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5 Exceptional Stasis Hunter Exotics in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 provides an immersive MMORPG experience, offering a range of gameplay mechanics and three unique classes: Warlock, Titan, and Hunter. Each class brings its own strengths and abilities, requiring players to adapt their playstyle accordingly. For those seeking agility in combat, the Hunter class is the perfect choice.

Within the game, there are different subclasses, one of which is Stasis. To craft a powerful Stasis-oriented character build, you can acquire various loot items, particularly those of Exotic rarity. These Exotic gear items come with unique perks that enhance your gameplay.

Note: The opinions expressed in this article are subjective and solely reflect the writer’s viewpoint.

Renewal Grasps and 4 Other Extraordinary Exotics for Stasis Hunters

1) Renewal Grasps

Renewal Grasps

Renewal Grasps greatly benefit Destiny 2 players using Duskfield grenades. The Depths of Duskfield perk increases the radius of the grenade’s effect. When teammates are within the Duskfield’s influence, they experience damage reduction. Additionally, foes entering the field deal reduced damage to players. These gauntlets provide robust defensive capabilities in PvE activities and are excellent for team-based gameplay. If you prefer playing solo, check out our guide on leaving a fireteam.

2) Mask of Bakris

Mask of Bakris

The Mask of Bakris allows for a combination of evasive and aggressive tactics. This Exotic helmet replaces the Hunter’s Dodge ability with a Shift ability called Light Shift. During this evasion move, a partial cloak is triggered, enhancing your survivability. After the cloak ends, using Arc or Stasis weapons will inflict additional damage for a short duration. If you’re wondering which Arc weapon pairs well with the Mask of Bakris, our god roll guide on the Out of Bounds submachine gun can assist you.

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3) Star-Eater Scales

Star-Eater Scales

Star-Eater Scales amplify the effectiveness of your Supers. The Feast of Light perk allows you to acquire extra energy from Orbs of Power. When your energy gauge is full, picking up these orbs can overcharge your Super, granting additional healing and damage. If you achieve maximum overcharge, you also receive an overshield. These Exotic boots perfectly complement the Hunter’s Silence and Squall Super, enabling freezing and increased damage through the Stasis Storm. Learn more about acquiring Star-Eater Scales in our comprehensive guide.

4) The Dragon’s Shadow

The Dragon's Shadow

The Dragon’s Shadow is a highly versatile Exotic gear suitable for various Hunter builds, including Stasis. Its Wraithmetal Mail perk proves beneficial for those relying on dodging as a primary tactic. When you dodge, this perk automatically reloads all your weapons and increases movement speed and weapon handling. This encourages a fast-paced combat style, allowing you to stay mobile during battles. Remember to dodge whenever possible to trigger the perk. While the Hunter class prioritizes mobility, consider playing as a Titan for increased survivability. Explore our list of the top five Exotics for Stasis Titans.

5) The Bombardiers

The Bombardiers

For an alternative to The Dragon’s Shadow, consider The Bombardiers. This Exotic leg armor features the Parting Gift perk, which releases an explosive whenever you dodge. What makes this gear effective for all subclasses is its diverse effects. If using the Stasis subclass, the explosive inflicts a slow effect on enemies. The Bombardiers synergize well with Winter Shroud’s Aspect, which slows surrounding foes upon dodging. If you’re interested in exploring a different subclass, check out our article on the five best Exotics for Void Hunters.

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Destiny 2 offers a plethora of PvE activities for players to test their builds. Currently, you can engage in the Season of the Deep and complete various weekly challenges.

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