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Autumn Wind god roll and the best perks in Destiny 2

Playlist weapons in Destiny 2 can be quite intimidating to farm, and one such weapon is the Autumn Wind pulse rifle, which now drops from the Crucible in Lightfall. While it may not be difficult to obtain, with most players getting Autumn Wind drops from almost every Crucible match they play, the challenge lies in finding the perfect roll. This weapon, like many others in the playlist, has a vast pool of potential perks, making it a daunting task to get the god roll.

If you’re already playing Crucible for other reasons, it’s worth checking every Autumn Wind that falls into your inventory. Rapid-Fire Frame pulse rifles may not be as dominant as they once were, but the right perks can still turn Autumn Wind into a monster in PvP, just like the crafted Piece of Mind. The expansive perk pool of Autumn Wind makes it difficult to get the god roll, but it also offers the best potential rolls in its class.

Whether you prefer classic picks like Perpetual Motion or Rampage, enjoy ability synergy with Demolitionist and Pugilist, or want to forge the meta with the newly buffed Headseeker, Autumn Wind has something for everyone. While its most impressive god roll is undoubtedly geared toward a PvP environment, there’s also plenty for PvE players who happen to get a decent drop while farming Iron Banner or Control.

Now, let’s take a look at our picks for Autumn Wind’s god roll and the best perks currently available in Destiny 2.

Autumn Wind PvP god roll in Destiny 2

  • Barrel: Smallbore
  • Magazine: Ricochet Rounds
  • First perk: Rangefinder
  • Second perk: Headseeker
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While there might be more traditional perk choices for Autumn Wind, this is the roll that will make it stand out from the crowd. Rangefinder allows the rifle to overcome some of the range limitations that now hinder Rapid-Fire Frame pulse rifles, giving it a slight advantage over the archetype’s current leader, Piece of Mind. Increasing the range even further with choices like Smallbore and Ricochet Rounds adds to its medium to long-range consistency.

Headseeker has become a lot stronger since its recent buff, providing significant boosts to both headshot damage and aim assist after hitting a single non-headshot bullet. Since Rapid-Fire Frames have a high rate of fire and low stability, hitting that initial bullet before your aim moves upwards towards an enemy’s head comes naturally. Most players will benefit from Headseeker’s damage boost without having to change their playstyle, making Autumn Wind an incredible choice for dueling.

Ultimately, this god roll is designed for dueling situations. Other weapons excel in different roles, so if you’re looking to use Autumn Wind for a long time, it’s best to choose perks that play to its strengths.

Autumn Wind PvE god roll in Destiny 2

  • Barrel: Corkscrew Rifling
  • Magazine: Light Mag
  • First perk: Demolitionist, Pugilist, or Perpetual Motion
  • Second perk: Adrenaline Junkie, Swashbuckler, or Focused Fury

Determining the PvE god roll for Autumn Wind is more challenging as it offers several perks that work well together, making it impossible to pinpoint just one god roll. Combining Demolitionist and Adrenaline Junkie or Pugilist and Swashbuckler allows your primary weapon to provide energy to and benefit from your abilities. In the current Destiny 2 sandbox, where abilities play a crucial role and primary weapons feel weaker, this combination will be the ideal choice for many players.

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Perks like Perpetual Motion and Focused Fury are more versatile choices for these columns but still hold their own weight. Focused Fury, in particular, has gained prominence since the increase in difficulty, as enemies with heftier health bars are more susceptible to critical damage, triggering Focused Fury’s 20% damage boost for 11 seconds. Perpetual Motion is a reliable workhorse perk that offers meaningful bonuses to important stats like reload speed and stability with little to no effort.

When it comes to PvE, you can’t really go wrong with Autumn Wind. All you need are two perks that synergize well together, and you’ll have a solid pulse rifle ready to tackle any activity.

In conclusion, Autumn Wind in Destiny 2 offers a range of perks that cater to both PvP and PvE players. Finding the god roll may be challenging, but the rewards are well worth the effort. With the right combination of perks, this pulse rifle can become a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. So keep playing Crucible and keep an eye out for that perfect Autumn Wind drop. Happy hunting, Guardians!

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