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Call of Dragons Beginner’s Guide: Master the Game Like a Pro!

Welcome to our comprehensive beginner’s guide to Call of Dragons, where we’ll show you how to start off strong and become a pro player! If you’re new to the game and unsure of where to begin, we’ve got you covered. Follow our instructions below, focusing on the essential aspects first, and you’ll be able to explore the game’s other features seamlessly.

Picking the Right Server: Setting the Stage for Success

Choosing a new Call of Dragons server is crucial for giving yourself the best chance to grow in power and join top alliances. To find out how old a server is, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on your avatar icon in the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Tap on settings in the bottom right corner.
  3. Select character management and then create a new character.
  4. Look for the creation date of each server in the bottom right corner of its name.

For example, the server #30 – Shaman Canyon is just 1 day and 16 hours old. If your current server is more than one day old, consider switching to a newer one when it becomes available. This way, you won’t fall behind other players who have been playing longer, giving you a better chance to enjoy the game to its fullest.

But don’t worry if you’re already on an older server. You can still learn the game mechanics, practice your skills, explore the map, and make friends. Then, when a new server opens up, you can start fresh and apply the knowledge and experience you gained.

Choosing Your Civilization: The Path to Victory

Setting up your account is the first step in playing Call of Dragons. You’ll need to choose one of three civilizations, each with its own unique starter commanders. Selecting the right civilization is essential for your long-term success, as each commander has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Additionally, each civilization offers special bonuses and units that will shape your playstyle. For example, the League of Order (Human) excels in player vs. player (PvP) combat thanks to their two free Mages from the beginning. Their specialized starter hero and easily obtainable mage form a formidable team, making them strong in early-game battles.

Opinions may vary on the best civilization for beginners, but in our experience, starting as an Elf is a wise choice. Here’s why:

  1. Gwanwyn, the Elf’s starter hero, is excellent for farming Darklings. Leveling up heroes in Call of Dragons can be challenging, but Gwanwyn makes it easier. Use her to level up your gathering heroes, boosting your farming speed. Later on, level up your engineering and PvP heroes to make other activities in the game easier.
  2. The Free Healing ability is invaluable, especially when engaged in frequent enemy attacks.
  3. The Legion March Speed bonus is always a great advantage, particularly if you spend extended periods playing on PC.

Once you’ve obtained the Free Faction Change Ticket, switch to League of Order (Human) for faster farming speed. In the early stages, you won’t have many troops for farming, so League of Order isn’t the optimal faction initially.

Playing Call of Dragons on PC: An Advantage for Gamers

One of the biggest challenges of playing games on mobile devices is lag and battery drain. While phones have improved in these areas, these issues still persist. That’s why many gamers have shifted to playing 3D mobile games like Call of Dragons on their PCs instead of their phones.

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Playing Call of Dragons on PC provides several advantages that can help you get ahead:

  • You can play for extended periods without worrying about your phone overheating or battery dying.
  • Set your legions to farm resources and check back later at your convenience.
  • Play multiple accounts simultaneously.
  • Engage in battles without worrying about lag.

Joining an Alliance: The Power of Unity

Another crucial tip for beginners is to join an alliance as soon as you finish the tutorial. You don’t have to stay in the same alliance forever, but joining one will help you receive faster assistance from other players. This accelerates your progress and gives you time to evaluate which alliances are stronger and more active.

To join an alliance, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on the menu icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  2. Select the shield icon to open the alliance screen.
  3. Look for an alliance with many members that accepts anyone.

Being in an alliance also grants you access to other benefits such as alliance technology, Behemoth encounters, gifts, chat features, darkling fort raids, and many other activities.

Alliance Technology: The Ultimate Weapon

Joining a great alliance is the key to your account’s growth. Active alliance members are always eager to conquer the darkling fortress and engage in various activities like acquiring beasts, passes, and more. By upgrading technologies, researching, farming, and attacking enemies together, you gain numerous bonuses that expedite your progress.

Active alliance members will also provide you with numerous Instant Helps to speed up your upgrades. Daily free chests await you as your alliance members conquer fortresses or purchase in-game packages. Lastly, controlling beasts carries numerous buffs, and occupying them initially grants you a significant number of Gems, which is essential for free-to-play players seeking to increase their Honor Level.

Unlocking the Second Builder: Building Efficiency

In Call of Dragons, having two build queues allows you to construct two structures simultaneously. You receive one build queue for free and another for two days when you start the game. After that, you can choose to keep the second build queue by using gems or real money.

You can acquire an additional two days of the second build queue for 150 gems, or you can choose to keep it permanently for 5000 gems. Another option is to purchase a bundle for $4.99 USD, which includes the permanent second build queue along with other items.

If you don’t wish to spend money on the game, don’t worry. You can earn gems by participating in various in-game activities such as gathering resources, defeating darklings, completing quests, and more. By saving up your gems, you can obtain the second build queue without spending a penny.

Daily Quests: Maximizing Rewards

Don’t overlook your daily, weekly, and seasonal challenges. These tasks provide ample rewards for actions you should be taking anyway.

Completing six daily tasks rewards you with goodies such as an Epic Hero Token, Artifact Key, Sweetdew (used for raising hero trust levels), a 60-minute speedup, and resources. Each challenge you complete also grants rune XP, increasing your rune level in Titans Legacy and unlocking further rewards.

Honorary (VIP) Level: Gems Well Spent

If you want to make the most of your gems, aim for Honorary Membership Level 8. This level is similar to VIP in Rise of Kingdoms.

At level 8, you gain access to the second research queue, enabling you to research two technologies simultaneously. This exponential progression will significantly boost your account’s growth. To reach level 8, you’ll need 35,000 honor points. The investment is worthwhile, as you’ll also receive a legendary hero token of your choice, selecting a hero that isn’t obtainable through gold keys.

Additionally, consider purchasing items from the Membership shop every week using resources. These items include command point recovery tokens, 5-minute speedups, epic and legendary medals, and more – all of which prove highly useful for your account. The shop resets every Monday at 0 UTC, and as your membership level increases, you gain access to a wider array of items.

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Fog Exploration: Unveiling Hidden Treasures

Fog exploration in Call of Dragons is a straightforward progression. Send scouts to explore the map, open chests, and complete mini-quests at villages, camps, and caves. Though the rewards may seem small individually, they accumulate over time, providing significant benefits during the early game, especially in terms of tech, speedups, and farming troops.

Exploring the map for hidden treasures requires minimal effort but can be immensely enjoyable. Keep track of your scouting rewards and progressions in the Scout Camp. Additionally, don’t forget to chat with your heroes within the city – they might reward you with small surprises while also enhancing your relationship with them.

Important Buildings: Building Your Power

Upgrading buildings is a primary source of power and instrumental in propelling your game progression during the early stages. Prioritizing the main tower in Call of Dragons is relatively easy and doesn’t demand excessive effort. To expedite the overall progression, assign one builder to work on the Hall of Order while the second builder focuses on prerequisite buildings. This ensures that everything is ready for upgrade as soon as possible.

In addition, prioritize leveling up your Alliance Center to the highest level achievable. The higher its level, the more help you receive from alliance members, greatly reducing building and research times. If you encounter a speedup manastone, claim it before initiating any upgrades or research. Here are the must-know structure building priorities to keep in mind:

Mall Hall Upgrading Requirements

(Insert image)

Upgrading Tech Research Building and Alliance Center First

To upgrade your hall efficiently, focus on specific buildings. While most players advise upgrading only the buildings required for each hall level, two buildings – the Alliance Center and Research Building (Seer’s Council, College of Order, or School of Sages) – are worth upgrading even if not immediately required.

These two buildings offer substantial benefits as you progress:

  • The Alliance Center enables you to receive more help from your allies, with a maximum of 30 assists achievable at level 25.
  • The Research Building boosts your research speed, increasing it by up to 25% at level 25.

Since you will eventually need to upgrade these buildings for your hall, it’s advantageous to enjoy their benefits from the beginning.

Crafting the Right Policies: Strategizing for Success

Selecting the right policies is another essential tip for beginners. Policies can be found in the noticeboard building – simply tap the chair icon to access them. To use a policy, you’ll need Prestige, which you can acquire by defeating Darklings and exploring the Dragon Trail.

When it comes to policies, prioritize Military Expansion. This policy increases your legion size by 400, 500, or 600 troops. Such a boost proves invaluable when your legion size is only 3,000 or 4,000 troops, granting you more attacking power, defensive capabilities, and skill usage, ultimately increasing your damage output.

While policies offering slight damage increases (0.5% or 1% at first) are available, they become more impactful as your legion sizes grow. For instance, with your legion size surpassing 40,000 troops, the 1% and 0.5% damage policies become more viable. Additionally, consider War Studies 1 and 2 to gain more XP.

Choose Free Healing as your policy, as opposed to Resource Healing, unless you’re a whale. Activating this policy at higher levels increases your healing speed, allowing for faster troop recovery during wars. With speedy healing, you can engage in warfare more frequently, actively supporting your alliance members.

Spend All Your Free Command Points Daily

Command points hold significant value, so avoid wasting them by allowing your command point bar to reach its maximum capacity. If your bar is full, you won’t accrue any additional command points, hindering your ability to attack Darklings on the map and acquire rewards to upgrade your heroes.

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To make the most of your command points, use all of them when you log in, ensuring you maximize their usage before they replenish within approximately 12 hours. Expending your command points before sleep allows them to regenerate while you rest.

Dragon Trail: Conquer the Challenges

Dragon Trail introduces captivating campaign-style gameplay scenarios that require you to defeat enemies in diverse settings. The tactical aspects in this mode are plentiful, and the rewards are more than generous.

The more campaign battles you conquer, the more points per hour you earn. Therefore, always strive to climb as high as possible and use your earned points to purchase items from the store.

Speedups: A Precious Resource

If possible, collect speedup runes from the map before initiating any upgrades. It’s also beneficial to receive help from your alliance members before utilizing speedups, as it saves your resources. During the early game, don’t hesitate to spend speedups immediately to rapidly boost your power, making farming and raiding easier.

As your Hall reaches level 15 or higher, strategically spend speedups during Call of Dragons Events that require their usage to obtain additional rewards.

Open All Dark Keys: The Mystery Awaits

Don’t forget to use your dark keys every day. You can hold up to five keys, and you receive two new ones daily from the event tab. These keys allow you to open Dark Chests scattered throughout the map.

To collect the chest, you must defeat the Darkling Guards protecting it. If they prove too formidable, send multiple legions or ask for assistance from your alliance members. Once conquered, the chest can be opened by multiple people in your alliance, but each person can only open it once. The chest resets every 15 minutes.

By attacking the Darkling Guards, you acquire free loot without expending command points.

Research Priority: Building a Strong Foundation

In Call of Dragons, prioritize economic technologies to accelerate your account’s long-term growth, even if it seems challenging initially. Key technologies to focus on include Architecture I and II, as well as Scholarship I and II, which unlock as you upgrade your research building. Additionally, upgrade Conscription I and II in the Military tree to increase training speed by 20%.

The first five technologies in both trees can be obtained for free by exploring the map, saving valuable research time. If you strive to expedite your account’s growth, concentrate on the following essential technologies:

  • Architecture I and II increase building speed by a total of 50%, enabling quicker and easier upgrades.
  • Scholarships I and II boost research speed by a total of 25%, facilitating faster completion of technological advancements.
  • Stamina I and II raise your command point storage by 600 in total, while Breath Control I and II increase command point recovery by 15% in total.

Please note that resource-related technologies shouldn’t be a top priority initially. Save those for later stages, especially if you possess one or two farm accounts. Once you’ve completed Scholarships I and II, focus on unlocking Tier 4 troops and other technologies with lengthier research times.

PvP Gameplay: Thriving as a Free-to-Play Player

Is PvP gameplay viable for free-to-play or low-spending players in Call of Dragons? Absolutely! The game is exceptionally free-to-play friendly, and anyone can engage in PvP battles without spending a dime. By joining a capable alliance, diligently completing daily tasks, and consistently upgrading troops, technologies, and buildings, you’ll thrive.

Here are some additional tips for PvP success:

  • Play Call of Dragons on PC to expedite your progression.
  • Prepare resources and units for healing.
  • Utilize the best talent builds for your heroes.
  • Opt for a rune to enhance your PvP capabilities.
  • Equip suitable artifacts for your heroes.
  • Utilize attack and defense buff items.

Season Timeline: Mastering the Art of Planning

If you’re committed to Call of Dragons, familiarize yourself with the season timeline. Understanding this timeline becomes vital, especially if you assume leadership roles. It allows for better planning, such as building essential structures like flags and roads to capture key structures immediately upon availability.

For regular players, the timeline mainly revolves around farming resources, speedups, gems, and hero leveling, while actively participating in alliance activities. However, aspiring leaders must closely follow the Call of Dragons timeline to optimize their strategic decisions and ensure the alliance’s success.

(Insert image)

Conclusion: Take It Slow, but Correct

That wraps up our beginner’s guide to Call of Dragons! Keep in mind the importance of taking things slow and ensuring you make the right decisions. Focusing on upgrading your Main Hall is crucial for long-term success.

If you have any questions while pushing your accounts forward, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. We’re here to help you to the best of our abilities!

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