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The Barbarian: a ferocious warrior from the outskirts of civilization, rejecting the influence of what he perceives as weak and feeble. With a robust and powerful physique, the Barbarian embodies the unending clan warfare and the constant struggle for survival in the unforgiving wilderness. While lacking the refinement of city dwellers, the Barbarian possesses a keen awareness of his surroundings. He believes in channeling the strengths and abilities of totemic animal spirits, enhancing his already impressive battle tactics.

The Barbarian class in Diablo I has evolved into a superior version in terms of gameplay. One of its most notable features is the ability to dual-wield weapons, allowing for swift and devastating attacks. By investing points in the ‘Double Swing’ skill within the Combat Actions tree, the Barbarian can optimize this capability, delivering rapid strikes with both weapons. With proper utilization of Skill Synergies, any Barbarian can become a formidable fighter.

Statistics and Figures

AttributeStartsPer additional pointEach Level Up
Vitality25+ 4 to Life, 1 Stamina
Energy101 Mana

As a melee specialist, the Barbarian must prioritize his health and maintain a good supply of health potions. Thankfully, he possesses the ability to Find Potion, allowing him to extract a health potion from a slain monster. At higher levels, when faced with overwhelming odds, he can employ a leap skill to quickly escape dangerous situations. With his exceptional stamina, the Barbarian can outlast his opponents and create distance, ensuring his survival.

To enhance his combat skills, the Barbarian has a dedicated Combat Masteries tree. These passive skills, which do not require activation, significantly improve his proficiency with different weapon types. Unlike other skill trees, the Combat Masteries tree does not have prerequisites for its skills. This means that the first skill point obtained can be assigned to any of the six masteries available. Investing in these masteries ensures that the Barbarian becomes more adept with his chosen weapon.

While the early acts pose little challenge for the Barbarian, his encounters become progressively more difficult as he faces magic-oriented enemies. He must remain vigilant about his resistances since his specialization lies in close-quarters combat, making him susceptible to spells. Unfortunately, the Natural Resistance skill, which boosts resistances, is only accessible at level 30.

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Dual-wielding weapons presents a trade-off for the Barbarian. Placing a weapon in the off-hand slot deprives him of the protection afforded by a shield, rendering him more vulnerable to melee attacks. However, the use of the warcry skill, Shout, can help counter this disadvantage.


The Warcries tree offers a diverse range of abilities, from attack skills to aura-like bonuses and even corpse skills. When casting a warcry, the Barbarian raises his arms, throws his head back, and emits a howl. A distinct graphical effect accompanies each warcry, with the sound varying randomly. The range of these warcries differs, with aura-like ones providing benefits over a large area, while attack-based warcries have a more limited range.

For beneficial warcries, other characters and minions must be within range during the activation. Once cast, the effects persist for the duration of the skill, depending on the number of points invested. It is essential to refresh beneficial warcries before they expire to maintain their advantages.

The three corpse skills in this tree are also invaluable. Find Item significantly enhances the likelihood of finding rare equipment, while Find Potion aids in obtaining health potions. Grim Ward provides a permanent version of another skill found in the same tree, Howl.

Echoing Weapons

A useful strategy is to equip two echoing weapons in the weapon switch slots. Echoing weapons have the prefix “+3 to All Warcries,” making them a valuable asset. By switching to these weapons, the Barbarian can cast powerful warcries like Battle Orders and others, then switch back to his primary weapons. Dual-wielding echoing weapons can also boost Find Item and Find Potion skills to a high level, increasing the odds of success.

While +2 sounding weapons can be used as well, they are less effective. It is recommended to check NPC merchants in town for echoing weapons, as they can be a valuable addition to the Barbarian’s arsenal. Normal weapons are preferable due to their lower requirements.

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One effective method of acquiring two good echoing weapons is to repeatedly enter the portal leading to Pindleskin in Harrogath. This resets the inventories of the merchants in town, providing an opportunity to find suitable weapons.

Combat Masteries

Masteries improve the Barbarian’s efficiency in using various weapons, including swords, axes, polearms, and even ranged attacks through Throwing Mastery. It is crucial for a Barbarian to select one mastery (or possibly two if using Throwing) and focus on it, investing the maximum of 20 skill points. Bonuses from Masteries enhance damage with all attack skills, making them a priority. Depending on the specific build, additional points in the mastery can increase the effectiveness of skills like Whirlwind, Berserk, Leap Attack, and Frenzy.

Apart from the six weapon masteries, the Combat Masteries tree includes four other passive skills. While not mandatory, Increased Stamina and Increased Speed can be beneficial, providing advantages such as increased movement speed and improved defense. Iron Skin enhances defense, and Natural Resistance is an invaluable skill, particularly in higher difficulty levels.

Critical Strike

All weapon masteries grant a percentage chance to deal double damage, similar to the Amazon’s Critical Strike skill. This bonus is calculated after all other damage calculations, effectively doubling the total damage inflicted. Previously, this double damage bonus was not displayed in the skill description, but it has always been a feature of the Barbarian’s arsenal.

Skill LevelDouble Damage Chance

Combat Skills

The Combat Skills tree focuses on damage-oriented skills for the Barbarian. It offers a variety of single-hit attacks, crowd control abilities that strike multiple targets, and skills to increase attack speed. Additionally, the tree includes the ranged-oriented skill Double Throw, as well as Berserk, which allows the Barbarian to inflict magical damage—an exceptional trait for his class.

All of these skills synergize well with the Barbarian’s Masteries, further enhancing his weapon damage during attacks. The Warcries tree also complements combat skills in many cases, providing valuable support.


Legend has it that in the ancient days of the world’s infancy, the tribes inhabiting the Northern Steppes were entrusted with a sacred duty. Deep within the mighty Mount Arreat lies a source of immense power critical to the well-being of humanity. The tribes, known as the Children of Bul-Kathos, act as guardians of this artifact, shaping their way of life in reverence of its power.

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Steeped in tradition and shrouded in mystery, the Children of Bul-Kathos refer to themselves as barbarians—their brusque demeanor belying their rich cultural and spiritual heritage. To safeguard their lands from external forces, these tribes have adopted a nomadic lifestyle, frequently migrating within the confines of the Steppes and maintaining only a few permanent settlements. Rejecting the use of magic and complex machinery, they believe such things weaken the unwavering resolve cultivated over countless generations.

The Children of Bul-Kathos have forged a profound connection with the land, harnessing primal energies from nature to augment their already formidable physical prowess. Due to their isolation from the outside world, the Western Kingdoms have historically labeled them as barbarians, albeit failing to appreciate the depth of cultural and spiritual wealth possessed by these people. While trade occurs along the borders of their lands, any incursion into the territory surrounding Mount Arreat is strictly forbidden, swiftly met with fierce resistance from the northern tribes.

Countless attempts at conquest have been met with resolute defiance. In one epic clash, hordes of silent Barbarian warriors materialized unexpectedly, their bodies adorned with mysterious designs. Descending upon the invaders with ferocity akin to the mountain winds, the tribesmen shattered their foes’ spirit. Half of the trespassing soldiers immediately dropped their weapons and fled, while the remaining few faced the Northmen’s unyielding assault. No quarter was granted, and none was given, yet no pursuit was observed following the invaders’ full retreat.

Curiously, reports have surfaced of Barbarian warriors venturing beyond the Steppes in response to news of Diablo’s re-emergence. Prepared for war and seeking information about the Prime Evils’ recent activities, these few warriors traverse distant lands.

Traits and Abilities

Renowned for their unparalleled combat prowess and unyielding arrogance, Barbarians perpetually exude a readiness for battle. Intense physical training is the cornerstone of their power, enabling them to perform incredible feats of strength. Additionally, they tap into the primal energies that permeate the world around them, further augmenting their already extraordinary abilities.

Barbarian Skills

The Barbarian possesses three main skill trees:

  • Combat Masteries
  • Combat
  • Warcries

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