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Diablo 4 Nightmare Dungeons: The Ultimate XP Farming Guide

Discover the Best Nightmare Dungeons for XP Farming in Diablo 4

Many players are eager to uncover the most effective Nightmare Dungeons for XP farming in Diablo 4. While there are various methods to gain experience in the game, Nightmare Dungeons have proven to be a highly lucrative activity. With the significant increase in dungeon mob density in Patch 1.1.1, players now have plenty of options to choose from. But which dungeons offer the best grind for XP?

Fortunately, dedicated players within the community have done the legwork to uncover the top Nightmare Dungeons for XP farming in Diablo 4, especially in Patch 1.1.1. Streamer Raxxanterax, a prominent figure in the Diablo 4 community, played a crucial role in this endeavor.

To compile the data, Raxxanterax meticulously ran through each of Diablo 4’s Nightmare Dungeons and calculated the average XP gain per hour for each dungeon. The result is a comprehensive list of the best Nightmare Dungeons for XP farming in Patch 1.1.1. Let’s take a look:

The Best Nightmare Dungeons for XP Farming in Diablo 4:

  1. Uldur’s Cave – 31.93 million XP per hour
  2. Sarat’s Lair – 25.04 million XP per hour
  3. Mariner’s Refuge – 24.38 million XP per hour
  4. Hoarfrost Demise – 23.75 million XP per hour
  5. Immortal Emanation – 23.4 million XP per hour
  6. Domhainne Tunnels – 23.29 million XP per hour
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Fans owe a huge debt of gratitude to Raxxanterax for his tireless efforts in compiling this list. The valuable insights he provided have proven invaluable to the community.

It’s important to note that Patch 1.1.1 substantially increased the mob density within dungeons, resulting in a game-changing experience for players.

Here’s an example of what the Nightmare Dungeon icon looks like on your map:


Now, let’s delve into each of the top Nightmare Dungeons and explore their unique characteristics:

Uldur’s Cave

Uldur’s Cave can be found in the Ragged Coastline area in Kehjistan, to the Southeast of the Iron Wolves Encampment Waypoint.

Time and time again, Uldur’s Cave has emerged as the ultimate XP farming location during Raxxanterax’s extensive testing. Its remarkable XP gain per hour far surpasses its competitors. This dungeon’s efficiency stems from its swift and straightforward objectives, as well as its linear map layout and abundance of enemies.


Sarat’s Lair

Sarat’s Lair can be found in The Downs area in the Scosglen region, just to the Southeast of the Cerrigar Waypoint.

Similar to Uldur’s Cave, Sarat’s Lair offers exceptional speed and can quickly amass a significant amount of XP. The dungeon features a high concentration of spider mobs that can be effectively dispatched in groups.


Mariner’s Refuge

Mariner’s Refuge is located in the Strand area of Scosglen, Northeast of the Corbach Waypoint.

Another swift Nightmare Dungeon, Mariner’s Refuge allows players to run through it multiple times in a relatively short period, resulting in rapid XP accumulation. However, keep in mind that there is some backtracking involved in navigating this dungeon.


Hoarfrost Demise

Hoarfrost Demise is situated to the North of the Bear Tribe Refuge Waypoint in the Seats of the Heavens area in Fractured Peaks.

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Since Patch 1.1.1, Hoarfrost Demise has skyrocketed in popularity as one of the top Nightmare Dungeons for XP farming. The increased mob density effectively complements the dungeon’s layout, making it an excellent choice for players seeking substantial XP gains.

Hoarfrost Demise dungeon map icon in Diablo 4

Immortal Emanation

Immortal Emanation can be found in the Frigid Expanse area of Fractured Peaks, to the Southeast of the Kyovashad Waypoint.

Another dungeon that greatly benefited from Patch 1.1.1, Immortal Emanation now presents a fantastic option for swiftly accumulating XP. Although the dungeon layout is somewhat inefficient, the XP gain it offers outweighs any drawbacks. Prepare to face Ghost and Vampire enemies during your journey through this dungeon.

Immortal Emanation dungeon map icon in Diablo 4

Domhainne Tunnels

Domhainne Tunnels can be found in the Strand area of Scosglen, just to the West of the Corbach Waypoint.

Affectionately known as “Dopamine Tunnels” among fans, Domhainne Tunnels has undergone a remarkable transformation from being one of the worst dungeons for XP farming to becoming one of the best. This dungeon experienced a massive increase in mob density, coupled with its quick completion time, making it a favorite among players who desire quick XP gains.

Domhainne Tunnels dungeon map icon in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Nightmare Dungeons Tier List

Building upon Raxxanterax’s insightful research, we present a tier list ranking the best and worst Nightmare Dungeons for solo XP farming in Diablo 4:

  • S-Tier:

    • Uldur’s Cave
    • Sarat’s Lair
    • Mariner’s Refuge
    • Hoarfrost Demise
    • Immortal Emanation
    • Domhainne Tunnels
  • A-Tier:

    • Mercy’s Reach
    • Pallid Delve
    • Tomb of the Saints
    • Akhan’s Grasp
    • Charnel House
    • Nostrava Deepwood
    • Dead Man’s Dredge
  • B-Tier:

    • Forgotten Ruins
    • Komdor Temple
    • Ancient Reservoir
    • Collapsed Vault
    • Garan Hold
    • Stockades
  • C-Tier:

    • Lost Keep
    • Twisted Hollow
    • Iron Hold
    • Betrayer’s Row
    • Kor Valar Ramparts
  • D-Tier:

    • Bastion of Faith – SALVAGE
    • Shifting City – SALVAGE
    • Faceless Shrine – SALVAGE
    • Heretic’s Asylum – SALVAGE
    • Path of the Blind – SALVAGE
    • Halls of the Damned – SALVAGE
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You’ll likely want to salvage any Nightmare Sigils you find in the bottom “D-Tier!”

For a more detailed analysis of Raxxanterax’s process, be sure to check out his informative video.

How to Farm Nightmare Dungeons for XP in Diablo 4

The most effective method for farming XP in Nightmare Dungeons involves logging out before completing the final objective and then logging back in to reset the enemies.

For instance, if the final objective of a Nightmare Dungeon you’re running is a final boss, refrain from defeating it. Doing so would complete the dungeon, hindering your ability to reset it.

To maximize XP gains, eliminate all enemy mobs in the dungeon, return to the entrance, log out of Diablo 4, and wait a couple of minutes before logging back in. Repeat this process to continuously farm XP.

Nightmare dungeon loot drop in Diablo 4

Follow these steps:

  1. Use a Nightmare Sigil to activate a Nightmare Dungeon.
  2. Travel or teleport to the entrance of the Nightmare Dungeon.
  3. Clear out all enemies in the dungeon, including Elites for better rewards.
  4. Do not complete the Nightmare Dungeon’s final objective.
  5. Teleport back to the Nightmare Dungeon’s entrance.
  6. Log out of Diablo 4 and wait a couple of minutes.
  7. Log back in and repeat the process.

By following this method, you’ll find yourself rapidly earning XP. Utilize these top-tier Nightmare Dungeons, and you’ll reach the maximum level in no time. You’ve got this!

What Are Nightmare Dungeons in Diablo 4?

Nightmare Dungeons represent more challenging versions of Diablo 4’s regular dungeons. These dungeons reward players with increased XP, better loot, and the opportunity to upgrade Glyphs upon completion. However, they can only be accessed after completing the campaign.

While Nightmare Dungeons offer greater rewards, they also come with higher risks. Enemies possess difficult affixes and prove more challenging to defeat. Additionally, you have a limited number of revives available before failing the dungeon.

Concept art of Elias performing a ritual in a dungeon in Diablo 4

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