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The Best Decks for Marvel Snap Pool 1

During the early stages of Marvel Snap, known as Pool 1, it’s important to get accustomed to the game mechanics and explore the different locations it offers. In this article, we will discuss the best decks to master during this phase of your Marvel Snap journey. These decks are simple, fun to play, and relatively easy to learn, making them perfect for climbing up the ranks. So, let’s dive into the top decks for Pool 1!

5. Discard Aggro

Discard Aggro

As the name suggests, the Discard Aggro deck focuses on using cards with discard effects to quickly amass power on the board. The cards in this deck have more power than other cards at their cost, allowing you to play them quickly and outpace your opponents. The combination of a Kazoo deck, featuring a lot of 1-cost cards, with the discard archetype creates a powerful and fast-paced strategy. Notably, the combo of Lady Sif and Apocalypse ensures a guaranteed hit if he’s in your hand.

What makes this deck powerful:

  • Kazar buffs all of your 1-cost cards, providing an advantage in the early game. Squirrel Girl is particularly useful, as she places a 1-cost card on each location.
  • Angela’s location allows you to play multiple cards, gaining significant power with her effect.
  • The discard cards, especially Sword Master and Blade, have more power than average cards of the same cost, making them valuable for quickly filling the board.
  • America Chavez guarantees a solid turn 6 play, regardless of the cards in your hand.

Card List:

  • Ant-Man: Use him on a location you plan to fill up for +3 power.
  • Squirrel Girl: After playing her, you gain 3 additional targets for Kazar to buff.
  • Iron Fist: Helps reach locations like Sanctum Sanctorum, which are harder to score points on.
  • Nightcrawler: Provides flexibility with his ability to be moved.
  • Blade: Discards a card from your hand but offers 3 power on turn 1.
  • Angela: Can quickly become a 2/6 card with proper placement and card plays.
  • Wolverine: Can be discarded but is useful in locations that destroy cards.
  • Lady Sif: Buffs Apocalypse and reliably discards him from your hand.
  • Sword Master: Provides 6 power on board for only 3 mana, accelerating power gain.
  • Kazar: Buffs all of your 1-cost cards, accumulating power with multiple plays.
  • Apocalypse: A strong finisher, especially if you’ve discarded him multiple times.
  • America Chavez: Ensures a solid turn 6 play, drawing her grants 9 power.
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4. Ongoing


The Ongoing deck revolves around the character Spectrum, utilizing cards with ongoing effects. Spectrum enhances these cards, making them even more potent. The goal is to play cards with ongoing effects to establish board control and overpower your opponents. The deck includes valuable cards like Ant-Man, Mister Fantastic, and Namor.

What makes this deck powerful:

  • Many cards feature ongoing effects, which can significantly impact the game when used strategically.
  • Namor can dominate an entire location, forcing opponents to play more cards to overcome him.
  • Iron Man doubles the power of a location, providing a strong advantage in contested areas.
  • Spectrum acts as a game finisher, bolstering all your cards with ongoing effects.

Card List:

  • Ant-Man: Use him on a location you plan to fill up for +3 power.
  • Nightcrawler: Can be moved, allowing for flexible placement.
  • Armor: Protects cards from destruction effects and receives a buff from Spectrum.
  • Colossus: Immune to destruction and power-lowering effects, ideal for specific locations.
  • Lizard: Lowers his power if opponents fill up the location, making him strategic and buff-able with Spectrum.
  • Mister Fantastic: Adds +2 power to all locations, providing valuable control.
  • Captain America: Grants +1 power to all cards on his location, making a significant impact.
  • Cosmo: Counters opponents’ cards with On Reveal effects, disrupting their strategies.
  • Namor: Contest locations alone, forcing opponents to invest more energy.
  • Iron Man: Doubles the power of a location, giving a strong advantage in battles.
  • Klaw: Splits power across 2 lanes, bolstering the location to his right.
  • Spectrum: A game finisher, enhancing all cards with ongoing effects.

3. Devil Dinosaur

Devil Dinosaur

The Devil Dinosaur deck focuses on utilizing Devil Dinosaur to secure one location while using other cards to secure the remaining location. With this deck, you can play Devil Dinosaur and ensure you have a full hand of cards. Moongirl acts as a key card, multiplying the value of your hand and making Devil Dinosaur immensely powerful.

What makes this deck powerful:

  • Moongirl allows you to play important cards multiple times, maximizing their value.
  • Spectrum acts as a powerful finisher, enhancing all cards with ongoing effects.
  • Ant-Man and Angela gain strength when more cards are played on their location.
  • Professor X helps secure a location, preventing opponents from contesting it.
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Card List:

  • Ant-Man: Provides 4 power for only 1 energy, a staple in Pool 1 decks.
  • Nightcrawler: Offers versatility with the ability to be moved.
  • Angela: Becomes more powerful as cards are played on her location, reaching up to 6 power.
  • Sentinel: Enhances curve plays and buffs Devil Dinosaur in hand by providing an extra card.
  • Lizard: Pressures opponents without committing too many cards.
  • Mister Fantastic: Adds +2 power to all locations, valuable for controlling the board.
  • Cosmo: Counters opponents’ cards with On Reveal effects.
  • Moongirl: Doubles your hand size, synergizing perfectly with Devil Dinosaur.
  • White Queen: Provides information and adds a card to your hand.
  • Devil Dinosaur: Becomes a force to be reckoned with when you have a full hand.
  • Professor X: Helps secure a location, especially when planned in advance.
  • Spectrum: Acts as a game finisher, enhancing all cards with ongoing effects.

2. Kazoo


The Kazoo deck is all about using small, 1-energy cards and making them strong. The goal is to overwhelm the board with cheap cards and then play key cards late in the game to buff the entire deck. Kazoo and Blue Marvel play crucial roles in this strategy, enhancing the power of all your small cards. The inclusion of Onslaught adds extra value if played on the location with Kazoo and Blue Marvel.

What makes this deck powerful:

  • Kazar and Blue Marvel buff all your 1-cost cards, accumulating power with each play.
  • Onslaught provides additional value when played on the same location as Kazoo and Blue Marvel.
  • Ant-Man and Captain America synergize well, gaining power when the entire location is filled.
  • Angela becomes incredibly powerful with her cost of only 2 energy.

Card List:

  • Ant-Man: Provides exceptional value with 4 power for only 1 energy.
  • Elektra: Removes opponent’s 1-cost cards, useful against Kazoo decks.
  • Squirrel Girl: Gives 3 additional targets for Kazar’s buff effect.
  • Nightcrawler: Offers flexibility with the ability to be moved.
  • Rocket Raccoon: Adds value by guessing the opponent’s card plays.
  • Angela: Can reach up to 6 power with a deck full of cheap cards.
  • Lizard: A decent card for adding pressure without committing too many cards.
  • Mister Fantastic: Adds +2 power to all locations, versatile for various situations.
  • Captain America: Buffs all cards on his location by 1 power, valuable in Kazoo decks.
  • Kazar: The key card of this deck, buffing all your 1-cost cards for overwhelming power.
  • Blue Marvel: Enhances all cards, combining with Kazar for a powerful effect.
  • Onslaught: A great finisher, doubling the effects of Kazoo and Blue Marvel.
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1. On Reveal

On Reveal

The On Reveal deck is considered the best deck for Pool 1. It employs a strategic approach, utilizing cards with On Reveal effects to maximize their value by combining them. One of the key combos is playing White Tiger followed by Odin on her location, generating powerful Tiger Spirits and strengthening the location with Odin’s 8 power. Alternatively, Moongirl and Devil Dinosaur create an alternate win condition with a hand full of cards.

What makes this deck powerful:

  • Wolfsbane and Ironheart help control the game’s tempo and provide significant value, especially when combined with Odin.
  • Devil Dinosaur dominates a location, while Moongirl doubles your hand for increased power.
  • White Tiger and Wolfsbane, coupled with Odin, create a devastating combination.
  • Enchantress counters popular strategies like Kazoo and Devil Dinosaur decks.

Card List:

  • Elektra: Removes an opponent’s 1-cost card upon playing.
  • Nightcrawler: Adds versatility with the ability to be moved.
  • Mister Sinister: Enhances value and synergizes well with Ironheart and Wolfsbane.
  • Sentinel: Improves curve plays and buffs Devil Dinosaur.
  • Ironheart: Provides up to +6 power on play, using her effect strategically can maximize her value.
  • Wolfsbane: Essential for combining with Odin, securing power on contested locations.
  • Enchantress: Counters Kazoo and Devil Dinosaur decks, disrupting opponents’ strategies.
  • Jessica Jones: Offers 8 power for only 4 energy, great for mid-range locations.
  • Moongirl: Doubles your hand, enabling alternate win conditions with Devil Dinosaur.
  • White Tiger: Creates valuable Tiger Spirits, particularly effective without Kamar-Taj.
  • Devil Dinosaur: Dominates a location with near-full hand power.
  • Odin: Repeats all On Reveal effects on the location played, ideal for multiplying Ironheart and White Tiger’s effects.

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