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A Blade Fit For A Champion (Horde Valiant)


In the ongoing battle between the Horde and the Alliance, every advantage counts. The Alliance champions are said to be seeking ancient blades to empower their warriors. As members of the Horde, we cannot allow them to gain such an advantage. We must find and secure these blades for our own use.

The Legend of Ashwood Lake

Legends tell of a cursed maiden who guards a powerful blade at Ashwood Lake. It is said that she has been transformed into a frog to protect the blade from falling into the wrong hands. The curse can only be broken by a kiss, freely given. However, beware, for failing to apply a protective balm before the kiss may result in unwanted warts.

The Quest Begins

Your task is to retrieve the Ashwood Brand from the lake and bring it to the Grand Champion at the Argent Tournament Grounds. The fate of our faction rests upon your success.

Rewards and Recognition

Upon completing this quest, you will be rewarded with 2x Valiant’s Seals and 13 gold. This powerful blade will give us the edge we need to overcome any challenges the Alliance may throw at us.

Journey to Ashwood Lake

To find Ashwood Lake, head east of Ashwood Post, which is located southeast of Grizzlemaw and southwest of Camp Oneqwah in south-central Grizzly Hills. The lake is home to friendly Lake Frogs, among which the Maiden of Ashwood Lake hides. Apply a protective balm before kissing the right frog, as doing so will break the curse and reveal the Maiden.

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Useful Tips and Macro

To make your quest easier, consider using the following macro:

/use Warts-B-Gone Lip Balm
/target Lake Frog

This macro will help you locate the nearest Lake Frog and initiate the kiss. If the frog disappears, simply add “/cleartarget” to the end of the macro and move closer to another frog.

Trustworthiness and Quest Progression

Rest assured that this quest is a part of the Argent Tournament, a reputable event in which champions from various factions prove their worth. Upon completing “The Valiant’s Challenge,” you will unlock additional valiant stage daily quests for factions you have not yet championed.


The Ashwood Brand is a blade fit for a true Horde champion. By recovering it, you have ensured that our warriors will have a formidable weapon to face the Alliance’s best. Continue your journey, brave champion, for the future of the Horde depends on your dedication and success.

Ashwood Lake
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