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Back 4 Blood Deck Builds 2023 – Master the Bow & Arrow Build

Back 4 Blood Deck Builds require a well-prepared team ready to clean up the streets and eliminate The Ridden. This highly anticipated successor to Valve’s Left 4 Dead shares many similarities with the zombie-slaying co-op title. Equipped with an array of firearms and melee weapons, you’ll face off against hordes of the undead in five thrilling acts per mission.

One of the playable characters is Hoffman, a former doomsday prepper who has transformed into a badass survivor. Despite his unconventional appearance, with taped-up spectacles, he is not Jack Black cosplaying as Dwight from The Office. In this guide, we’ll show you how to play Hoffman in Back 4 Blood Deck Builds 2023 like a pro.

Hoffman’s Character Traits

Before diving into the game and exploring the different Cleaners, it’s essential to learn more about their unique attributes. Hoffman excels in providing support to others, scavenging vital offensive equipment, and mowing down the Ridden with ease. He is often regarded as one of the strongest Cleaners, catering to both seasoned and newbie players alike. This is evident through his four key characteristics:

  • Always Prepared: After killing a Ridden, you can collect ammo or offensive attachments, such as grenades.
  • Prepared To Shake: An extra slot for offensive devices.
  • Freight Pockets: 15% increase in the team’s ammo capacity.
  • Never without an ammunition pouch: Begin each level with an ammunition pouch.

Hoffman’s inherent inclination towards a strong offensive strategy, coupled with his passive ammunition capacity bonus, makes him a valuable asset to any experienced team. Additionally, his steady supply of extra ammo and supplementary weaponry is ideal for newcomers who want to avoid running out of ammunition beyond the safety of Fort Hope’s walls.

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Back 4 Blood Deck Builds 2023

We have previously highlighted Hoffman’s exceptional potential as both a team player and a formidable force on his own. To maximize his abilities, it’s crucial to select cards that enhance and complement his skill set. Don’t hold back on utilizing Strategy and Guard cards, as this is where Hoffman truly shines.

Back 4 Blood Deck Builds 2023

Similarly, don’t fret about additional ammo cards. Even without Hoffman’s keen eye, you won’t run out of ammunition in Back 4 Blood! Here are five cards that should be in your hand to help you build a solid foundation for your Hoffman:

  • Shooting Gloves for Enhanced Cardio
  • Second Chance: Run and Gun
  • Combat Knife Confident Killer
  • Ridden Slayer High Visibility Sights Durability: Cross Trainers

How To Choose Back 4 Blood Deck Builds 2023

Equip Hoffman with superior cardio and cross trainers to enhance his reflexes, ultimately boosting his stamina, speed, and health by 5%. This is particularly beneficial considering Hoffman’s proficiency in armament preparedness, despite lacking the mobility of other characters.

Confident Killer makes eliminating Mutations more rewarding. For each unique Ridden slain by yourself or your teammates, you gain an additional 1% damage strength. This boost is capped at 15%, but it effectively utilizes your card space.

Finally, make Hoffman more agile by equipping him with Shooting Gloves and Run & Gun. The former provides a 25% speed boost when switching firearms and a 15% improvement in accuracy when aiming down sights. When combined with Run & Gun, Hoffman will transform into a sprinting killing machine in no time.

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