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Best Builds for Baldur’s Gate 3: Classes and Companions

This comprehensive article features our top choices for the best builds in Baldur’s Gate 3, covering all classes, companions, and party combinations. Our carefully crafted builds have been developed through extensive playtesting and analysis of the game’s content. Whether you’re new to the game or an experienced player, our guides will provide you with the information you need to create powerful characters and fully explore their strengths and weaknesses.

Our Top Baldur’s Gate 3 Builds

Each build guide in this list contains detailed explanations of playstyles, abilities, skills, and gear for each class, ensuring you have a solid understanding of your character’s potential. We cover the following aspects in each build:

  • Class Mechanics Guide: Every class has its own unique set of skills and abilities.
  • Best Subclass: Discover the most effective subclass for your chosen class.
  • Race Choices: Explore the different race options and their benefits.
  • Ability Score: Learn how to optimize your ability scores for maximum efficiency.
  • Background and Skills: Understand how your character’s background and skills impact their overall performance.
  • Leveling Tips: Gain insights on how to make the most of each level and choose new spells, feats, or abilities.
  • Gear: Find out the best equipment choices for your character.
  • Consumables: Learn about useful consumable items to enhance your gameplay.
  • Companions: Discover the important role companions play in each build, especially during solo playthroughs.
  • Gameplay and Combat Tricks: Master various gameplay and combat strategies to excel in the game.
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Best Builds for all Classes and Subclasses

This section is divided into classes and party sections for your convenience. Simply click on the specific button to be directed to the corresponding build guide. Below, you will find the best builds for all classes and subclasses available in Baldur’s Gate 3:

Barbarian Builds

  • Barbarian Build (Berserker): Unleash raw strength and ferocity to dominate your enemies.
  • Barbarian Build (Wildheart): Customize your Barbarian with an animal spirit for a straightforward approach.
  • Barbarian Build (Wild Magic): Tap into chaotic and unpredictable magical energy to enhance your rage.

Bard Build

  • Bard Build (College of Valour): Master the arts of music, magic, and combat to inspire allies and debuff enemies.

Cleric Builds

  • Cleric Build (Light Domain): Access powerful support spells and high-damage options while playing as a range character.
  • Cleric Build (Life Domain): Specialize in healing and supporting allies with unique abilities and spells.
  • Cleric Build (War Domain): Become a front-line damage dealer with heavy armor, offensive spells, and utility.

Druid Build

  • Druid Build (Circle of the Moon): Shape-shift into various animal forms, excelling in support roles, crowd control, and summoning.

Fighter Builds

  • Fighter Build (Battle Master): Focus on dealing damage and tanking with high hit points and versatile weaponry.
  • Fighter Build (Champion): Prioritize burst damage and critical strikes with a two-handed weapon style.
  • Fighter Build (Eldritch Knight): Combine Fighter and spellcasting abilities to provide utility and crowd control.

Monk Build

  • Monk Build (Way of the Open Hand): Harness your body’s inner energy for impressive physical prowess and unique abilities.
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Paladin Builds

  • Paladin Build (Oathbreaker): Embrace darkness and aggression for devastating melee damage and antiheroic gameplay.
  • Paladin Build (Oath of Ancients): Provide healing, crowd control, and heavy melee damage while playing aggressively.
  • Paladin Build (Oath of Devotion): Deal raw damage and offer healing and buffs to your team.
  • Paladin Build (Oath of Vengeance): Bring justice to your enemies through burst damage and debuffs.

Ranger Builds

  • Ranger Build (Beast Master): Form a strong bond with an animal companion to aid you in combat and exploration.
  • Ranger Build (Gloom Stalker): Focus on single-target burst damage at range with high initiative and stealth.
  • Ranger Build (Hunter): Master ranged combat and survival skills, selecting unique abilities for strategic advantage.

Rogue Builds

  • Rogue Build (Arcane Trickster): Utilize stealth damage and spellcasting abilities for crowd control and utility.
  • Rogue Build (Assassin): Focus on stealth, precision, and deadly strikes for high single-target burst damage.
  • Rogue Build (Thief): Master stealth, deception, and precise strikes for exceptional damage and versatility.

Sorcerer Builds

  • Sorcerer Build (Draconic Bloodline): Manipulate magic with metamagic abilities, providing unmatched versatility.
  • Sorcerer Build (Storm Sorcery): Inflict massive area-based damage with lightning spells for offensive power.
  • Sorcerer Build (Wild Magic): Embrace chaos and randomness while casting spells for unpredictable yet exciting outcomes.

Warlock Build

  • Warlock Build (Fiend): Harness mysterious and powerful spells through a pact with a powerful being.

Wizard Builds

  • Wizard Build (Evocation): Showcase your spellcasting prowess and versatility with a vast array of spells.
  • Wizard Build (Necromancy): Control the forces of life and death, raising the dead and weakening foes.
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Best Builds for all Companions

Click on the specific button to access the build guide for each companion. Here are the best companion builds in Baldur’s Gate 3:

  • Astarion Build Guide: Unravel the secrets of this character with a mysterious past and uncertain loyalties.
  • Gale Build Guide: Utilize the broad range of spells of this powerful spellcaster to aid your party.
  • Halsin Build Guide: Shape-shift into various forms and excel in support roles, crowd control, and summoning.
  • Jaheira Build Guide: Optimize your damage dealing potential with Wild Shape and exceptional survivability.
  • Karlach Build Guide: Dominate combat as a powerful Asmodeus Tiefling Barbarian with a soldier background.
  • Lae’zel Build Guide: Harness the strength of a powerful Githyanki warrior on your journey.
  • Shadowheart Build Guide: Combine cleric powers with stealth and deception for a versatile character.
  • Wyll Build Guide: Unleash formidable might as the Blade of Frontiers with a Demonic patron.

More about Baldur’s Gate 3

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Best Baldur's Gate 3 Builds

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