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Top 10 Companions in Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn

10. Yoshimo


Obtaining Yoshimo (YouTube)

Yoshimo is an exceptional Rogue, serving as the sole pure class Thief in the original Baldur’s Gate II game. Additionally, he starts the game with an impressive exclusive weapon – Yoshimo’s Katana.

Spoilers Ahead!

However, be warned that halfway through the game, Yoshimo will betray you, resulting in permanent loss. To avoid this, you can dismiss him just before the betrayal, although this may not be considered canon.

Spoilers End Here.

Why Yoshimo is Remarkable:

  • Pure class Thief (Bounty Hunter).
  • Boasts a +15 bonus to Set Traps.
  • Able to use the Set Special Snare ability once per day.
  • Possesses a True Neutral alignment, making him compatible with any party.

Yoshimo’s Details

09. Haer’Dalis


Obtaining Haer’Dalis (YouTube)

Haer’Dalis proves to be an intriguing companion, albeit a somewhat annoying one. His Tiefling lineage grants him significant physical and elemental resistance. Additionally, he excels in wielding short swords and engaging in two-weapon fighting, along with possessing two unique exclusive swords. Furthermore, his Blade class boasts formidable abilities.

Why Haer’Dalis is Exceptional:

  • Boasts a 15% Physical resistance.
  • Possesses a 25% Fire and Electricity resistance.
  • Exhibits a 50% Cold resistance.
  • Wields two +2 unique exclusive short swords, Chaos Blade and Entropy.
  • Showcases various Blade class special abilities, including Pickpocketing, Bard’s Song, Offensive Spin, and Defensive Spin.

Haer’Dalis’ Details

08. Imoen


Obtaining Imoen (Warning! Major Spoilers!)

Imoen, a beloved character since Baldur’s Gate 1, is often considered a versatile and interesting companion. While some argue she might be weak as a mage, I find her versatility and personality make her a valuable addition to any party.

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Spoilers Ahead!

Imoen’s placement lower on this list is due to her introduction late in the game, making it likely that players have already established their party configuration. However, Imoen’s prowess and companionship make her worth considering, even if it means replacing a current party member.

Spoilers End Here.

Why Imoen is Exceptional:

  • Dual Class Thief (Lvl. 7) / Mage (Lvl. 8), providing a versatile combination.
  • Remains loyal to your party regardless of reputation.
  • Notable character and voice acting.
  • Capable of reaching the maximum level in her Mage class.

Imoen’s Details

07. Jaheira


Obtaining Jaheira (YouTube)

Jaheira proves to be an outstanding companion, doubling as a potential romance option. Her Fighter/Druid build showcases impressive efficiency, making her an excellent alternative to a single-class Cleric. With proper utilization, she can become a formidable offensive character.

Why Jaheira is Exceptional:

  • Possesses solid stats.
  • Exhibits exceptional offensive spells.
  • Wears the Harper Pin, an exclusive amulet granting immunity to electricity and magic missiles, non-detection, and a +5 bonus to saving throws against spells.
  • Showcases Harper’s Call, an exclusive level 5 Druid spell, similar to Raise Dead.

Jaheira’s Details

06. Keldorn Firecam


Obtaining Keldorn (YouTube)

Keldorn stands as the sole Paladin companion in the game, equipped with the legendary sacred sword, Carsomyr – The Holy Avenger. Additionally, he possesses remarkable equipment and special abilities due to his Inquisitor class kit. However, his Lawful Good alignment may limit compatibility with certain companions.

Why Keldorn is Exceptional:

  • Capable of wielding Carsomyr, a supremely important weapon.
  • Exclusive equipment includes Firecam Full Plate Armor and Hallowed Redeemer.
  • Displays innate casting abilities like Dispel Magic and True Sight.
  • Immune to Charm, Paralyze, and Hold.
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Keldorn’s Details

05. Edwin Odesseiron


Obtaining Edwin (YouTube)

Edwin, widely regarded as the finest mage companion in the game, possesses the powerful Conjurer class kit. Despite his exceptional magical talents, his unfavorable personality tends to alienate others, leading to general dislike.

Why Edwin is Exceptional:

  • Conjurer class kit provides an additional +1 spell per level per day.
  • Exclusive amulet grants him the ability to cast an additional +2 spells per level per day, resulting in a total bonus of +3 spells per level.
  • After completing his companion quest, he gains a -1 bonus to all saving throws.
  • Possesses innate casting abilities like Dispel Magic and True Sight.
  • Immune to Charm, Paralyze, and Hold.

Edwin’s Details

04. Jan Jansen


Obtaining Jan (YouTube)

Jan Jansen, simply put, is an awesome companion. The combination of Illusionist and Thief results in tremendous versatility across various gameplay styles and party compositions. With an array of exclusive equipment and captivating banter, Jan is a delightful addition to any party.

Why Jan is Exceptional:

  • One of the few Thieves capable of continuous improvement throughout the game.
  • Exclusive equipment includes Adventure Wear, Spectroscopes, Techno-Gloves, Flasher Launcher, and Master Bruiser Mates.
  • Provides entertaining anecdotes.

Jan’s Details

03. Korgan Bloodaxe


Obtaining Korgan (YouTube)

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce Korgan Bloodaxe, the unparalleled fighter in BG2! Armed with formidable weapon proficiency, exceptional stats, and unique abilities, Korgan proves to be an unstoppable force on the battlefield. Prepare to be enthralled by his presence.

Why Korgan is Exceptional:

  • Begins with 5 proficiency points in Axes.
  • Possesses a Constitution of 19.
  • Gains a +5 bonus hit points with each level up.
  • Benefits from a -5 bonus in saving throws against Spells, Wands, and Death.
  • Activates Enrage, the Berserker class kit ability, increasing his damage, AC, HP, and protecting him from most status effects.
  • “Me axe be bloody ready!”
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Korgan’s Details

02. Minsc


Obtaining Minsc (YouTube)

Minsc, arguably the most beloved companion in BG2, captures hearts with his endearing charm and amusing nature. However, do not be deceived by his appearance; with the right equipment, Minsc can transform into a formidable battle tank, capable of casting Druid spells up to level 3.

Why Minsc is Exceptional:

  • Capable of casting Druid spells, reaching up to Level 3.
  • Holds a racial advantage against Vampires.
  • Utilizes Defender of Easthaven +3 while simultaneously using Hardiness and casting Armor of Faith.
  • “Go for the eyes, Boo! Go for the eyes!”

Minsc’s Details

01. Viconia DeVir


Obtaining Viconia (YouTube)

Viconia, an utterly evil yet endearing drow, possesses remarkable Dexterity and Wisdom scores. As a single-class Cleric, she has the potential to become an unstoppable powerhouse. By skillfully managing her low Strength with items such as the Ankheg Plate Mail or the Mauler’s Arm +2, Viconia can transform into an indomitable tank. Plot-wise, she also presents an intriguing romance option.

Why Viconia is Exceptional:

  • Boasts 19 Dexterity.
  • Possesses 18 Wisdom.
  • Showcases 65% Magic Resistance.
  • Exclusive item: Handmaiden’s Mace (with Poison effect) upon completion of her romance and quest.
  • Can control any undead creature in the game through the Turn Undead ability.

Viconia’s Details

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