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How to Obtain the Caged Heart of Creeping Death in Diablo 4

The Caged Heart of Creeping Death is a highly sought-after Malignant Heart in Diablo 4 that significantly enhances the attack power of classes specializing in Crowd Control. However, obtaining it can be quite challenging. With over 32 Malignant Hearts that could potentially drop from enemies, the Wrathful Malignant Hearts are particularly elusive. The attributes they provide to your class are truly game-changing, taking your builds to new heights in terms of damage. In this guide, we will highlight the best strategies to obtain the Caged Heart of Creeping Death and how you can integrate it into your Diablo 4 build.

Finding the Creeping Death Heart in Diablo 4

The most effective way to acquire the Creeping Death Heart is to encounter a Wrathful Malignant enemy while exploring the Malignant Tunnels of Diablo 4 Season 1 World Tier 4. These enemies have a guaranteed chance of dropping the Caged Heart of Creeping Death. Additionally, there is a possibility of stumbling upon the Caged Heart of Creeping Death at Cormond’s Workbench by crafting the Uncertain Heart Cache. However, this method heavily relies on chance, and the odds are not in your favor. Many players have opened numerous Uncertain Heart Caches without even glimpsing a Wrathful Malignant Heart, let alone the specific one they need.

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Fortunately, there are some useful methods that have proven effective in increasing the odds of obtaining Wrathful Malignant Hearts, aiding in the quest for the Creeping Death Heart in Diablo 4.

Method 1 – Farm Malignant Tunnels in World Tier 4

Explore Malignant Tunnels in World Tier 4 to potentially encounter a Wrathful Malignant enemy, guaranteeing a Wrathful Heart drop. Look for the leaf icon on the dungeons of Sanctuary to locate a Malignant Tunnel. Here is one that we have personally used for farming this Malignant Heart:

Bedeviled Grotto

Method 2 – Summon a Wrathful Malignant Elite from a Wrathful Malignant Outgrowth

Obtain a Wrathful Invoker as a drop from in-game activities or through the Uncertain Invoker at Cormond’s Workbench. Head to the end of Malignant Tunnels and find a Wrathful Malignant Outgrowth to use the Wrathful Invoker on. While this method may seem reliant on chance, you will frequently encounter Invokers and Outgrowths during your adventures.

Method 3 – Craft a Caged Heart of the Barber using an Uncertain Heart Cache

Utilize Cormond’s Workbench in Kyovashad to craft an Uncertain Heart Cache, providing a chance to obtain a random Malignant Heart, including the coveted Caged Heart of Creeping Death. However, only resort to this method if you have an abundance of extra materials, as the chance of obtaining a Wrathful Malignant Heart is extremely low.

Method 4 – Farm the Caves of Velkhova Dungeon

This particular dungeon is only accessible to players who have not yet completed the quest “The Cold Hard Truth.” Running this dungeon multiple times increases the probability of encountering Wrathful Malignant enemies.

We recommend using Method 1 as it allows you to farm XP, materials, and complete Season Journey challenges while also providing a chance to obtain the Caged Heart of Creeping Death.

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Crafting the Caged Heart of Creeping Death

Players have a slight chance of crafting the Caged Heart of Creeping Death through the Uncertain Heart Cache available at Cormond’s Workbench in Kyovashad by utilizing various Ichors. However, it’s important to note that the odds of crafting this specific Wrathful Malignant Heart are extremely low. Many players have expressed frustration with the difficulty of obtaining a Wrathful Heart using this method. It is only recommended for players with limited time and who have already amassed a significant amount of materials.

Uncertain Heart Cache Diablo 4

The Power of the Caged Heart of Creeping Death

The Caged Heart of Creeping Death enhances the potency of your Damage Over Time effects by (32-42%) for each different Crowd Control effect on the target. Unstoppable enemies and Staggered bosses, on the other hand, take (114-134%) increased damage from your Damage Over Time effects.

This Wrathful Malignant Heart grants a significant advantage to any build that incorporates Crowd Control effects. Classes like the Rogue and Necromancer can truly experiment with their builds using the Caged Heart of Creeping Death.

In conclusion, obtaining the Caged Heart of Creeping Death is no easy task in Diablo 4. However, by following the recommended methods and persevering, you can increase your chances of acquiring this powerful Malignant Heart and unlock new levels of damage potential in your builds.

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