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The Top Captain Marvel Decks in Marvel Snap

The Marvel universe is filled with iconic women superheroes and villains, and one of the most prominent figures is Carol Danvers, also known as Captain Marvel. She possesses a multitude of extraordinary powers, including flight, superhuman strength, endurance, stamina, speed, and the ability to release cosmic blasts of radiant energy.

In the virtual world of Marvel Snap, Captain Marvel is a game-changer. Her card counterpart is a six-power unit that costs five and has a unique ability: “At the end of the game, move to a location that secures your victory.” With such a powerful effect combined with decent stats, building a deck centered around Captain Marvel is a strategic choice.

Now, let’s explore some of the best Captain Marvel decks in Marvel Snap.

Captain Marvel/Nova/Carnage/Deadpool

Since Captain Marvel’s effect is situational, it’s crucial to have a stable offensive engine in your deck. A strategy that focuses on the destruction mechanic can be highly effective, featuring the classic combo of Nova and Carnage, as well as Deadpool.

When destroyed, Nova grants +1 Power to all your cards in the field. It serves as the perfect target for Carnage, who destroys all cards in the location where you played it, gaining +2 Power for each card destroyed. Deadpool, on the other hand, returns to your hand after being destroyed, doubling its Power. Utilizing Deadpool’s ability multiple times can make it a formidable offensive option throughout the game, even as a one-cost card.

You can also include other cards that benefit from being destroyed in the locations where they were played. This includes Bucky Barnes, who summons the two-cost, six-Power Winter Soldier when destroyed, Wolverine, who instantly summons itself to a random location, and Sabretooth, who returns to your hand but becomes a zero-cost, four-Power card. Venom is also an offensive option to consider, as it accumulates the total Power of the cards you destroy when played in a specific location.

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To further boost your Power, you can add Ironheart to your deck. Its ability gives an additional +2 Power to three of your cards. Additionally, include cards that can destroy your own cards in case you’re unable to draw Carnage or Venom at the right time. Killmonger can also destroy your opponent’s cards, while Deathlok can destroy the cards in the location where it was played. America Chavez can serve as your cost-six card, ensuring you always have it available on turn six.

The key to this deck is setting up your Nova/Carnage and Deadpool combos effectively. This paves the way for Captain Marvel to secure a victory by moving to a location on the final turn, guaranteeing a win at one of the three locations.

Double Trouble

For a more power-centric Captain Marvel deck, consider a build that utilizes the abilities of Black Panther and Shuri.

Black Panther’s ability reads: “On Reveal: Double this card’s Power.” While this may seem underwhelming for a four-cost, two-Power card, it can completely change the course of the game with the right setup. Shuri can double the Power of the next card you play, making it a perfect fit. Including Forge in your deck is also viable, as it provides +2 Power points to the next card you put on the field.

Arnim Zola can be a valuable addition for the late game. Its ability allows you to destroy a random friendly card on reveal and add copies of it to other locations. By targeting Black Panther with this effect, you make your final turn unpredictable for your opponent. Combine this with Captain Marvel’s ability, and you have the potential to secure a win, especially if your opponent fails to identify your strategy in time.

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Sunspot is another offensive option to consider, as it gains Power equal to your unspent Energy each turn. As a one-cost card, it has the potential to become a massive power booster by the end of the game. Iceman can provide a disruptive effect to your opponent, as it increases the cost of a random card in their hand by one.

Other cards to include in this deck are Daredevil, who allows you to see your opponent’s plays before making your own, Mojo, who gains six Power points if both players have four cards in the location where it’s played, Captain America, who boosts the Power of all cards in the same location, and Storm, who can flood a location. Jessica Jones is another valuable addition, as she gains +4 Power if no card is played in the location where she was played during the next turn.

The key to this deck is understanding the proper timing to play your “On Reveal” cards, especially Forge, Shuri, Black Panther, and Arnim Zola. Additionally, planning which location to flood can make Jessica Jones a massive Power source.

How to Counter Captain Marvel Decks in Marvel Snap

If you’re facing a Captain Marvel deck in Marvel Snap, countering her ability to move is crucial. Cards like Professor X, Spider-Man, and Storm can directly counter Captain Marvel’s ability by locking down a location.

By considering these top Captain Marvel decks and countering strategies, you’ll be well-prepared to navigate the virtual universe of Marvel Snap. May your superhero skills and strategic thinking lead you to victory!

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