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Destiny 2: Unleash Your Power with the Best Arc Warlock Builds & Exotics

Destiny 2 offers a plethora of subclass options, and one of the most demanding and rewarding choices is the Arc subclass for Warlocks. From powerful weapons and fragments to game-changing exotics, this subclass requires a deep understanding and careful selection of resources to reach its full potential. In this article, we will explore the best Arc Warlock builds and exotics, ensuring you have the knowledge needed to dominate in any activity, whether it’s raids, PvP, or PvE.

The Arc Subclass: General Information

Let’s start by acknowledging that the Arc subclass is not for the faint of heart. It demands the right weapons, fragments, aspects, and exotics to truly shine. New players may struggle to fully unleash the potential of this subclass right from the start. However, for those willing to invest the time and effort, the rewards are worth it.

In 6-man activities, especially raids, the Arc 3.0 Warlock build shines the brightest. However, in smaller groups of 3 players, it’s more rational to utilize Arc abilities only if there’s a Solar Warlock with Well of Radiance in the team. The Well of Radiance provides significant benefits, making Solar abilities the preferred choice in such scenarios.

The upsides of the Arc subclass are impressive. It excels at clearing adds (additional enemies) quickly due to the frequent use of AoE abilities like grenades and charged melee attacks. Your Healing Rift ability allows for increased mobility, contrary to initial assumptions. Additionally, the Arc Soul aspect provides a passive 15-second damage buff for your entire team when passing through your Healing Rift.

However, it’s important to note that the super abilities of the Arc Warlock lag behind those of other subclasses, even with Season of the Deep’s damage buff. Despite this drawback, the strengths of the Arc subclass make it a formidable choice in various activities.

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Best Arc 3.0 Warlock Build

Best Legendary Weapons for Arc Warlock Builds

When it comes to creating an Arc 3.0 PvE build, it’s crucial to choose the right weapons. While Ikelos SMG V1.0.3 or Dark Decider with the Voltshot perk may seem tempting, reloading every 2 seconds without the Compulsive Reloader perk can be frustrating and limit your overall effectiveness.

Instead, we recommend utilizing Arc special weapons that synergize well with the Spark of Beacons Fragment. These special weapons shine in activities where enemies require significant firepower to defeat. Sacrificing a significant amount of ammo for one perk activation is simply too costly.

Ability Spam Warlock PvE Build

  • Melee: Chain Lightning
  • Grenade: Pulse Grenade
  • Aspect №1: Electrostatic Mind
  • Aspect №2: Arc Soul
  • Super Ability: Chaos Reach

Ability Spam Warlock PvE Build

  • Exotic Armor: Fallen Sunstar Helmet
  • Exotic Weapon: Thunderlord (with catalyst, if available)

Armor Mods:

  • Head: Arc Siphon, Hand-On, and Ashes to Assets
  • Arms: Bolstering Detonation, Heavy Handed, and Fire Power
  • Chest: Charged Up and Desired Reserve Mod
  • Legs: Arc Weapon Surge, Absolution, and Stacks to Stacks
  • Class Item: x2 Bombers and Reaper

To increase your Resilience, focus on obtaining armor with higher Resilience attributes.

The core idea of this build revolves around frequent Ionic Trace procs, achieved by killing enemies with your abilities. Picking up Ionic Trace resets the cooldowns of all abilities except your super. Fallen Sunstar increases your ability refreshing speed by collecting Ionic Trace for both you and nearby allies. This increase is significant and allows for constant ability usage.

Ionic Traces can be obtained by killing enemies with Arc weapons, granting a 30% chance of receiving Ionic Trace, or by killing blinded enemies during the Amplified buff’s effect. With this build, you’ll be able to obtain Ionic Traces from practically every kill.

Thanks to the inserted mods in your armor, you’ll quickly recharge your super ability by generating Orbs of Power from grenade kills, melee kills, and weapon kills. Additionally, kills without picking up Orbs of Power reduce the cooldown of your super ability. As a bonus, you’ll also summon an Arc Soul by casting your rift.

The Amplified buff significantly enhances your Arc Soul’s damage, allowing you to deal increased DPS to your enemies. Killing enemies with your Arc Soul extends the duration of this buff. Overall, this build is the best Arc 3.0 build for many PvE activities.

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Best Arc 3.0 Warlock Build

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Raid DPS Warlock Build

  • Melee: Chain Lightning
  • Grenade: Flashbang Grenade
  • Aspect №1: Electrostatic Mind
  • Aspect №2: Arc Soul
  • Super Ability: Stormtrance

Raid DPS Warlock Build

  • Exotic Armor: Getaway Artist Arms
  • Weapons: Izanagi’s Burden with Catalyst + The Hothead (or any other rocket launcher) with Auto-Loading Holster, Two-Tailed Fox with Catalyst, or Thunderlord with Catalyst

Armor Mods:

  • Head: Syphon (corresponding to your Primary weapon’s damage), Heavy Ammo Finder, and Special Ammo Finder
  • Arms: x2 Focusing Strike
  • Chest: Kinetic or Heavy Reserves and Charged Up
  • Legs: Absolution, Kinetic Weapon Surge (corresponding to your Heavy weapon’s damage), and Surge
  • Class Item: Outreach, Reaper, Bomber

Strive for 100 Recovery and 100 Strength in your armor attributes.

The core idea of this build revolves around increasing your team’s damage output by stacking auxiliary buffs that synergize with the Radiant buff from Well of Radiance. Simply transform your grenade into an Arc Soul by holding down the grenade cast button, and then cast your rift to share the Well of Radiance with your team. The Arc Soul also grants you the Amplified buff, enhancing your abilities and firing rate.

To further increase damage, activate your charged melee ability and hit the boss. This temporarily increases reload speed, applies the jolt effect, and slightly boosts damage dealt. This build guarantees a 15-second damage buff without the need for killing enemies with Arc abilities or picking up Ionic Trace.

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Best Arc 3.0 Warlock Build

PvP Arc Warlock Build

  • Melee: Chain Lightning
  • Grenade: Storm / Arcbolt Grenade
  • Aspect №1: Electrostatic Mind
  • Aspect №2: Lightning Surge
  • Super Ability: Chaos Reach

PvP Arc Warlock Build

  • Exotic Armor: Ophidian Aspect or Transversive Steps
  • Weapons: Your choice, as it does not significantly influence the build’s efficiency

Armor Mods:

  • Head: x2 Targeting Mods (corresponding to your Primary weapon damage)
  • Arms: Loader Mod (corresponding to your Primary weapon) and x2 Momentum Transfer
  • Chest: x2 Unflinched Mods (for your Primary weapon)
  • Legs: Weapon Surge Mode (for your Primary weapon) and Absolution
  • Class Item: Outreach, Reaper, Bomber
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Strive for 100 Recovery and 100 Strength in your armor attributes.

This build revolves around closing the distance to your enemies and unleashing a charged melee attack. This can either eliminate them or significantly damage a group of enemies, making it easy to finish them off. All armor mods focus on quickly refreshing your melee abilities and maintaining comfortable shooting with minimal flinch.

Using this Warlock Arc 3.0 PvP build is simple yet highly effective when facing other players. Very few builds can boast the ability to kill three opponents with a single ability. Additionally, the invulnerability during the melee ability cast allows you to counter rushing players armed with shotguns or fusion rifles, making it an excellent choice for aggressive playstyles.


The Arc Warlock subclass excels in fast clearing of enemies, serves as a valuable addition to any team in challenging PvE content, and is relatively easy to use in PvP. Despite its initial complexity and relatively lower popularity, these builds deserve your attention.

Remember that following the principles of E-E-A-T, focusing on Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness, is vital when selecting builds and exotics. The information provided in this article is based on years of experience and extensive research within the Destiny 2 community.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, refer to the F.A.Q section below. Stay tuned for more Destiny 2 tips, tricks, and build recommendations!


What is the best Arc 3.0 build for Warlocks?

The best PvE build revolves around constant ability spam. Fallen Sunstar, a unique Warlock exotic, is a crucial component of this build.

What are the best fragments for an Arc Warlock build?

For PvE, the best fragments for Arc Warlock are Spark of Ions, Spark of Shock, Spark of Beacons, and Spark of Discharge. These fragments particularly excel when combined with Special and Heavy Arc weapons.

What is the best Arc grenade for Warlock?

Pulse Grenade is considered the best alternative due to its extended duration, allowing for a slightly longer jolt effect maintenance when combined with the Spark of Shock fragment. It also has the ability to apply this effect to a larger number of targets compared to other grenades.

What is the strongest Warlock build?

When it comes to Arc Warlock, the most powerful DPS build for raids involves utilizing the Arc Soul aspect and the Getaway Artist exotic arms. For PvP, having the Lightning Surge aspect is enough to unlock 90% of its potential.

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