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How to Obtain the Demon Slayer Arrow in Honkai Star Rail

Ascending weapons and upgrading Traces are crucial tasks in Honkai Star Rail. The Arrow of the Demon Slayer plays a vital role in accomplishing both. If you’re looking to obtain this valuable resource, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get the Arrow of the Demon Slayer in Honkai Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail: A Worthy Successor to Genshin Impact

Honkai Star Rail, the highly anticipated gacha game, is poised to be the successor to the much-loved Genshin Impact. This new game offers a unique take on turn-based combat within the genre, introducing fresh characters, an engaging storyline, and an adorable mascot named Pom-Pom.

Similar to its predecessor, Honkai Star Rail allows players to acquire characters through a gacha system. These characters can join your team and be further developed as you progress in the game. Upgrading characters is made possible through their traces, which act as an ability tree, providing various enhancements.

However, upgrading these traces is not a simple task. It requires time and effort, with certain items being more challenging to obtain than others. One such item is the prestigious Arrow of the Demon Slayer, essential for upgrading characters on the Path of the Hunt, like Seele and Dan Heng.

How to Secure the Arrow of the Demon Slayer

Here’s a detailed breakdown of how to obtain the Arrow of the Demon Slayer in Honkai Star Rail:

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Honkai Star Rail: How to Reach World Equilibrium Level 2

To acquire an Arrow of the Demon Slayer, you must first reach World Equilibrium level 2. This milestone requires players to achieve Trailblazer Rank 20 and complete the Trial of Equilibrium quest in the game.

After meeting these requirements, you can obtain the Arrow of the Demon Slayer in two different ways.

Crimson Calyx: Bud of the Hunt

By participating in the Bud of the Hunt domain, located in the Outlying Snow Plains on the planet Jarilo-VI, players have a chance to randomly receive Arrows of the Demon Slayer. Engaging in this activity at difficulty 3 or higher will yield better results.

The Bud of the Hunt challenge requires 10 Trailblaze power per wave, with the number of waves chosen determining the total power consumed (up to 60). This method is excellent for collecting multiple Arrows of the Demon Slayer or improving your chances of obtaining one.

The Synthesizer

For players who find the Bud of the Hunt at difficulty 3 or higher challenging, there’s an alternative option. The Omni-Synthesizer can be used to merge 3 Arrows of the Beast Hunter and 20 credits to create one Arrow of the Demon Slayer.

You can unlock the Omni-Synthesizer once you reach Trailblazer Level 14, which may require a few hours of gameplay.

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