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Best Ultron Decks for Marvel Snap (August 2023)

The selection of cards in Marvel Snap expands as you advance through the game and win matches. You have the opportunity to unlock various cards featuring some of the most iconic characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One card that stands out among the rest is Ultron, known for its game-changing effect when used strategically.

In Marvel Snap, Ultron is represented as a six-cost, eight-power card with the ability: “On Reveal: Create four 1-Power Drones at each other location.” While this ability may not instantly flip the game on its head, utilizing it correctly, with the right setup and timing, can be a game-changer. Especially if you construct a deck that revolves around this mechanic, allowing you to flood the field with multiple powerful units.

Now, let’s take a look at the best Ultron decks in Marvel Snap.

Best Ultron Decks in Marvel Snap

Ultron/Ka-Zar Boosted Swarm

A full card view of each card in the deck detailing the total average cost of 2.7 and power of 2.6
Image via Marvel Snap Zone

A great choice is to pair Ultron with the Ka-Zar engine. Ka-Zar is a four-cost, four-power card with an ongoing effect that boosts all one-cost units on your locations by +1 Power. This can be crucial, especially if your primary strategy revolves around filling the field with tokens to gradually disrupt your opponent’s plans.

This deck includes valuable one-cost cards such as Ant-Man, which gains three power points when placed in a location with three other cards, Elektra, capable of destroying a one-cost card on your opponent’s side of a location, Iceman, who increases the cost of a random card in your opponent’s hand by one, Korg, who shuffles a Rock card into your opponent’s deck, and Sunspot, who gains power equal to your unused Energy each turn.

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To round out the deck, consider adding other disruptive cards like Cosmo, who shuts down On Reveal effects on the location it’s played, and Shang-Chi, who destroys an enemy card with nine or more power. You can also include units that boost your teams, such as Okoye, providing +1 power to all the cards in your deck, or Blue Marvel, granting +1 power to all your cards on the field. Additionally, Bishop gains +1 power every time you play a card.

The key to successfully using this deck lies in knowing when to play your one-cost units and how to properly leverage the boost provided by your higher-cost cards.

Ultron/Patriot Vanilla Spike

A full card view of each card in the deck detailing the total average cost of 3.7 and power of 4.1
Image via Marvel Snap Zone

Patriot’s ongoing effect states: “Your cards with no abilities have +2 Power.” This significant boost greatly benefits your vanilla units, and leveraging it through Ultron’s Drones can prove helpful.

In this deck, consider incorporating vanilla units like The Thing, a four-cost, six-power card, and Abomination, a five-cost, nine-power unit. You can also include cards that summon vanilla units alongside Ultron, such as Squirrel Girl, who adds a one-cost Squirrel to each of your locations, and Mister Sinister, who summons a vanilla clone on the location where it’s played. Additionally, Brood adds two Broodlings to the precise location where it is placed, and Doctor Doom adds a 4-power Doombot to each other location.

Other cards that provide synergy in the deck include Mysterio, who plays illusions on different locations and can transform into an illusion itself, and Mystique, who copies the ability of another card if it has an ongoing ability. You can use Mystique to replicate Patriot’s boost, further increasing the power of your units. Finally, Onslaught doubles all the ongoing abilities of the cards at the location where it’s played.

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The key to effectively using this deck lies in finding the right balance between summoning vanilla units and utilizing key cards with effects that set up the massive boost provided by Patriot, Mystique, and Onslaught.

Ultron Deck Staple Cards

Here are some staple cards you should include in an Ultron deck, along with their effects:

  • Sunspot: At the end of each turn, gain +1 Power for each unspent Energy.
  • Squirrel Girl: On Reveal, add a 1-Power Squirrel to each other location.
  • Iceman: On Reveal, increase the cost of a random card in your opponent’s hand by +1 (maximum 6).
  • Okoye: On Reveal, give every card in your deck +1 Power.

How to Counter the Ultron Deck

Since Ultron’s ability is an On Reveal effect, Cosmo can completely neutralize it. Cosmo’s ability reads: “Ongoing: On Reveal abilities won’t occur at this location.”

Furthermore, Ultron is a six-cost card, meaning you can typically only play it on turn six. Cards that can lock locations will hinder your game plan. For instance, Professor X can prevent you from playing, moving, or removing cards from the location where it’s played. Lockdown decks can also disrupt swarm strategies, making it challenging for Ultron deck users to fill locations with cards that summon units.

By understanding these countermeasures, you can effectively navigate and counter the Ultron deck.

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