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Tree of Whispers Guide in Diablo 4 (Season 1)

What is the Tree of Whispers?

In Diablo 4, a new system called the Tree of Whispers is introduced, similar to the Bounty System in Diablo 3. Once unlocked, players can embark on a journey through the vast world of Sanctuary, engaging in various activities based on the presence of Whispers on the map.

Referred to as “Whispers”, these objectives include dungeons, open world events, encounters with world bosses, explorations of cellars, and even thrilling PvP activities. Currently, there are several types of Whispers, such as Assassination, Dungeon, Harvest Anima, Local Events, PvP, World Events, and Culling. Completing these Whispers grants experience, gold, and Grim Favors, which will lead to greater rewards.

One of the objectives requires players to locate a specific “body” to trigger the appearance of a targeted enemy. By clicking on the corresponding icon on the map, players can find the area where the body can potentially spawn.

Unlocking the Tree of Whispers

In the final act of the campaign, players will unlock the Tree of Whispers. This giant tree, adorned with severed heads, can be found in the swamp region of Hawezar, Sanctuary. The event is only available after completing the entire campaign and serves as part of Diablo 4’s endgame content.

Once unlocked, players will have easy access to the Tree of Whispers through a dedicated Waypoint. It becomes a core part of the endgame journey.

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At the Tree, players can complete Whispers of the Dead, which offer rewards when enough Whispers have been completed around the world.

Completing Whispers of the Dead

Successfully completing a Whisper objective rewards players with valuable Grim Favors. The number of Grim Favors received depends on the difficulty and time invested in the objective. More challenging or time-consuming tasks yield a greater amount of Grim Favors. These objectives are displayed in different colors on the world map, with more rewarding ones shown in deep red.

It’s important to note that activities associated with Grim Favors are limited daily. Players who complete all the deep red objectives in a day will exhaust their availability until the next cycle.

To keep players informed of their progress and the current state of Grim Favors, a gauge is included at the bottom of the world map. The gauge visually represents the collection of Grim Favors.

As players accumulate Grim Favors, the gauge gradually fills up. Once it reaches maximum capacity, which occurs after collecting 10 Grim Favors, players must return to the Tree of Whispers. The Tree’s location is indicated by a skull with red branches icon on the map’s northeastern part.


After earning a total of 10 Grim Favors, players can collect a reward at the Tree. This reward includes valuable elements like XP for character progression and a choice of one out of three caches.

The Tree can reward players with caches that contain 1-Handed Weapons, 2-Handed Weapons, Amulets, Boots, Chaos, Chest Armors, Gloves, Helms, Leg Armors, or Rings. Although each cache is themed, it may not exclusively contain items related to its name. However, the chances of obtaining legendary items and Nightmare Sigils are higher in these caches. Nightmare Sigils are particularly sought-after items, and the Tree of Whispers seems to be a great source for acquiring them. Refer to our related Nightmare Dungeon Guide for more information on Sigils.

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In addition to sought-after items, the cache may include crafting materials such as herbs, ore, and other valuable resources.

It seems possible to complete the Whispers of the Dead bounty multiple times per day, as there are more Whispers activities on the map than required for a set of 10 Grim Favors. However, it’s important to remember that there will be a limit to the number of Whispers available per day.


Whispers of the Dead are intentionally designed to be relatively easy but enjoyable. They offer a flexible gameplay experience, allowing players to choose objectives based on their preferences. The different types of objectives cater to various playstyles, making the event personalized and enjoyable.

Challenges and Achievements

Apart from valuable rewards and experience, players can also accomplish various achievements at the Tree of Whispers. These achievements unlock titles, adding an extra layer of accomplishment to the gameplay experience.

Here are some examples of titles that may be rewarded for handing in grim favors:


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