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How I Reached “Challenger I” as a Level 10 Player: Deck, Tactics, and More!

Challenger I

Just a few hours before the season ended, I accomplished something incredible – I made it to the “Challenger I” league with my second account! What makes this achievement even more noteworthy is that I am only a level 10 player with mostly rare cards at level 7 (common cards at level 10, except for bats). It was a challenging journey, especially when I reached 3,900 trophies and started encountering level 11 and 12 players with maxed-out common cards and level 10 rare cards in their decks. Playing against a maxed-out Minion Horde with level 10 Arrows was particularly tough. They just couldn’t eliminate them 🙁

However, I persisted and managed to gather over 4,000 trophies, ultimately reaching “Challenger I”! In this post, I will share the deck I used and provide a few tactical tips on how to play with it.

An Exceptional Deck Featuring Mega Knight, Skeleton Barrel, and Miner for the Legendary Arena

Let’s begin with a detailed description of the deck. I carefully designed it to include at least one spell card and one building card. For spells, I opted for Arrows as they are effective against Minions. As for the building, I chose Goblin Hut because Spear Goblins provide excellent support for Mega Knight during attacks. Take a look at the image below to see the deck that helped me reach “Challenger I” as a level 10 player:

Deck with Mega Knight, Skeleton Barrel, and Miner

The deck’s average elixir cost is 3.6, which allows you to play without an Elixir Collector. Now, let’s delve into the cards included in the deck:

  1. Miner: This card is perfect for attacking the opponent’s towers and eliminating their Elixir Collector if they have one. Additionally, the Miner can be used to distract the opponent’s Inferno Tower and protect Mega Knight during attacks (I’ll provide more details about this in a separate post).

  2. Mega Knight: With its spawn damage ability, Mega Knight is a formidable card that can quickly halt the opponent’s attacks and initiate our own. It serves as an excellent counter to players who rely on Elite Barbarians, Three Musketeers, and Hog Rider.

  3. Skeleton Barrel: This common card is incredibly useful as it puts pressure on the opponent. As soon as the opponent sees the barrel in your deck, they become cautious and hold their spells to counter it. This, in turn, benefits the Goblin Gang and Bats. Ignoring the Skeleton Barrel often leads to defeat for the opponent.

  4. Goblin Gang and Bats: These two cards perform exceptionally well in both defense and offense. Combining them with the Miner creates a powerful counter-attacking combination.

  5. Mega Minion: This card is highly effective due to its high hitpoints and decent damage output. It serves as an excellent defense against units like Balloon, Baby Dragon, and Inferno Dragon. I strongly recommend keeping this card in your deck.

  6. Goblin Hut: This is the only building card in the deck. Spear Goblins provide excellent support for Mega Knight during attacks. Moreover, the Goblin Hut acts as an irritant for opponents and cannot be ignored.

  7. Arrows: Among all the available spell cards, I chose Arrows for their effectiveness against Minion Horde and Minions, which are commonly found in the 12th arena.

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Now, let’s discuss tactics.

Tactical Tips: How to Master the Mega Knight and Skeleton Barrel Deck in Arena 12

  1. Hold the Miner for counter-attacks!: Suppose you are successfully defending against an opponent’s attack near your tower using the Goblin Gang and/or Bats. In that case, don’t wait until the last enemy troop is destroyed. Launch your Miner towards the opponent’s tower a few seconds earlier. This diversion will draw the tower’s attention towards the Miner, allowing your goblins and bats more time to attack the tower freely. Here’s an example:

Miner counter-attack example

  1. Avoid deploying the Skeleton Barrel without support: When used alone, the Skeleton Barrel is almost useless. It shines when paired with other cards like Mega Knight and Miner. Regarding the Miner, keep in mind the different movement speeds of the two cards. Ideally, deploy the Miner when the Skeleton Barrel is near its intended target.

Mega Knight and Skeleton Barrel

  1. Utilize the Skeleton Barrel to defend against air and ground troops: In situations where you don’t have more suitable cards available, the Skeleton Barrel can effectively defend against units that target both air and ground. For instance, it works well against the Inferno Dragon.

  2. Don’t start your attack with the Mega Knight: If you enjoy initiating battles and attacking first, it’s advisable to refrain from deploying the Mega Knight at the beginning. Hold onto it for a more impactful appearance on the arena. Use it to counter the opponent’s attacking units, simultaneously repelling their attack and creating an opportunity for your own counter-attack.

  3. Avoid simultaneous deployment of Mega Minion and Bats: Unless you are familiar with your opponent’s deck, refrain from deploying the Mega Minion and Bats simultaneously. Doing so risks leaving you without any cards to counter the Balloon, should the opponent deploy it.

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That’s all! Give this deck and these tips a try, and I’m confident that you’ll also reach “Challenger I” in no time. Lastly, watch the following short video of a battle utilizing this deck for a better understanding of how to play with it.

Good luck, and I’ll see you on Clash Royale arenas!

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