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Osteo Striga Exotic SMG: Unlocking the Ultimate Weapon

How to Obtain the Osteo Striga in the Latest Season

The Osteo Striga, once exclusive to Deluxe Edition owners of The Witch Queen expansion, is now available to all players who complete the campaign. No longer requiring the Deluxe edition, the Osteo Striga can be obtained by finishing The Witch Queen campaign. Once completed, you can visit the Enclave to craft this powerful weapon. Keep in mind that when crafting it for the first time, you’ll have access to a limited selection of perks. However, even at level 1, the Osteo Striga is a fantastic choice.

Osteo Striga Crafting Requirements

To purchase a level 1 Osteo Striga at the Enclave, you’ll need the following materials:

  • 7 Resonant Alloy
  • 15,000 Glimmer
  • 2,375 Resonant Elements
  • 1 Ascendant Alloy

Unleashing the Power of the Osteo Striga

The Osteo Striga is not only one of the best weapons in Destiny 2 but also one of the easiest-to-use options for both PvE and PvP. Its poison-spreading effect makes it highly effective against low-health enemies, enabling you to clear entire hordes with ease. Moreover, unlocking its catalyst grants the Osteo Striga virtually infinite ammo, making it even more powerful.

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Pros and Cons of the Osteo Striga

✅ Where it shines:
The Osteo Striga excels when facing numerous red-bar enemies. The poison spread from each shot deals considerable damage, allowing you to swiftly eliminate multiple enemies at once.

⛔️ Where it falls short:
Against harder-to-kill red bar enemies found in Master or Grandmaster content, the Osteo Striga, similar to Trinity Ghoul, loses a significant portion of its killing potential.

Osteo Striga God Rolls for PvE and PvP

Once you’ve acquired the Osteo Striga, you can enhance its performance by unlocking different Barrel, Magazine, and Stock perks. Among the various combinations available, here are our recommended god rolls for PvE and PvP:

PvE God Roll:

  • Barrel: Fluted Barrel – An ultra-light barrel that greatly increases handling speed and slightly improves stability.

  • Magazine: Flared Magwell – Optimized for fast reloading, this perk slightly enhances stability and significantly boosts reload speed.

  • Stock: Short-Action Stock – This stock provides exceptional grip, greatly increasing handling speed.

  • Recommended by Ekuegan

PvP God Roll:

  • Barrel: Polygonal Rifling – This barrel is designed to reduce recoil, increasing stability.
  • Magazine: Accurized Rounds – Enables the weapon to fire at longer distances, enhancing range.
  • Stock: Hand-Laid Stock – Optimized for recoil control, this stock significantly improves stability.

Discovering the Best Osteo Striga Perks

Unlike many Legendary weapons that have one or two standout perks, the Osteo Striga offers a fair selection of strong perks. Based on data from and considering over 100,000 copies of the weapon, these are the most popular perks:

  • Barrel: Polygonal Rifling – 28% usage
  • Magazine: Flared Magwell – 30.5% usage
  • Stock: Hand-Laid Stock – 47.8% usage
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Unleash the Full Potential: Best Osteo Striga Build

While a dedicated build is not necessary for the Osteo Striga to be effective, pairing it with the Necrotic Grip Exotic gauntlets can take it to the next level. The Necrotic Grip grants poison damage over time to combatants, and defeating a poisoned enemy spreads the condition to nearby targets. This synergy allows you to clear entire rooms of enemies effortlessly.

To unleash the full potential of the Osteo Striga, we recommend using the following Warlock exotic:

  • Name: Necrotic Grip
  • Type: Gauntlets
  • Class: Warlock
  • Expansion: Beyond Light
  • Source: Lost Sectors
  • Released: Season 12

Exotic Perk: “Damaging combatants envenoms them with poison that deals increasing damage over time. Defeating a poisoned combatant spreads the condition to nearby targets.”

Obtaining the Osteo Striga Catalyst

The Osteo Striga’s catalyst can be purchased at the Enclave Relic on the Throne World after reaching Weapon Level 10. Once purchased, the catalyst will be unlocked immediately.

Conclusion: Unleash the Power of the Osteo Striga

If you haven’t already, we highly recommend completing The Witch Queen campaign and obtaining the Osteo Striga. This weapon, especially when paired with its catalyst, is a game-changer, and its strength in PvE will undoubtedly surprise you. Craft your own Osteo Striga, level it up quickly, and witness its astounding power in action.

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