the edge you need.

  • Head: HD-012 MELANDER C3
  • Core: DF-BD-08 TIAN-QIANG
  • Arms: DF-AR-08-TIAN-QIANG
  • Legs: LG-022 BORNEMISSZA
  • Booster: None, as your legs already provide the necessary boost.
  • Fire Control System (FCS): FC-006 ABBOT
  • Generator: VP-20D
  • Expansion: Empty
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The Ultimate Tank Build

If you want to be the most resilient AC on the battlefield, follow this build to become an almost unkillable hulk. This build focuses on maximizing your AP while packing the heaviest and most damaging guns available. Be prepared to take a lot of hits and unleash destruction like an unstoppable killing machine.

  • Arm Weapons: SG-027 ZIMMERMAN. These powerful shotguns provide even more damage compared to the early game build.
  • Shoulder Weapons: FASAN/60E. Upgrade to plasma cannons for their raw power. These cannons work especially well with the legs we’ll discuss next.

For this build, prioritize AP above all else. While you can experiment with other parts, this example will raise your health above 1,800. The tank legs we recommend don’t require you to go into a firing stance before using heavy weapons, but they are heavy and slow. The Repair Kits upgrade is essential to restore a significant amount of your health during combat.

  • Head: IA-C01H EPHEMERA
  • Core: DF-BD-08 TIAN-QIANG
  • Arms: DF-AR-09-TIAN-LAO
  • Legs: LG-022T BRONEMISZA
  • Booster: None
  • FCS: VE-21A
  • Generator: VP-20D
  • Expansion: Repair Kits

The Ultimate Endgame Build

If you’ve already completed the game once or you’re looking to dominate online matches, you have a wide range of options at your disposal. Here’s one build to try out and test your skills against the toughest challenges in the game or the community.

  • Arm Weapons: DF-GA-08 HU-BEN. Gatling guns are the way to go for sheer firepower. Their large clip sizes and sustained fire capabilities make them highly effective for ripping through opponents.
  • Shoulder Weapons: VE-60SNA. These exclusive shoulder weapons, available late in the game, are incredibly efficient. They fire rapidly, are accurate, and deal massive stagger damage.
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When it comes to the AC itself, you can swap out the legs depending on your preference. Spider legs offer more mobility, especially in PvP, but traditional tank legs make you harder to kill at the expense of speed. If the weight is an issue or you don’t have access to all the suggested parts, you can consider swapping the Gatling guns for the Zimmerman or Sweet Sixteen shotguns, which still maintain high damage potential.

  • Head: HD-033M VERRIL
  • Core: CC-2000 ORBITER
  • Arms: AA-J-123 BASHO
  • Legs: LG-033M VERRILL
  • Booster: None
  • FCS: FC-006 ABBOT
  • Generator: AG-E-013 YABA
  • Expansion: Terminal Armor


Armored Core 6 offers endless possibilities for AC customization, allowing players to create their ultimate war machines. Whether you’re in the early stages of the game, craving a tanky build, or seeking the perfect AC for endgame challenges, these builds will provide a solid foundation for your success. Remember, discovering your own playstyle and adapting to different situations is key to becoming an unrivaled force in the Armored Core universe.

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