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Best Dungeons to Farm for Diablo 4 (Updated 8/17)

Diablo 4 (D4) offers a range of dungeons that are perfect for both solo players and parties to farm experience points (XP), gold, and valuable items. In this guide, we will explore some of the best dungeons for both solo and party play. Whether you are looking to level up, amass wealth, or acquire powerful gear, these dungeons are sure to satisfy your needs.

Best Dungeons for Solo Play

Uldur’s Cave (Kehjistan)

Uldur's Cave

Uldur’s Cave is a relatively small and linear dungeon located north of Gea Kul. It can be cleared quickly, making it an ideal choice for solo players who want to maximize their farming efficiency. The objectives in this dungeon include destroying three barricades, slaying all enemies, and defeating the Ringleader Elite.

Blind Burrows (Hawezar)

Blind Burrows

The Blind Burrows is a short dungeon with high mob density and a decent elite spawn rate. It features a quick boss encounter at the end. Solo players will find this dungeon particularly rewarding due to its fast-paced gameplay. The objectives here involve dispatching three infested villagers and defeating the Broodguard boss.

Dark Ravine (Dry Steppes)

Dark Ravine

The Dark Ravine is a straightforward dungeon located northeast of Ked Bardu. It is known for its abundance of elite mobs, making it an excellent choice for solo players looking to push higher tiers of nightmare dungeons. The objectives in this dungeon include collecting animus from animus carriers, slaying the favored elites, and defeating the Mother’s Judgment boss.

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Sirocco Caverns

Sirocco Caverns

Sirocco Caverns, located west of Seared Basin, is another short dungeon perfect for solo players. Its objectives are relatively simple, and the two elites that need to be slain are conveniently placed along linear paths. Solo players will appreciate the efficiency of this dungeon in terms of both time and effort.

Witchwater (Hawezar)


Witchwater is a linear dungeon with decent mob density, making it appealing to solo players. The objectives in this dungeon include freeing four prisoners, destroying three wards of eyes, and defeating the Witchwater boss. Its straightforward gameplay and easily avoidable boss attacks make it a popular choice among solo adventurers.

Earthen Wound (Hawezar)

Earthen Wound

Earthen Wound, located southwest of Zarbinzet, is a fairly linear dungeon that solo players will find convenient. The dungeon features conveniently spawned corpse gates and animus carriers. The chief marauder boss encounter offers a simple fight that can be easily overcome.

Best Dungeons for Party Play

Guulrahn Canals (Dry Steppes)

Guulrahn Canals

The Guulrahn Canals, located west of the Hidden Overlook, is a dungeon perfectly suited for party play. It has no puzzles or locked doors, allowing party members to split up and efficiently slay enemies. Destroying the silken spires will spawn the matriarch boss, offering an exciting group challenge.

Onyx Hold (Dry Steppes)

Onyx Hold

Similar to the Guulrahn Canals, Onyx Hold features objectives that can be quickly cleared by splitting up the party. This dungeon does not have a boss, making the last objective to slay three elites. Onyx Watchtower Stronghold must be cleared to access this dungeon.

Cultist Refuge (Fractured Peaks)

Cultist Refuge

Cultist Refuge is another party-friendly dungeon that does not have a dungeon boss. Party members can individually take down the elites to achieve fast clear times. Nostrava Stronghold must be cleared to access this dungeon.

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Maulwood (Fractured Peaks)


Maulwood, located south of Kyovashad, is a convenient dungeon for parties due to its straightforward objectives. It offers elite spawns and elite drops, making it a fruitful dungeon for acquiring experience and valuable items.

Aldurwood (Scosglen)


Aldurwood is conveniently found east of Cerrigar and offers quick and straightforward objectives. The Aldurkin bosses hit hard but are slow-moving, making them easily manageable for a party. The Den Mother boss fight presents an exciting challenge to round up the dungeon.

Champion’s Demise (Dry Steppes)

Champion's Demise

Champion’s Demise requires a little bit of backtracking, but splitting up the party to retrieve the stone carvings can mitigate this inconvenience. The dungeon offers decent mob density, elite spawns, and a conveniently placed dungeon boss.

Raethwind Wilds

Raethwind Wilds

Raethwind Wilds is a relatively large dungeon but follows a linear path. Party members can split up to complete objectives efficiently before converging at the dungeon boss area. The dungeon features challenging enemies and an exciting boss encounter.

How to Farm Dungeons

Nightmare Dungeons Are Best for Farming

When it comes to farming experience, gold, or even Uber Uniques, Nightmare Dungeons are your best option. Clearing Nightmare Dungeons provides a 50% increased chance to drop a second legendary item. Elite mobs inside Nightmare Dungeons also have a 10% increased chance to drop sacred and ancestral items, on top of a 30% chance to drop an extra equipment item. These increased drop rates make Nightmare Dungeons highly lucrative for farmers.

EXP Multipliers for Level Differences

Below is a table of the EXP multipliers based on the level difference between the player and the enemy:

  • +10: +15% EXP multiplier
  • +2: +3% EXP multiplier
  • +1: +1.5% EXP multiplier
  • -1: -10% EXP multiplier
  • -2: -20% EXP multiplier
  • -3: -30% EXP multiplier
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While the 10-level offset in World Tier IV and the 6-level offset in World Tier III restrict players from obtaining the full EXP from monsters, they still enjoy an EXP boost due to the level difference. For example, fighting a level 100 monster at level 1 in World Tier IV grants the base EXP of a level 10 monster, plus a 15% EXP boost.

Instant Reset for Nightmare Dungeons

You can maximize your farming efficiency by utilizing the instant reset trick for Nightmare Dungeons. Here’s how it works:

  1. Activate a Nightmare Sigil with Magic Find or Gold Find to start a Nightmare Dungeon.
  2. Enter the Nightmare Dungeon and finish the first area or leave immediately.
  3. Enter a different dungeon and complete the first area.
  4. The Nightmare Dungeon will reset. Each time you leave the dungeon, it will reset again without repeating the previous steps.

This trick respawns all enemies and refreshes your revive count, allowing you to continue farming until you run out of revives, complete the dungeon, or disconnect. It is an incredibly useful technique to maximize magic find, gold find, and EXP.

Reset Dungeons Button Enabled

The Reset Dungeons button, initially available during Diablo 4’s Open Beta, has been added back in Version 1.1 for the launch of Season 1. Players can now easily reset dungeons to further optimize their farming efforts.

Quick Reset for Normal Dungeons

Even regular dungeons can be reset, depending on whether you are playing solo or in a party. If you are solo, you will need to wait for a few seconds before the dungeon is reset according to its completion. However, when in a party, the leader can leave and rejoin the party to instantly reset the dungeon.


With these best dungeons for both solo and party play, you can embark on exciting farming adventures in Diablo 4. Remember to leverage the instant reset trick and prioritize Nightmare Dungeons for the highest chances of obtaining valuable loot. May your farming endeavors be fruitful, and may you conquer the challenges that await you in the dark and treacherous dungeons of Sanctuary!

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