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Best Builds for Every Class in Baldur’s Gate 3

Larian Studios has created a vast and challenging world in Baldur’s Gate 3, complete with a wide range of classes, subclasses, skills, and races to choose from when creating your character. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to determine the best build for each class. Fortunately, we have done the heavy lifting for you so you can dive back into this exceptional CRPG with ease.

Best Builds Overview

The best builds for each class in Baldur’s Gate 3 are as follows:

  • Barbarian – Berserker, Shield Dwarf, Soldier
  • Bard – College of Lore, Half-Elf, Guild Artisan
  • Cleric – Life Domain, High Elf, Acolyte
  • Druid – Circle of the Moon, Gold Dwarf, Acolyte
  • Fighter – Battle Master, Shield Dwarf, Soldier
  • Monk – Way of the Open Hand, Wood Elf, Outlander
  • Paladin – Oath of Vengeance, Half-Elf, Soldier
  • Ranger – Hunter, Wood Elf, Outlander
  • Rogue – Thief, Wood Elf, Urchin
  • Sorcerer – Draconic Bloodline, Dragonborn, Guild Artisan
  • Warlock – The Great Old One, Half-Elf, Charlatan
  • Wizard – Evocation School, High Elf, Sage

When considering the best builds for each class in Baldur’s Gate 3, several factors must be taken into account. These include the choice of subclass, race, background, abilities, and spells. Additionally, it’s essential to consider the synergy between these choices and how they impact your character’s overall effectiveness. Furthermore, keep in mind the rich roleplaying experience you may want to embrace while making these decisions.

To help you navigate the complexities of character building, we have prepared the optimal build setups for each class, from Barbarians to Wizards. While these are excellent choices for the respective classes, feel free to customize them according to your preferences and playstyle. These builds can also be utilized for your companions, ensuring a well-rounded and powerful party composition.

Baldur's Gate 3

Barbarian Build

For the best Barbarian build in Baldur’s Gate 3, we recommend the following:

  • Race: Shield Dwarf
  • Background: Soldier
  • Skills: Athletics, Intimidation, Survival
  • Stats: Strength, Constitution
  • Subclass: Berserker
  • Weapons: Two-handed
  • Multiclass: Barbarian 9/Fighter 3

This Berserker build focuses on dealing devastating close-range damage while maintaining survivability. The chosen multiclass of Barbarian and Fighter enhances close-range devastation through the Fighter’s extra action points and other melee damage boosts.

The Berserker subclass is the optimal choice for Barbarians, significantly increasing damage output through abilities like Frenzy. Key features include Frenzy Strike, which allows you to perform a bonus action melee attack.

To complement this subclass, we recommend selecting the Shield Dwarf race with a Soldier background. This choice grants Dwarven Resilience and greater weapon proficiencies, further strengthening the build. However, other races can also be considered based on personal preference, as Baldur’s Gate 3 encourages roleplaying.

Baldur's Gate 3

Bard Build

The best Bard build in Baldur’s Gate 3 is as follows:

  • Race: Half-Elf
  • Background: Guild Artisan
  • Skills: Acrobatics, Stealth, Persuasion
  • Stats: Charisma, Dexterity
  • Subclass: College of Lore
  • Weapons: Any proficient melee and ranged weapon
  • Multiclass: Bard 6/Paladin 6

This Bard build focuses on supporting allies and debuffing enemies, making them a formidable asset in any battle. Multiclassing at level six provides access to the best Bard feats and upgrades, while also incorporating Paladin levels for additional support and damage spells.

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The College of Lore subclass enhances the Bard’s support capabilities. While other subclasses may prioritize damage dealing, College of Lore offers powerful spells and the Cutting Words action, which debuffs enemies’ Attack Rolls, Ability Checks, and damage.

For character creation, the Half-Elf race excels, providing a bonus to Charisma and bonus skill points that can be allocated to substats like Dexterity and Constitution. The Guild Artisan background further complements the Bard’s playstyle and specialization.

Baldur's Gate 3

Cleric Build

For the best Cleric build in Baldur’s Gate 3, use the following:

  • Race: High Elf
  • Background: Acolyte
  • Skills: Medicine, Religion
  • Stats: Wisdom, Constitution
  • Subclass: Life Domain
  • Weapons: One-hand and shield
  • Multiclass: None

This Cleric build focuses on maximizing healing and support abilities. While a Light Domain Cleric can excel in damage dealing, we recommend a dedicated healer, as other classes can handle damage in the best Baldur’s Gate 3 party setups. Multiclassing is not recommended for this build, but a single level of Fighter can be considered.

The Life Domain subclass provides the Cleric with some of the best healing and support abilities in the game, ensuring the survival and effectiveness of the entire party.

For character creation, the High Elf race is highly recommended. In addition to Darkvision, which can prove useful, the High Elf offers an extra cantrip and the Fey Ancestry skill. These bonuses greatly benefit the Cleric. However, other races like Drow and Mephistopheles Tiefling can also be strong choices. The Acolyte background, with its focus on Medicine and Religion skills, complements the playstyle and specialty of the Cleric.

Baldur's Gate 3

Druid Build

The best Druid build in Baldur’s Gate 3 is as follows:

  • Race: Gold Dwarf
  • Background: Acolyte
  • Skills: Insight, Perception
  • Stats: Wisdom, Constitution, Dexterity
  • Subclass: Circle of the Moon
  • Weapons: Club, Quarterstaff
  • Multiclass: Druid 9/Fighter 3

This Druid build creates a versatile damage dealer capable of tanking and supporting the team. The multiclass combination of Druid and Fighter enhances the build with additional proficiencies, Action Surge, and the Fighter subclass choice.

The Circle of the Moon subclass allows for more animal transformations and offers a wide range of utility options. Spells like Goodberry are available for healing, while the bear transformation grants exceptional tanking capabilities. With spells like Moonbeam, the Druid can also deal significant damage.

The Gold Dwarf race synergizes well with this build, providing a bonus to Wisdom for enhanced spells and additional Constitution for increased resilience. The Dwarven Toughness passive effect further increases the character’s durability. However, the Wood Elf and Wood Half-Elf races are also strong choices due to their Wisdom bonuses.

Baldur's Gate 3

Fighter Build

The best Fighter build in Baldur’s Gate 3 is as follows:

  • Race: Shield Dwarf
  • Background: Soldier
  • Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics
  • Stats: Strength, Constitution
  • Subclass: Battle Master
  • Weapons: Two-handed
  • Multiclass: Fighter 8/Barbarian 4

The Fighter class excels in close-quarters combat, and this build enhances damage and survivability, crucial when facing enemies up close. Multiclassing Fighter with Barbarian at level four further increases close-range damage through abilities like Frenzied Strike.

The Battle Master subclass is straightforward and potent, granting access to Battle Master Maneuvers like Menacing Attack and Rally, which significantly boost close-range damage. While lacking access to magic like other subclasses, it focuses on refining the standard playstyle of the Fighter.

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The Shield Dwarf race is the optimal choice, offering great Strength and Constitution boosts, as well as passives that make them surprisingly resilient. Darkvision is another useful racial trait. However, alternatives such as Wood Half-Elf, Human, and Githyanki can also work, though not as effectively as Shield Dwarves.

Baldur's Gate 3

Monk Build

For the best Monk build in Baldur’s Gate 3, we recommend the following:

  • Race: Wood Elf
  • Background: Outlander
  • Skills: Athletics, Acrobatics
  • Stats: Dexterity, Wisdom
  • Subclass: Way of the Open Hand
  • Weapons: Simple Weapons, Unarmed
  • Multiclass: Monk 8/Fighter 4

This Monk build focuses on enhancing the close-range brawling playstyle of the class, capable of dealing substantial damage while withstanding hits. Multiclassing the Monk with the Fighter grants access to many exceptional feats while still benefiting from the Monk’s abilities.

The Way of the Open Hand subclass is ideal for maximizing the Monk’s unarmed combat specialty. It offers numerous class actions such as Flurry of Blows: Topple or Stagger, useful for disrupting opponents. Additionally, the Monk excels in unarmed combat and unarmored defense.

The Wood Elf race stands out due to increased movement speed, which allows for better positioning in combat. Wood Elves also possess Darkvision, Fey Ancestry, and stealth proficiencies, making them agile and effective mid-range damage dealers. However, Wood Half-Elf and Drow are also strong options with their bonus Dexterity.

Baldur's Gate 3

Paladin Build

For the best Paladin build in Baldur’s Gate 3, use the following:

  • Race: Half-Elf
  • Background: Soldier
  • Skills: Persuasion, Athletics
  • Stats: Strength, Charisma, Wisdom
  • Subclass: Oath of Vengeance
  • Weapons: One-hand and shield
  • Multiclass: Paladin 5/Warlock 7

The Paladin class, adept in combat and dialogue, becomes even more potent with this build. It offers exceptional damage, tanking abilities, and access to valuable spells. Multiclassing Paladin with Warlock enhances ranged effectiveness through new spells and benefits from leveling up in Paladin.

The Oath of Vengeance subclass provides the Paladin with powerful damaging abilities like Inquisitor’s Might, as well as supportive skills such as Misty Step and Haste. This combination makes the Oath of Vengeance Paladin an enjoyable and effective class.

The Half-Elf race suits this build perfectly, providing a bonus to Charisma for spellcasting and two skill points that can be allocated to Strength and Wisdom. Other race choices include Zariel Tiefling, Humans, and Half-Orcs.

Baldur's Gate 3

Ranger Build

The best Ranger build in Baldur’s Gate 3 is as follows:

  • Race: Wood Elf
  • Background: Outlander
  • Skills: Stealth, Perception, Survival
  • Stats: Dexterity, Wisdom, Constitution
  • Subclass: Hunter
  • Weapons: Bow
  • Multiclass: Ranger 9/Fighter 3

This Ranger build enhances stealth and ranged damage capabilities, creating a deadly combination. Wood Elves excel in this build due to increased mobility, Darkvision, Fey Ancestry, and stealth proficiencies. Multiclassing with Fighter grants Action Surge for additional attacks.

The Hunter subclass optimizes damage output and mobility, making the Ranger a valuable asset in any party setup. Key abilities to focus on include Beast Tamer, Archery, Hunter’s Mark, and Colossus Slayer.

Baldur's Gate 3

Rogue Build

For the best Rogue build in Baldur’s Gate 3, we recommend the following:

  • Race: Wood Elf
  • Background: Urchin
  • Skills: Stealth, Acrobatics
  • Stats: Dexterity, Wisdom, Constitution
  • Subclass: Thief
  • Weapons: Dual wield
  • Multiclass: Rogue 7/Ranger 5
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The Rogue excels in stealth and deception, making this build a perfect fit. The Thief subclass allows for two Bonus Actions per turn, enhancing movement and stealth capabilities. Dual wielding weapons amplifies this class’s damage potential.

The Wood Elf race is ideal for this build due to increased movement speed, Darkvision, Fey Ancestry, and stealth bonuses. However, High Elf and Drow are also viable options. The Urchin background complements the Rogue’s playstyle and skills.

Baldur's Gate 3

Sorcerer Build

For the best Sorcerer build in Baldur’s Gate 3, use the following:

  • Race: Dragonborn
  • Background: Guild Artisan
  • Skills: Persuasion, Intimidation
  • Stats: Charisma, Dexterity, Constitution
  • Subclass: Draconic Bloodline
  • Weapons: Quarterstaff
  • Multiclass: Sorcerer 10/Warlock 2

Sorcerers are incredibly potent in Baldur’s Gate 3, boasting extensive spell options. This build focuses on maximizing damage output and crowd control effects. Multiclassing with Warlock increases consistent damage through spells like Eldritch Blast.

The Draconic Bloodline subclass offers powerful dragon-inspired effects, such as Draconic Resilience. The choice of the Red (Fire) dragon ancestor grants Burning Hands, which deals good damage and sets enemies ablaze.

The Dragonborn race perfectly complements the Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer, providing elemental resistance and bonuses to the necessary stats. Other strong choices include Half-Elf and Drow.

Baldur's Gate 3

Warlock Build

The best Warlock build in Baldur’s Gate 3 is as follows:

  • Race: High Half-Elf
  • Background: Charlatan
  • Skills: Stealth, Sleight of Hand
  • Stats: Charisma, Dexterity
  • Subclass: The Great Old One
  • Weapons: Any weapon proficiency
  • Multiclass: Warlock 7/Paladin 5

Warlocks offer versatility, and this build emphasizes damage and crowd control effects while maintaining stealth elements. Multiclassing with Paladin provides potent support and damage spells like Bless and Divine Smite.

The Great Old One subclass enhances the Warlock’s damage dealing and support capabilities, making them a formidable character in combat. Eldritch Blast and other cantrips significantly contribute to damage output.

The High Half-Elf race opens up an extra Cantrip, which complements the Warlock’s spellcasting abilities. Wood Half-Elf, Drow, and Human are viable alternatives. The Charlatan background supports the Warlock’s deceptive playstyle.

Baldur's Gate 3

Wizard Build

For the best Wizard build in Baldur’s Gate 3, use the following:

  • Race: High Elf
  • Background: Sage
  • Skills: Investigation, Religion
  • Stats: Intelligence, Dexterity, Constitution
  • Subclass: Evocation School
  • Weapons: Quarterstaff
  • Multiclass: None

The Wizard class excels in dealing damage, especially with powerful area-of-effect spells. The Evocation School subclass stops evocation spells from harming allies, making it the best choice for this Wizard build. Multiclassing is not recommended, but a single level of Fighter can be fun for a Battle Mage playstyle.

The Evocation School offers access to some of the best spells in the game while preventing unintentional harm to allies. Spells like Misty Step, Shatter, Scorching Ray, Thunderwave, and Chromatic Orb provide tremendous versatility.

The High Elf race is the optimal choice for Wizards due to bonuses to Intelligence and Dexterity, as well as the option for an extra Cantrip. Forest and Deep Gnomes are stronger options for raw damage, sacrificing only one Dexterity to gain one Intelligence. However, the additional Cantrip from High Elves is worth considering.

And there you have it – the best builds for each class in Baldur’s Gate 3. With the immense variety and player agency offered by these builds, it’s no wonder Baldur’s Gate 3 has become one of the most celebrated RPG games.

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