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Your Guide to Memory of Chaos in Honkai: Star Rail

Unlocking Memory of Chaos

Clear Memory Stage 15

To unlock the Memory of Chaos stages, you must complete the final level of Forgotten Hall Memory: Stage 15.

Memory of Chaos Reset

Reset Date and Time

Memory of Chaos resets every two weeks on Monday at 4:00 (Server Time).

Current Phase: Ethereal Shipcraft

The current Memory Turbulence effect summons a Trotter at the beginning of each wave or cycle. The Trotter takes 200% more damage from Basic ATKs and DoT effects. When defeated, it recovers 2 Skill Points for all allies.

Each Memory of Chaos reset introduces a new Memory Turbulence effect. Your progress and rewards from previous clears will reset as well.

Memory of Chaos Stages

Stage 1: Enemies and Weaknesses

Stage 1 Enemies (Level 68)

  • 1st Half: Serval, Trailblazer (Fire), Asta
  • 2nd Half: Dan Heng, Yukong, Herta

Stage 2: Enemies and Weaknesses

Stage 2 Enemies (Level 70)

  • 1st Half: Herta, Asta, Trailblazer (Fire)
  • 2nd Half: Qingque, Dan Heng, Yukong, Natasha

Stage 3: Enemies and Weaknesses

Stage 3 Enemies (Level 73)

  • 1st Half: Trailblazer, Herta, Qingque
  • 2nd Half: Yukong, Serval, Asta, Natasha
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Stage 4: Enemies and Weaknesses

Stage 4 Enemies (Level 75)

  • 1st Half: Dan Heng, Asta, Trailblazer (Fire), Natasha
  • 2nd Half: Qingque, Yukong, Herta, March 7th

Stage 5: Enemies and Weaknesses

Stage 5 Enemies (Level 78)

  • 1st Half: Serval, Trailblazer (Fire), Asta, Natasha
  • 2nd Half: Dan Heng, Yukong, Herta, March 7th

Stage 6: Enemies and Weaknesses

Stage 6 Enemies (Level 80)

  • 1st Half: Dan Heng, Asta, March 7th, Natasha
  • 2nd Half: Serval, Yukong, Herta, Trailblazer (Fire)

Stage 7: Enemies and Weaknesses

Stage 7 Enemies (Level 83)

  • 1st Half: Serval, Asta, Trailblazer (Fire), March 7th
  • 2nd Half: Dan Heng, Herta, Yukong, Natasha

Stage 8: Enemies and Weaknesses

Stage 8 Enemies (Level 85)

  • 1st Half: Dan Heng, Qingque, Yukong, Natasha
  • 2nd Half: Herta, Asta, March 7th, Trailblazer (Fire)

Stage 9: Enemies and Weaknesses

Stage 9 Enemies (Level 88)

  • 1st Half: Serval, Trailblazer (Fire), Asta, March 7th
  • 2nd Half: Dan Heng, Yukong, Herta, Natasha

Stage 10: Enemies and Weaknesses

Stage 10 Enemies (Level 90)

  • 1st Half: Herta, Qingque, March 7th, Natasha
  • 2nd Half: Dan Heng, Yukong, Serval, Trailblazer (Fire)

Memory of Chaos Rewards

Rewards Per Stage

  • Clear a Memory of Chaos Stage: Collecting 3 Insignias

Total Insignia Rewards

Insignia Rewards:

  • Stellar Jade x600
  • Credit x200000

You can earn 60 Stellar Jades and 10000 Credits for every three stars or insignias you collect from completing the stages in Memory of Chaos. These rewards reset every few weeks, giving you the chance to collect all Stellar Jades again.

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Note: All information and images are sourced from Honkai: Star Rail.

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