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Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Classes: A Comprehensive Tier List

Creating a playable character in Baldur’s Gate 3 involves making crucial decisions that will shape their appearance and abilities. One of the most important choices you’ll make is selecting a class from the 12 available options, each with its own subclasses. It’s essential to consider your playstyle and preferences to find the perfect fit.

Monk (Ranked 12th)

Monks are formidable fighters with a limited weapon range, often requiring close combat to land effective attacks. If you opt for this class, consider the Way of the Four Elements subclass, which grants useful spells to enhance your abilities.

Monk Class in Baldur
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Druid (Ranked 11th)

Druids possess the unique ability to shape-shift into various animals, a trait that adds versatility to their repertoire. However, they fall into the category of being a jack of all trades but a master of none. While Druids aren’t a bad choice, other classes might better suit your playstyle.

Druid Class in Baldur
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Warlock (Ranked 10th)

If you’re drawn to the dark and mystical, Warlocks might be an intriguing option. These spellcasters derive their powers from binding pacts with demonic entities. The three available subclasses are Fiend, Archfey, and Great Old One. However, if your primary interest lies in magic, other classes offer more rewarding options.

Warlock Class in Baldur
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Rogue (Ranked 9th)

Rogues excel in stealth and deception, utilizing tactics like sneak attacks to strike enemies before they even realize the danger. Their playstyle can be immensely enjoyable, especially when paired with the companion Astarion.

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Rogue Class in Baldur
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Ranger (Ranked 8th)

For nature lovers and those enchanted by the outdoors, the Ranger class offers a perfect blend of stealth and ranged attacks. However, the class favors a specific playstyle, making it challenging for many players to utilize effectively.

Ranger Class in Baldur
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Wizard (Ranked 7th)

Wizards are the ideal choice for players seeking to harness the power of magic, possessing the most extensive spell list among all classes. Using spells, wizards can heal allies, debuff enemies, and employ various tricks. It’s important to note that executing intricate strategies with wizards may require some planning due to longer cast times.

Wizard Class in Baldur
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Barbarian (Ranked 6th)

Barbarians thrive in close-range melee combat, making them the go-to class for those who revel in face-to-face battles. Their rage ability enhances their durability, making them formidable adversaries. Choosing the Berserker subclass is a wise decision, although all barbarian subclasses offer distinctive advantages.

Barbarian Class in Baldur
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Sorcerer (Ranked 5th)

Sorcerers suit indecisive players who wish to be prepared for various scenarios. Their mastery of magic and spellcasting allows them to excel in combat, particularly in dealing area-based damage.

Sorcerer Class in Baldur
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Paladin (Ranked 4th)

In narrative-heavy Baldur’s Gate 3, a strong team is essential to navigate through combat encounters. Paladins shine in melee combat, wielding powerful attacks such as Hellish Rebuke. Their proficiency in healing and combat prowess makes them valuable assets.

Paladin Class in Baldur
Screenshot by Destructoid.

Bard (Ranked 3rd)

Bards offer versatility to any party composition, excelling in various aspects, including magic. Although they may not possess formidable melee combat skills, their other strengths more than compensate for it. Bards excel in healing and debuffing enemies, making them valuable assets.

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Bard Class in Baldur
Screenshot by Destructoid.

Fighter (Ranked 2nd)

Similar to paladins, fighters excel in dealing immense damage. They adapt well to different weapons and armor, making them formidable foes. The fighter class offers enticing subclasses, including Champion, Battle Master, and Eldritch Knight.

Fighter Class in Baldur
Screenshot by Destructoid.

Cleric (Ranked 1st)

Clerics, like bards, excel in healing and supporting their party members. Having Shadowheart as a companion showcases the effectiveness of clerics in combat. Thanks to their potent spells and efficient weapon usage, clerics outshine bards in combat situations. Including a cleric companion is highly recommended, even if your main character isn’t a cleric.

Cleric Class in Baldur
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Keep in mind that the class selection is just one aspect to consider when creating your character. If the decision feels overwhelming, consider choosing one of the pre-set origin characters. These characters come with aspects already defined, alleviating the burden of crafting a perfect character build.

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