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The Ultimate Guide to Marvel Snap Destroy Decks for September 2023

Marvel Snap, like any other card game, features distinct synergies and effects that form different archetypes. One such archetype is the destroy deck, which may not be immediately apparent to players with basic cards. However, these decks offer a unique playstyle that can be quite satisfying for certain players. Additionally, some quests in the game require players to destroy cards to complete them. To ensure success without compromising your rank, it’s essential to use the best destroy decks available. In this guide, we’ll explore the top destroy decks in Marvel Snap, offering insights into their strengths and strategies.

Best Destroy Decks in Marvel Snap for Each Pool

Standard Destroy

Marvel Snap deck consisting of Deadpool, X-23, Yondu, Bucky Barnes, Carnage, Wolverine, Venom, Daken, Deathlok, Arnim Zola, Knull, and Death.
It’s time to unleash destruction. Screengrab via

The Standard Destroy deck remains a steadfast choice in the meta. This deck’s cards possess exceptional potential to amass power through the Destroy mechanic. Moreover, they trigger various effects that can be advantageous during battles. With recent additions like Kraven and X-23, the Destroy deck has become even more reliable, ensuring consistent power generation and enabling the player to play more cards.

Certain cards gain power when destroyed, such as Deadpool, Wolverine, and Bucky Barnes, who can create a Winter Soldier with two cost and six power. Additionally, Carnage, Venom, and Deathlok function as enablers, gaining power whenever they destroy cards. Yondu offers the ability to destroy the top card of your opponent’s deck. For the late game, cards like Death, Knull, and Arnim Zola provide massive power potential, with abilities ranging from costing less for each card destroyed to gaining the total power of all cards destroyed in the game.

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Win condition cards for this deck:

  • Kraven
  • Death
  • Knull

Kraven acts as an early game power source. When his created card, the Muramasa Shard, is destroyed, his current power doubles. Playing Kraven and prioritizing the destruction of the Muramasa Shard will ensure a strong presence on your board. Meanwhile, Death and Knull serve as power sources in the late game. By building up destruction mechanics in the early and mid-game, you can boost the abilities and power of these two units, potentially overpowering your opponent in the end.

Shuri Nimrod Destroy

Marvel Snap deck consisting of Nova, Psylocke, Carnage, Wolverine, Venom, Deathlok, Shuri, Iron Lad, Nimrod, Arnim Zola, America Chavez, and Destroyer.
Shuri Nimrod is an unstoppable force. Screengrab via

Another variation of the destroy deck is the Shuri/Nimrod strategy. This involves utilizing Shuri’s ability to double the power of the next card played. By targeting Nimrod, you can distribute power across all locations, as Nimrod puts a copy of himself into the two other locations upon destruction.

In the late game, you can rely on Arnim Zola or Destroyer to trigger Nimrod’s effect while benefiting from Shuri’s power boost. Other strategies include incorporating Iron Lad for additional card effects and vision, as well as America Chavez for a guaranteed six-cost, nine-power card on your turn six draw. Additionally, Wolverine and Armor can aid in building up your early game.

Win condition cards for this deck:

  • Shuri
  • Nimrod
  • Destroyer
  • Arnim Zola
  • Venom

The combination of Shuri and Nimrod consistently boosts power across all locations. Coupled with the Destroyer or Arnim Zola package, this combo can lead to unpredictable plays in the final turn. Venom, a potent destroy enabler, can maintain the total power of the Shuri and Nimrod location.

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How to Counter Destroy Decks in Marvel Snap

Destroy decks tend to follow specific play patterns. By quickly identifying your opponent’s deck type, you can respond more effectively. If your opponent plays cards like Nova, Bucky Barnes, The Hood, or Wolverine in the early rounds, chances are they are using a destroy-type deck.

To counter their strategy, focus on preventing the destruction of your cards. Play cards like Armor and Cosmo in the same location as Nova or Bucky Barnes. If you can avoid the destruction of a Deadpool, your opponent may be forced to retreat. Taking initiative priority is crucial, ensuring that Armor or Cosmo activates before your opponent’s cards.

During the final turns of destroy decks, players often aim to unleash powerful cards like Death or Destroyer. To counter these threats, employ Shang-Chi to eliminate them. Remember, if you want to destroy a Destroyer on turn six, reveal your cards second. Leech can also disrupt the Death strategy, although it unintentionally assists the Destroyer by removing its effect.

By understanding the playstyle of destroy decks and employing effective countermeasures, you can gain an advantage over your opponents in Marvel Snap.

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We hope this guide has provided valuable insights into the world of destroy decks in Marvel Snap. Experiment with different strategies, fine-tune your deck, and be prepared for thrilling battles. Happy snapping!

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