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Diablo 1 Strategy Guide


The Warrior is the ideal starting character for newcomers to Diablo. With strong survival skills, the Warrior can hold their own throughout the game. Spells are not a major concern for Warriors, although they may make use of the town portal and fire wall spells. When it comes to leveling up, prioritize increasing strength and vitality. The repair item skill is especially useful in the early stages of the game, but as you progress, it’s better to have Griswold repair your valuable equipment. A Large Axe is highly recommended early on, as it inflicts significant damage. Additionally, try to acquire a cap with good armor. Selling all scrolls except town portal and identify is a wise move. You may also need to purchase a few town portal scrolls in the beginning. As you advance, switch to using a sword and shield instead of an axe. The best 1-handed sword for a Warrior is the Bastard Sword. Look for swords with additional damage bonuses. Later on, aim for a Full Plate Mail, preferably with added armor. Warriors have the ability to wear Full Plate Mails earlier than the other character classes. Around level 35, obtain the King’s Sword for faster leveling. Overall, while Warriors may not level up as quickly as other classes, they are enjoyable to play and perform well in the early stages of the game.


Rogues are a suitable choice for intermediate players. They are slightly more challenging to master than Warriors. Rogues rely on bows as their primary weapons and can level up faster than Warriors, thanks to a combination of bow skills and spells. Similar to Warriors, acquiring a cap with good armor and later switching to leather armor is recommended. One drawback of Rogues is the need for frequent bow repairs. However, you can find bows with higher durability as the game progresses. Avoid using bows with higher attack rates, as Rogues cannot fire any faster than their normal rate. Instead, look for bows with increased damage or attack ratings. Rogues depend on mana and life hit points, so prioritize using mana shield if your mana exceeds your life points. Early on, utilize fire bolt, lightning, and fire wall spells, and aim to acquire holy bolt for dealing with King Leoric. As you reach higher levels, incorporate fireball and chain lightning into your spell repertoire while continuing to use your bow. In the later stages of the game, Rogues face tougher challenges, particularly in Hell difficulty. Quick thinking and wise spell selection are crucial for success. Hot keys for spells, configured from F5 to F8, are highly recommended. Resist magic, lightning, and fire spells become essential when you enter Hell difficulty. By level 35, you should ideally wield a Long War Bow with added damage and a Full Plate Mail with increased armor. Rogues tend to lose their appeal beyond the early 40s, but they are generally more engaging than Warriors later in the game. I have personally reached level 41 with a Rogue, but my primary focus was on the Sorcerer class.


Sorcerers are designed for experienced players who have already dabbled with Warriors or Rogues. Controlling a Sorcerer can be challenging due to their heavy reliance on spells as their main form of attack. At the beginning of the game, Sorcerers are quite vulnerable, but they become more formidable as the game progresses. Staves play a significant role in the early stages, and I believe the staff recharge skill is the best skill in the game. It allows you to extend the lifespan of your staff by maintaining its charges. As a starting point, you will have the charge bolt staff. Other valuable early-game staves include the staff of fire bolt, holy bolt, and lightning staff (especially effective). Avoid purchasing expensive magical staves from Adria; basic staves with charges found in the labyrinth are just as effective. Seek a cap with good armor and transition to leather armor later on. Reading books is crucial for Sorcerers, so make sure to read every book you come across. Early on, focus on using charge bolt, fire bolt, and holy bolt. Progressively, switch to lightning as your primary spell. Later in the game, fireball and chain lightning become essential. When allocating skill points, prioritize magic and invest some in strength. Vitality is unnecessary once you acquire the mana shield spell, which makes life points obsolete. Dexterity can receive minimal attention, as it is not vital. Once your base strength reaches around 30, continue assigning all points to magic. Initially, I had a negative opinion of Sorcerers, considering them inferior to Warriors. However, I later realized the immense power of Sorcerers and found Warriors to be lacking. The key factor for Sorcerers’ success lies in the mana shield spell, which transforms them from weaklings to formidable characters. With mana shield, your mana points serve as life points, eliminating the need for life potions. From level 1 to around 30, regular mana potions should suffice; purchasing full mana potions is wasteful. If you come across full mana potions during gameplay, consider it a fortunate find. Obtain the mana shield spell as early as possible; if Adria is selling the mana shield book early on and you have the funds, purchasing it is advisable, although it’s likely to be found in the catacombs. Finding mana shield scrolls is also advantageous, and you can buy mana shield scrolls from Adria if the spell has not yet been acquired. Use mana shield scrolls judiciously and avoid venturing into caves without activating mana shield, as the game becomes significantly more challenging without it. Chain lightning, fireball, and mana shield are the Sorcerer’s three most powerful spells. Upon entering each new level, always activate mana shield immediately. For efficient spell management, utilize hot keys, such as F5 for lightning spell, F6 for mana shield, F7 for healing, holy bolt, or teleport, and F8 for fire spell. As you progress in the game, adjust your hot keys accordingly; for instance, substituting fire bolt with fireball and eventually incorporating chain lightning. With proper control and quick decision-making, Sorcerers can level up rapidly and survive better than Warriors and Rogues in the church and catacombs. A skilled player can navigate the church without sustaining much damage, as Sorcerers’ spells dispatch enemies swiftly, preventing them from approaching. In my experience, a buckler is highly effective for Sorcerers early in the game. They can wield a buckler as rapidly as a Warrior swings their sword, and it increases their chances of hitting enemies. If you don’t have a staff with charges at the beginning, using a buckler for attacking (without a sword) is remarkably effective. As you progress, transition to using a sword and shield instead of staves. Additionally, aim to acquire items that provide bonus strength points. Sorcerers face difficulty wearing heavier armor like gothic plate or full plate mail, as their maximum strength is limited to 45. To overcome this, you must obtain additional +45 strength points from rings and equipment to wear Full Plate Mail. The Dreamflange is the ultimate weapon for Sorcerers, and it was a fortunate find when I played as a Sorcerer. Sorcerers truly shine later in the game, especially once you reach teleportation. Teleportation should be your primary means of transportation, and it is recommended to assign it to one of your hot keys. Unlike Warriors and Rogues, Sorcerers easily retrieve their lost items by using their spells instead of relying on weapons. Sorcerers always remain engaged and never become dull, allowing players to reach level 50 and beyond with enjoyment. Sorcerers level up rapidly and are my personal favorite among the three classes available. The highest level I reached with a Sorcerer was level 48; unfortunately, my Diablo folder got accidentally deleted, resulting in the loss of my characters. Nevertheless, I have achieved considerable progress with several Sorcerers, reaching levels 46, 42, 38, and one at level 35. Overall, I possess extensive experience with Sorcerers, having leveled up over 20 of them past level 20.

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Other Tips for Becoming a Better Diablo Player

  • There is a trick with using scrolls: select the scroll in your quick spellbook, then rapidly press the button to use it multiple times. This allows you to gain multiple uses from a single scroll. For example, you can cast 2-3 fire walls from one Fire Wall scroll, which proves beneficial in certain situations. The same principle applies to other scrolls.

  • When dying, use Telekinesis to retrieve your items from hidden places where demons cannot reach you.

  • You can continue walking by holding down the move button.

  • Always have the auto map on while playing.

  • Before descending to the next level, ensure that you have fully explored the current map.

  • Defeat every enemy on the map before proceeding to the next one.

  • Pick up all the gold dropped by enemies, as well as any other items found on the ground.

  • Eliminate all barrels and collect any items that emerge from them, unless you’re playing as a Sorcerer. Sorcerers are at a disadvantage against barrels, as they can be easily killed by them. Only attempt to destroy barrels if you have sufficient life points and there aren’t too many barrels surrounding you, or if you are at a higher level with enough power to withstand their damage.

  • Open all chests and containers you encounter to collect their contents.

  • Use potions wisely. Full potions are not necessary until later in the game when you have substantial wealth.

  • Regularly return to town to sell, repair, and buy items.

  • When you reach Hell or the caves, ensure that you have resistance to the elemental types enemies employ against you.

  • Utilize hot keys for your spells. I personally use the following hot keys: F5 for a lightning spell, F6 for mana shield, F7 for healing, holy bolt, or teleport, and F8 for a fire spell. For instance, in the later stages of the game, my configuration is F5 for Chain Lightning, F6 for Mana Shield, F7 for Teleport, and F8 for Fireball. I highly recommend using hot keys for your character’s entire journey, starting from level one and beyond.

  • Two words: DON’T CHEAT! Avoid utilizing trainers that diminish the enjoyment of this fantastic game.

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  • Butcher (Found on level 2): To defeat the Butcher, utilize the fire wall spell. If you don’t have fire wall, the battle becomes much tougher. If you have a friend playing with you, consider teaming up to face the Butcher. Warriors should use a large axe, Rogues should wield at least a hunter’s bow, and Sorcerers should unleash fire bolts. It’s worth noting that the Butcher cannot open doors, so taking cover behind grates and attacking from a distance can be a useful strategy. Additionally, if playing with friends, consider duplicating items dropped by bosses to ensure everyone has access to the rewards.

  • King Leoric (Found on level 3): Holy bolt is the key to defeating King Leoric. Without holy bolt, engaging him is ill-advised, unless you have an armor class (AC) of around 35 and a damage rating exceeding 20. Rogues can easily overcome him by using a bow of the bear, which pushes the King back and allows continuous attacks without taking significant damage.

  • Lazarus (Found on level 15): When facing Lazarus, having the stone curse spell is highly beneficial. Simply stone curse Lazarus and proceed to eliminate him. Sorcerers should rely on fireballs to defeat him. Remember to have fire resistance before the encounter.

  • Diablo (Found on level 16): Use all your available resources to battle Diablo. Sorcerers should employ fireballs, but holy bolt can serve as a substitute if fireball is not yet obtained. Ensure you have a decent armor class and resistance to fire before confronting Diablo.

Multiplayer Shrines and Whether to Approach Them

Shrines play a significant role in improving a character’s life in Diablo. If a shrine is labeled “GOOD,” it means it is safe to approach. On the other hand, if a shrine is marked as “BAD,” it is best to avoid it. Memorizing the different shrine types prior to playing is advantageous.

  • Abandoned (GOOD): Grants +2 to Dexterity.
  • Creepy (GOOD): Provides +2 to Strength.
  • Eerie (GOOD): Enhances Magic by +2.
  • Quiet (GOOD): Increases Vitality by +2.
  • Cryptic (GOOD): Casts the Nova spell and refills your mana.
  • Divine (GOOD): Restores both health and mana, and grants complimentary potions.
  • Eldritch (GOOD): Transforms all potions into rejuvenation potions.
  • Enchanted (GOOD): Decreases the level of one spell while increasing the levels of the others. This is my favorite shrine!
  • Glimmering (GOOD): Identifies all unidentified items.
  • Holy (GOOD): Casts the phasing spell, sometimes causing annoyance.
  • Magical (GOOD): Casts the mana shield spell.
  • Religious (GOOD): Repairs all your items.
  • Spiritual (GOOD): Fills all empty slots with a small amount of gold.
  • Spooky (GOOD): Restores the hit points of all other players in the game.
  • Stone (GOOD): Refreshes mana and recharges staffs.
  • Thaumaturgic (GOOD): Closes and replenishes all chests.
  • Fascinating (BAD): Results in permanent mana loss but grants 2 levels to fire bolt.
  • Hidden (BAD): Transfers 10 durability from one item to another.
  • Mysterious (BAD): Provides +5 to one attribute while decreasing others by -1.
  • Ornate (BAD): Causes permanent mana loss, but grants 2 levels to holy bolt.
  • Sacred (BAD): Results in permanent mana loss, but grants 2 levels to charged bolt.
  • Secluded (BAD): Reveals the current map but prevents you from discerning which areas you have visited. Avoid this shrine.
  • Tainted (BAD): Affects all players in the game. Steer clear of this shrine.
  • Cauldron (BAD): Triggers random effects similar to those of other shrines. It’s best not to risk receiving a negative outcome.
  • Goat Shrine (BAD): Also triggers random effects similar to those of other shrines. Effectively, it is similar to a cauldron.
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  • Blood Fountain (GOOD): Drinking from it restores your hit points.
  • Purifying Spring (GOOD): Drinking from it replenishes your mana.
  • Murky Pool (GOOD): Activates the infravision spell.
  • Fountain Of Tears (BAD): Results in -1 to one stat and +1 to others.

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