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Baldur’s Gate 3: Exploring the Owlbear Cave and Unlocking the Gilded Chest of Selûne

After departing from the Druid’s Grove, the camp inhabited by tieflings and druids in Baldur’s Gate 3, your path leads you west. Along the way, you may come across the Owlbear Cave situated by the river. Inside, a secret awaits that allows you to open the Gilded Chest of Selûne. In this mini-guide, we will provide you with the necessary steps.

Note: If you encounter difficulties with any other quests, such as the Hunt the Devil sidequest, refer to our comprehensive guide for assistance.

How to Obtain the Owlbear Cub in Baldur’s Gate 3

To reach the Owlbear cave in Baldur’s Gate 3, head west before reaching the Blighted Village and then proceed north. However, if you are reading this guide, chances are you already knew the location. Once you arrive, you have the option to engage in combat and defeat the Owlbear, or take a more peaceful approach by sneaking around or attempting to communicate with it.

While it is possible to fight and kill the Owlbear, including its cub, I would suggest refraining from doing so, as the Owlbear cub can later join your camp in Baldur’s Gate 3. The choice ultimately rests with you, and there are no significant story consequences for either decision. Should you desire the Owlbear cub as a companion, you will need to find it in the Goblin Camp at a later point and have it join your party then.

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Gilded Chest of Selûne

Instead of confronting the Owlbear head-on, I recommend utilizing the cragged rocks located on the left side of the cave. By climbing down towards the pool situated in the center of the Owlbear Cave, you will come across the Gilded Chest of Selûne. It is a glowing blue chest surrounded by the pool, enticing you to unlock its secrets.

Unlocking the Gilded Chest of Selûne in Bladur’s Gate 3

Attempting to open the chest directly will trigger a spell that inflicts substantial damage upon your character. Therefore, avoid doing so. Instead, you must employ the jump action to cross the gap and reach the statue on the other side.

Crossing the Gap

Behind the statue, you will discover an alcove. While exploring this alcove, a Perception check will unveil a Selûnite Prayer Sheet. Pick up this sheet and then jump back to where the chest is located.

The next step can prove somewhat challenging. You need to give the Selûnite Prayer Sheet to a character proficient in Religion, excluding Shadowheart. To achieve the best outcome, separate your party and position Shadowheart near the entrance of the cave, or ideally, outside the cave altogether.

Approach the chest, open your inventory, and right-click on the Selûnite Prayer Sheet. Then, instruct the character with proficiency in Religion to select “read.” This action will miraculously unlock the Gilded Chest of Selûne, rendering it harmless for anyone attempting to open it. If the initial attempt is unsuccessful, try altering your position in front of the Gilded Chest.

Unlocking the Chest

Should Shadowheart be nearby, she will provide a warning. This situation may involve several skill checks, such as Insight, Intimidation, and Persuasion. If you choose to utilize Insight, you can delve into Shadowheart’s thoughts and acquire additional information about her. However, proceed with caution, as she will not approve of this intrusion. To circumvent any potential issues, I recommend keeping Shadowheart out of sight. This way, you can avoid any complications when pursuing a romantic relationship with her in the future.

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Chest Contents

Inside the chest, you will discover an Idol of Selûne, a silver necklace, and a Bloodstone. While not particularly valuable, they serve as a testament to the numerous hidden treasures you will encounter on your journey through Baldur’s Gate 3. The best course of action with these items is to sell them for some additional gold.

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