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The Definitive Guide to the Best Bows in Destiny 2: PvP and PvE Tier List

Combat Bows in Destiny 2 have made a remarkable comeback in recent times, thanks to their excellent Exotics, buffs, and their ease of use in endgame PvE content. Whether you’re a fan of bows or looking to try something different, this comprehensive guide covers every bow in Destiny 2, including both Exotics and Legendaries, as well as the best rolls for PvE and PvP.

Destiny 2 Combat Bows Tier List

Let’s start by exploring the tier list for combat bows in Destiny 2. This list includes every Exotic and Legendary bow in the game, ranking them from the highest tier to the lowest tier. It also specifies whether each weapon excels in PvE or PvP:

  • S Tier – Best: These are the highest-ranking weapons in our tier list.
  • A Tier – Strong: Although not on the same level as S Tier choices, these weapons are still very potent.
  • B Tier – Average: These options are decent and can be deadly in the hands of a skilled player.
  • C Tier – Weak: Falling in the middle of the pack, these bows are somewhat mediocre.
  • D Tier – Worst: Lagging behind the competition, these bows don’t offer much.

Top 5 Bows for PvE and PvP

Now, let’s delve into the top 5 bows for PvE and PvP, starting with our number 5 pick:

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5. Under Your Skin

This bow excels in PvE encounters. With the Archer’s Tempo and Successful Warm-Up perks, Under Your Skin allows you to take down enemies with high-damage shots while maintaining incredible draw speed and efficiency. Its Origin Trait, Land Tank, grants damage resistance, making it a valuable addition to any arsenal.

PvE God roll:

  • Perk 1: Archer’s Tempo
  • Perk 2: Successful Warm-Up (also good: Explosive Head)

To acquire Under Your Skin, complete the PsiOps Battlegrounds and focus Umbral engrams.

Under Your Skin Bow Destiny 2 featured

4. Le Monarque

Considered the best PvP bow in Destiny 2, Le Monarque’s Exotic perk inflicts damage over time and can quickly dispatch enemies. Precision hits with poison arrows spread poison to nearby enemies, making it a formidable choice in PvP encounters. It also performs exceptionally well in PvE activities, especially against Barrier Champions.

To acquire Le Monarque, visit the Monument to Lost Lights in the Tower.


3. Wish-Ender

Wish-Ender shines in PvP engagements, allowing you to see enemies behind walls while aiming down sights. Its piercing arrowheads damage targets on entry and exit, and a single shot can over-penetrate multiple targets. Wish-Ender is a versatile choice and an excellent alternative to Arbalest in high-difficulty Nightfall runs.

To acquire Wish-Ender, complete an Exotic quest.

Destiny 2 Wish Ender art

2. Hierarchy of Needs

Hierarchy of Needs excels in PvE encounters, boasting exceptional DPS. Precision hits and final blows build Guidance Ring energy, which, when released, unleashes seeking projectiles that deal increased damage based on the distance traveled. It serves as a reliable backup DPS option when Heavy Ammo runs out.

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To acquire Hierarchy of Needs, venture into the Spire of the Watcher dungeon.

1. Trinity Ghoul

Trinity Ghoul is hailed as the best PvE bow in Destiny 2. With its powerful Exotic perk, firing an arrow that splits and precision kills granting chain-lightning capabilities to the next shot, Trinity Ghoul excels at clearing waves of enemies. It is versatile and performs exceptionally well in various activities.

To acquire Trinity Ghoul, obtain it via Exotic engrams or from Xûr.

Best PvE Bow in Destiny 2

Bows in PvP: Lethality

Bows may not be the go-to choice in PvP, but with the right playstyle, they can still be viable. Le Monarque is the only bow that truly excels in high-stakes PvP. Its poison arrows and precision damage can be incredibly effective when combined with the correct strategy and target prioritization.

Bows in PvE: DPS and Basics

DPS is crucial in PvE, as higher DPS translates to more damage against bosses or major enemies. Bows can deal decent damage, especially considering their effectiveness at nearly infinite ranges. Understanding the key principles of mastering bows is essential:

  • The most crucial stat for bows is their Draw Time, with Reload being impactful for Precision Bows and Accuracy for Lightweight Bows.
  • Faster Draw Time results in better DPS, as it doesn’t affect the Impact stat.
  • Precision bows excel in endgame content, allowing quick elimination of red bars and providing significant damage potential.

How to Get Your First Bow in Destiny 2

Getting your first bow in Destiny 2 is now simpler than ever:

  1. Head over to your Collections tab.
  2. Navigate to Weapons.
  3. Select Combat Bows.
  4. Acquire the Holless-IV, the only available rare (blue icon) bow.
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This will get you started until you find a better bow, such as the top-tier Exotic bows covered in this guide.

Are Bows Meta in Destiny 2?

Bows offer unique gameplay experiences and have their strengths in both PvE and PvP. While they may not dominate the current primary weapon meta, bows can still be effective in various situations. Consider complementing your bow with top-tier Special and Power weapons, such as a shotgun and rocket launcher, for a well-rounded loadout.

As you embark on your journey to acquire the best combat bows in Destiny 2, remember to have fun and experiment with different strategies. Happy hunting, Guardian!

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