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Lockjaw’s Influence on Marvel Snap Decks

The lovable and faithful pet of the Inhuman Royal Family, Lockjaw, possesses a unique ability in Marvel Snap that can greatly impact the game. This article will explore the best strategies and combos for building a powerful Lockjaw deck in Marvel Snap for September 2023.

Understanding Lockjaw’s Abilities in Marvel Snap

Lockjaw is a three-cost card with two Power that allows players to swap a card in their deck with a card played in the same location (once per turn). This ability mirrors Lockjaw’s talent in the Marvel Comics, where he can create portals for the Inhumans to travel throughout the galaxy. This randomness makes using Lockjaw quite entertaining as it adds an element of surprise to the game.

Lockjaw in Marvel Snap

Lockjaw can be obtained from series three, accessible from collection level 486 or above. Additionally, players can acquire Lockjaw from the Marvel Snap Token Shop for 1,000 Collector’s Tokens if it’s not already in their collection.

Developing a General Strategy for Lockjaw

To make the most of Lockjaw’s effect, it is advisable to use him in a deck that includes a significant number of high-cost cards. This strategy ensures that powerful units can be brought onto the board early in the game. It is essential to supplement Lockjaw’s play with low-cost cards that can be utilized in subsequent turns. This unpredictability adds excitement to the game.

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However, due to Lockjaw’s limitations, players must also focus on winning conditions for at least one other location on the board. This can be achieved by playing strategically before Lockjaw’s arrival or after utilizing his effect as much as possible.

Powerful Combos with Lockjaw

Lockjaw can synergize particularly well with certain cards, such as:

  • Thanos: The Infinity Stones are low-cost cards with On Reveal effects. Playing one of these cards in Lockjaw’s location not only activates its powerful effect but also brings another card onto the board.

  • Sunspot: This low-cost card is an excellent option to play in Lockjaw’s lane. If Lockjaw doesn’t summon a powerful card, Sunspot has the potential to accumulate more power, making it a valuable addition to the deck.

  • Thor and Jane Foster: Together, these cards unleash formidable power. Jane Foster consistently pulls Mjolnir from the deck, providing Thor with significant power boosts. This combination strengthens the lane and enhances overall gameplay.

  • Jubilee: Playing Jubilee into Lockjaw’s lane increases the chances of pulling big cards from the deck and facilitates their deployment at multiple locations.

  • America Chavez: This card guarantees drawing America Chavez on the final turn, increasing the likelihood of drawing the right cards. America Chavez will always be available in the deck to be summoned by Lockjaw’s effect. Other powerful cards such as Magneto, The Infinaut, and Doctor Doom can also be effective in Lockjaw’s deck.

Top Lockjaw Decks in Marvel Snap (September 2023)

Lockjaw Lottery

Lockjaw Lottery Deck

The objective of this deck is to quickly play Lockjaw and utilize low-cost cards to attempt to summon powerful cards like Infinaut, Hulk, and Magneto. Additionally, playing Jubilee in Lockjaw’s lane provides a second chance at pulling a high-value card, while Sunspot can be used early in the game to generate power.

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Draculockjaw Deck

This unique deck variation incorporates Dracula into the classic Lockjaw build. Dracula adds a definitive chance of adding significant power to the deck. However, players must keep an eye on their hand after playing Dracula, as one random card from their hand will grant Dracula its power at the end of the game.

Thanos Lockjaw

Thanos Lockjaw Deck

While this deck was more successful in the past, recent nerfs to both Lockjaw and Leech have impacted its viability. The former strategy involved pulling Leech early in the game to hinder opponents’ abilities. However, since abilities are not affected until turn six, countering this strategy has become easier. Despite this, the goal remains to play Lockjaw as soon as possible and utilize the Infinity Stones to boost Thanos.

Countering Lockjaw in Marvel Snap

To counter Lockjaw’s abilities, players can employ strategies such as using cards like Debrii, Green Goblin, and Hobgoblin, which take up spaces on the opponent’s board. Another effective counter is playing Cosmo in the same location as Lockjaw, preventing any On Reveal effects from occurring. By combining Cosmo with Shang-Chi, opponents can neutralize Lockjaw’s powerful cards, preferably in the final turn of the game.

In conclusion, Lockjaw is a compelling inclusion in Marvel Snap decks, offering a thrilling and unpredictable gameplay experience. By utilizing Lockjaw’s unique ability and strategically selecting cards to synergize with him, players can create powerful decks capable of dominating the game.

Remember to always approach the game with the principles of E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) and YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) in mind to establish trust and credibility in the Marvel Snap community.

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