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Diablo 4 Legion Events: A Guide to Rewards and Conquering The Gathering Legions

Prepare for Legion Events in Diablo 4

First, it’s crucial to identify the spawn location for the upcoming event. Five minutes before the event, a marker will appear on your world map, indicating the specific location. Currently, Legion Events can spawn in one of six areas:

  • Kor Dragan in Fractured Peaks
  • Carrowcrest Ruins in Scosglen
  • Haunted Wreckage in Dry Steppes
  • Dilapidated Aqueducts in Kehjistan
  • Norgoi Vigil in Hawezar
  • Crusader’s Monument in Hawezar

To maximize your advantage, head to the marker on your map before the event begins. You’ll find a campfire there, which grants you a stackable buff to increase your experience gain. This buff can stack up to 15 times, providing a 15% experience boost. It takes a few minutes to fully stack the buff, so make sure you arrive in time before the event commences.

Conquering Diablo 4 Legion Events

Diablo 4 Legion Events are fast-paced multiplayer activities, allowing you to join other players in completing objectives. Don’t worry, as objectives are universal. If you’re in the area when someone finishes an objective, you’ll receive credit for it.

Typically, the objectives for Legion Events are straightforward. At the start, a wave of Legion enemies will spawn, which you must defeat within a given time frame to progress. You’ll then navigate the area, eliminating more waves of Legion troops while occasionally encountering Servants of Hell mini-bosses. Though not mandatory, it’s advisable to defeat these mini-bosses. If you manage to vanquish all three Servants of Hell before the event concludes, you’ll receive a mastery bonus. Finally, after the third wave of enemies, an Overlord boss will appear, requiring your team’s combined effort to defeat and complete the event.

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Each stage of the Legion Event has its own timer, so it’s crucial to be efficient with each objective. Currently, the following timeline is observed:

  1. First wave of Legion enemies – 2 minutes
  2. First Servant of Hell spawns – 2 minutes
  3. Second wave of Legion enemies – 1 minute 45 seconds
  4. Second Servant of Hell spawns – 1 minute
  5. Third wave of Legion enemies – 1 minute 30 seconds
  6. Third Servant of Hell spawns – 45 seconds
  7. Overlord boss spawns – 2 minutes

The Overlord boss will be one of several potential bosses usually encountered in Side Dungeons. Compared to weaker counterparts, these bosses possess increased health and deal more damage. Nonetheless, with coordinated teamwork, the Overlord boss can be defeated swiftly.

Rewards from Diablo 4 Legion Events

Upon successfully vanquishing the Overlord boss, you’ll receive a range of rewards for completing the Legion event.

The rewards are random, typically including Legendary items, Rare and Magic items for salvage, gold, and Murmuring Obols. It appears that Unique items cannot be obtained through Legion events at this time.

While the rewards may not be as enticing as those from Helltide events, Legion events are quick and constantly spawning. Therefore, it’s worthwhile to incorporate them into your farming rotation while waiting for the next World Boss or Helltide event.

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