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Rescuing the Grand Duke: A Guide to Baldur’s Gate 3

Quests in Baldur’s Gate 3 can be simple or complex, spanning multiple arcs. One of the most intricate quests is the rescue mission to save the Grand Duke from the Iron Throne. In this guide, we will outline the steps you need to take to successfully complete this quest and uncover its secrets.

The Beginning: Act One

The quest to rescue Grand Duke Ravengard starts in the wilderness of act one. After resolving the issues between the Druids and the Goblins, you will find yourself at Waukeen’s Rest, where you encounter warriors of the Flaming Fist. It is here that the quest truly begins.

The Flaming Fist warriors will ask for your help in breaking into the burning building to save their Grand Duke. Search the area for survivors, including Benryn and Counsellor Florick. It is advisable to use turn-based mode during this section to carefully plan your route and ensure the safety of the survivors.

Once you have rescued them, Counsellor Florick reveals that the Grand Duke is no longer at Waukeen’s Rest. You learn that he has been taken to the Moonrise Towers in the Shadow-cursed Lands. This is where the quest takes a decisive turn, and your choices will shape the events that follow.

Journey to the Shadow-cursed Lands: Act Two

After choosing either the Mountain Pass or the Underdark as your path to the Shadow-cursed Lands, your journey continues into act two. Navigating this treacherous area is challenging due to the Shadow curse that permeates the surroundings. Remember to keep a light source active at all times.

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Defeating Kar’niss and his gang in the Shadow-cursed Lands will make your journey easier, thanks to his Moonlantern. As you venture further, you will eventually come across the Last Light Inn, a safe haven from the Shadow curse. Take the time to rest and prepare for your assault on the Moonrise Towers.

Once you have made the necessary preparations and explored the rest of the Shadow-cursed Lands, it’s time to infiltrate the Moonrise Towers disguised as a follower of the Absolute. This ruse will grant you an audience with Ketheric Thorm, who reveals that the Grand Duke is being taken to Baldur’s Gate. Time is of the essence.

After completing the Nightsong quest and returning to assault the Moonrise Towers with your allies, you will face off against Ketheric Thorm in battle. His defeat leads to the revelation that Gortash and Orin have captured the Grand Duke. The quest marches on into act three.

The Final Part: Act Three

Upon reaching Baldur’s Gate in act three, the questline takes its final form. Progress through the story until you meet Gortash for a crucial discussion. Gortash invites you to his coronation ceremony, where Grand Duke Ravengard himself anoints him. However, the Grand Duke appears confused and does not realize he is a captive.

At this point, there is no direct way to free him. Return to camp to converse with your allies. Wyll, the Grand Duke’s son, desperately seeks a way to save his father while trying to break his pact with the demon Mizora. Tough choices await.

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Wyll can choose to serve Mizora forever to save his father, or break the pact, resulting in the eventual death of the Grand Duke. Although Mizora suggests that death looms, there is still time to reach him. This marks the beginning of the final part of the quest: saving the Grand Duke from the Iron Throne.

Ultimate Rescue: Saving the Grand Duke

To save the Grand Duke, head to the southwestern section of the Lower City area in Baldur’s Gate. There, you will meet Redhammer the Deviser, who will transport you to the Iron Throne underwater prison in his submersible. The challenge lies in freeing the Grand Duke within six turns.

The Grand Duke is located in the eastern wing of the prison. Utilize your fastest mobility spells to reach him swiftly. You will encounter periodic enemy attacks, so be prepared to defend your party. If you chose to accept Mizora’s help, she will buff the Grand Duke with Freedom of Movement and Haste, facilitating a quick escape. Alternatively, party members like Shadowheart or a Cleric can provide the same effects.

Once you successfully escape the prison, the Grand Duke will be back at your camp and join as an ally in your final battle. Every ounce of help counts, making it vital to rescue him.

In conclusion, the quest to rescue the Grand Duke from the Iron Throne in Baldur’s Gate 3 is an intricate and challenging endeavor. By following this guide and making the right choices, you can ultimately save the Grand Duke and gain a valuable ally in your final battle. Good luck on your journey!

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