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Omega Strikers X Build: Optimal Equipment, Abilities, and Tactics

In this guide, we will delve into an exclusive character – X – in the Omega Strikers X build. X is a force to be reckoned with, capable of knocking out any opponent on the enemy team. His abilities are nothing short of extraordinary.

If you’re seeking a formidable character who can overpower anyone in his vicinity, then X is the perfect hero for you. He is an exceptional addition to any team that craves a robust brawler.

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Optimal Equipment for X in Omega Strikers

Before each match, you must carefully select your gear. Fortunately, there are two excellent options for X:

  1. Vicious Vambrace – This item replenishes your Stagger when inflicting damage.
  2. Pummelers – Your strikes exert greater force on enemies, propelling them further away. Additionally, when your team faces numerical disadvantage, Pummelers grant you a Speed buff. These gauntlets encourage aggressive playstyle, enabling you to relentlessly pursue opposing Strikers.

When deciding between these two gear options, rely on your personal preference and playstyle as a brawler.

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Optimal Abilities for X in Omega Strikers

Selecting the most suitable awakenings can be a complex task due to the abundance of options available. However, X synergizes exceptionally well with certain passive abilities. Consider the following list of premier awakenings for X:

  1. Specialized Training – Enhances the damage dealt by your Special Skill.
  2. Cast to Last – Extends the duration of your Special.
  3. Extra Special – Provides a cooldown reduction bonus for your Special Ability.
  4. Chronoboost – Lengthens the duration of your buffs and debuffs. Moreover, this Awakening increases the distance covered by your dashes and enhances the effectiveness of various Speed-related abilities.
  5. Tempo Swing – Restores your health based on the damage inflicted upon opposing Strikers, and simultaneously deals additional damage to them equal to the healing amount.
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Prioritize these options when selecting awakenings for X.

Optimal Strategy for X in Omega Strikers

X is an imposing bruiser equipped with skills solely designed to inflict damage upon opponents. By cleverly combining your Primary and Secondary skills, you can forcefully repel any adversary. X’s Primary skill possesses tremendous power and can strike anyone near the edge of its radius.

Utilize your Primary attack to pummel your foes before utilizing your Secondary skill to forcefully eject them from the arena. Additionally, X possesses a remarkable Special ability that transforms him into an unstoppable force. Activating this skill increases his size, amplifying the impact of his strikes upon enemies.

X truly excels in face-to-face confrontations, and we strongly recommend mastering his playstyle. Unleashing devastating blows and expelling foes from the arena using just a couple of buttons is an immensely satisfying experience.

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