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The Best Characters for Aqua Simulacra in Genshin Impact

Aqua Simulacra, a phenomenal 5-star Bow in Genshin Impact, is an incredible weapon in the hands of several characters. With its gargantuan 88.2% CRIT DMG buff at max level, it is highly desirable for most DPS units. But it’s not just the stats that make Aqua Simulacra stand out. In this article, we will explore the best characters who can effectively utilize this powerful weapon.

Childe: The Hydro DPS

Childe also appreciates the good offensive capabilities of this weapon

Childe is one of the top picks for Aqua Simulacra. The HP boost may not be relevant for him, but everything else about this weapon is wonderful for improving his performance. Childe International teams are already a permanent staple in the metagame, so using one of the best DPS Bows like Aqua Simulacra is always valuable. If you don’t have Polar Star for him, Aqua Simulacra is another great option that can significantly enhance his offensive capabilities.

Ganyu: The Cryo Sniper

Ganyu is another great option to consider

Ganyu, known for her deadly precision, finds her best weapon in Aqua Simulacra. The massive CRIT DMG% stat makes her even more powerful. Moreover, Ganyu’s Elemental Burst can still do damage, even if she’s off the field. This means that the damage buff from Aqua Simulacra can still be applied, making it an excellent choice for her. Additionally, the extra HP buff boosts the durability of Ganyu’s Elemental Skill, adding even more value to this weapon.

Yelan: The Pyro Beast

Yelan is a no-brainer when it comes to a list like this one

Released alongside Aqua Simulacra, Yelan is one of the best characters who can utilize this Bow. Everything about Aqua Simulacra is tailor-made for Yelan. The CRIT DMG% stat is always useful, and Yelan loves having high HP. Furthermore, the damage buff from this weapon is excellent, even if Yelan is off the field, which complements her Elemental Burst. If you have Aqua Simulacra and Yelan, you’re in for a powerful combination.

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Yoimiya: The Blazing Queen

Yoimiya is another character to consider

Yoimiya is an underrated character capable of dealing respectable damage. Aqua Simulacra’s massive CRIT DMG% and situational damage buff can take her to the next level. While Yoimiya excels at a distance, it’s worth noting that this weapon’s buff range is somewhat limited. Thus, using Aqua Simulacra for Yoimiya might require a bit more risk-taking compared to other alternatives. However, the 88.2% CRIT DMG is too huge to ignore.

Tighnari: The Forgotten Hero

Tighnari is the final one on this list

The final character worth highlighting is Tighnari. He is another solid DPS unit that appreciates the good stats on Aqua Simulacra. It’s his best Bow apart from Hunter’s Path, another rare 5-star weapon. While the HP buff from Aqua Simulacra isn’t particularly useful for Tighnari, any character that appreciates a massive CRIT DMG% buff and a damage bonus when fighting near an enemy will love this weapon.


In conclusion, Aqua Simulacra is an exceptional Bow in Genshin Impact. Childe, Ganyu, Yelan, Yoimiya, and Tighnari are some of the best characters who can make the most out of this weapon. By considering their unique strengths and playstyles, you can create a powerful team that excels in combat. Keep in mind that this article reflects the opinions of the writer and is subjective in nature. Choose your characters wisely and enjoy the adventure in Genshin Impact!

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