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Clefable Guide: Best Builds and Strategies for Pokemon UNITE

Are you ready to conquer the battlefield with Clefable in Pokemon UNITE? Look no further! This ultimate guide will walk you through the best builds, movesets, and strategies to make the most out of this adorable Supporter Pokemon. Whether you’re playing on Nintendo Switch or Mobile, Clefable is a formidable ally that can turn the tide of any battle.

Clefable Latest Buffs and Nerfs (06/8)

Before we dive into the guide, let’s take a look at the latest changes to Clefable. In Version Patch, Clefable’s move “Follow Me” received a fix where a Taunted Pokémon’s move would no longer deal damage to an allied Pokemon. This fix enhances Clefable’s effectiveness as a hindrance support, ensuring that opponents are forced to attack Clefable instead of its allies.

Clefable Basic Info

  • Role: Supporter
  • Attack Type: Melee
  • Damage Type: Special
  • Difficulty: Novice
  • Cost: 12,000 Aeos Coins

Clefable harnesses the power of the moon to support its team and claim victory. With its moveset focused on healing allies and disrupting opponents, Clefable is an essential asset in any team composition. Let’s explore the best strategies and builds to maximize Clefable’s potential.

Clefable Best Lanes

  • Top
  • Jungle
  • Bottom

Clefable can excel in various lanes due to its supportive playstyle. Whether you prefer to stick to a specific lane or roam the map as a jungler, Clefable’s healing and hindrance moves can be valuable for your team.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Moveset offers great support and disruption
  • Early evolutions and move upgrades


  • No reliable damaging move
  • Long move cooldowns
  • The randomness of its Unite Move may disrupt plays

Understanding Clefable’s strengths and weaknesses is crucial for playing it effectively. While Clefable lacks damaging moves, its focus on healing and disruption makes it a supportive force to be reckoned with.

Clefable Cost and Price

As of October 20, 2022, Clefable is purchasable for 12,000 Aeos Coins. This change came one week after Clefable’s initial release, where it was only available for purchase with Aeos Gems. Now, trainers can easily obtain Clefable through in-game currency.

Best Builds for Clefable

Full Support Build


  • Moonlight
  • Gravity

Held Items:

  • Defense: +30
  • Sp. Def: +30
  • Movement Speed: +150
  • HP: +690

Emblem Color Combination:

  • Positive Stats: HP, Sp. Atk
  • Free Negative Stats: Attack, Critical-Hit Rate

The Full Support Build revolves around healing allies with Moonlight and hindering opponents with Gravity. Here are the recommended held items and emblem loadout for this build:

  • Exp. Share: Increases Clefable’s HP and movement speed while accelerating its level up process and that of its lane partner.
  • Rescue Hood: Provides Clefable with durability through increased defenses and enhances the healing effects of its moves, especially Moonlight.
  • Buddy Barrier: Adds more HP to Clefable and provides an additional source of shielding when using Wonder Wish.
  • X Speed: Allows Clefable to maneuver quickly and support its allies, particularly when using Moonlight. Slow Smoke can also be a viable alternative, providing additional crowd control.
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The Boost Emblem loadout should consist of 6 Green Emblems for more healing and damage, and 4 White Emblems for additional HP. Equip Emblems that improve Sp. Atk or HP for more healing or durability, respectively. Attack and Critical-Hit Rate can be freely traded for other stats.

Provoke Build


  • Follow Me
  • Draining Kiss

Held Items:

  • Sp. Atk: +39
  • Defense: +30
  • Sp. Def: +30
  • HP: +450

Emblem Color Combination:

  • Positive Stats: HP, Sp. Atk
  • Free Negative Stats: Attack, Critical-Hit Rate

The Provoke Build focuses on utilizing Follow Me to set up opportunities for Clefable’s team. Here are the recommended held items and emblem loadout for this build:

  • Wise Glasses: Provides a significant increase in Sp. Atk, enhancing Clefable’s damage output. Sp. Atk Specs or Slick Spoon can also be viable substitutes.
  • Focus Band: Grants Clefable the durability and survivability needed to engage in fights, especially in the early game.
  • Buddy Barrier: Boosts Clefable’s HP and acts as a teamfight tool.

X Speed is recommended for extra mobility and protection against enemy disables.

The Boost Emblem loadout should consist of 6 Green Emblems for increased Sp. Atk and 4 White Emblems for additional HP. Emblems that improve Sp. Atk or HP can be chosen to balance Clefable’s stats. Attack and Critical-Hit Rate can be freely traded for other stats.

Clefable Best Items & Moveset

Best Held Items

  • Exp. Share: Allows Clefable to keep up with experience gain without extensive Wild Pokemon farming.
  • Sp. Atk. Specs: Increases Clefable’s Sp. Attack significantly. The stacked bonus boosts Clefable’s damage output and enhances its healing capabilities.
  • Buddy Barrier: Provides Clefable with extra durability through increased HP and offers additional shields for Clefable and an ally each time it activates its Unite Move.
  • Focus Band: Ensures Clefable’s survivability by granting extra defenses and healing effects when its HP reaches critically low levels.
  • Wise Glasses: Provides a flat amount of Sp. Attack while also boosting the stat by a percentage. Enhances Clefable’s healing power, as its healing moves scale with Sp. Attack.
  • Rescue Hood: Amplifies the healing effects of Clefable’s Moonlight and Wonder Wish moves and increases its durability through its Sp. Def. and Defense stat increase.

Best Battle Items

  • Slow Smoke: Can be used as an extra hindrance tool for pinning down opponents or for retreating when cornered by the enemy team.
  • X Speed: Gives Clefable extra movement speed to reposition during fights and keep up with allies. Also protects Clefable from enemy disables.
  • Potion: Keeps Clefable’s HP topped off, allowing it to stay in battles for a longer duration.

Best Moveset

  • Moonlight: A straightforward recovery move that can heal multiple allies at once in a wide area. Helps Clefable and its team gain an advantage during crucial team fights.
  • Gravity: Creates a dark zone to trap enemies, pressuring them with enhanced attacks. Counters highly-mobile opponents and disrupts hit-and-run tactics.
  • Draining Kiss (alternative): Sacrifices AoE heals for more damage, allowing Clefable to keep up with farming Wild Pokemon and deal pressure to opponents. Particularly effective when paired with durable lane partners.
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Choose between Moonlight and Draining Kiss based on your playstyle and the needs of your team. Additionally, Clefable can learn Follow Me if you want to get more aggressive with its disruption.

How to Play Clefable

Focus on Supporting Allies

Clefable’s effectiveness in combat relies on your ability to provide heals for your allies and open up opponents for your team to take advantage of. Support your team by maintaining a passive gameplay style and utilize Clefable’s moves for healing and disruption.

Avoid Seeking Knock Downs

While Clefable is capable of pressuring opponents with damage, it’s best not to rely on its offense to secure knockdowns. Instead, focus on healing your allies to give them more time in battle or opening up opponents with hindrance moves for your allies to follow through. Actively seek fights only when prompted by your allies.

Be Present During Team Fights

As a support Pokemon, it’s crucial to stay close to your allies and not roam too far, especially during important team fights and objective contests. Provide aid to your allies before or during team fights to ensure they benefit from Clefable’s healing and disabling moves. Joining a fight after your whole team falls may leave you unable to finish off opponents due to Clefable’s lack of high-damage moves.

Steal Wild Pokemon with Disarming Voice

In the early game, use Clefable’s move Disarming Voice to farm experience and fight opponents. While Disarming Voice doesn’t deal significant damage, its sure-hit, AoE attack allows you to steal Wild Pokemon spawns from the opposing team and deny them experience. The move also pressures opponents enough to stave them off their position.

Pick Healing Move Based on Playstyle

When it comes to learning your healing move upgrade, Clefable offers two viable options: Moonlight and Draining Kiss.

  • Moonlight: A straightforward healing move that can quickly fill up an ally’s HP, especially when the full amount of ticks is achieved. It has a wide area that can potentially bring HP recovery to all team members during a fight. This move locks Clefable into a pure support playstyle, sacrificing offense and farming efficiency.
  • Draining Kiss: Trades direct healing for more damage. This move allows Clefable to farm Wild Pokemon, deal pressure to opponents, and heal highly durable lane partners. Take note that Draining Kiss requires a target enemy to activate the healing benefits.

Healing Effects Scale with Sp. Attack

Clefable’s healing moves, such as Moonlight and Wonder Wish, scale with its Special Attack stat. The higher your Special Attack, the more significant the heals you and your ally will receive. Consider stacking bonuses with Sp. Atk Specs to drastically increase Clefable’s healing potential once you reach full stack.

Get Shields for Healing Allies

Clefable’s passive ability, Magic Guard, provides extra shields when it restores ally Pokemon’s HP. This interaction increases Clefable’s survivability, especially during chaotic fights. Activate Moonlight or Draining Kiss near allies to maximize the value of this passive ability.

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Pick Hindrance Move Based on Enemy Composition

At level 6, Clefable gains access to its hindrance move – Gravity or Follow Me. The choice between the two moves depends on the opposing team’s composition and the utility you need.

  • Follow Me: A more aggressive move that attracts enemies and forces them to attack Clefable, allowing your teammates to take advantage of the charm effect. Use Follow Me to disrupt enemy positioning, especially against ranged attackers and hit-and-run specialists.
  • Gravity: Creates a dark zone that traps opponents, enhances Clefable’s attacks, and reduces enemy movement speed. This move counters highly mobile opponents and disrupts their hit-and-run tactics.

Activate Wonder Wish During Clashes

Wonder Wish is a powerful team fight move that instantly heals your allies. Use Wonder Wish during crucial team fights to increase your team’s survivability. Combine Wonder Wish with Moonlight for a healing engine that can keep your team from falling in battle. The move’s second activation can also contribute to your team’s offense. Keep in mind that the extra move you get from Wonder Wish is random and ranges from high-damage options like Hyper Beam to more disruptive moves like Block.

Clefable Progression and Leveling Guide

Here’s a breakdown of Clefable’s progression and leveling tips:

  • Levels 1-3: Stick with one of your allies in the top or bottom lane and focus on healing them with Heal Pulse. Secure Wild Pokemon spawns for your ally by using Disarming Voice’s ranged AoE attack.
  • Levels 4-7: Once Clefable fully evolves at level 4, unlock Moonlight for better AoE heals or Draining Kiss for more damage. Secure Altaria and Swablu spawns at 8:50 with your ally. Help your allies secure objectives at the 7:00 mark.
  • Levels 8-11: Keep supporting your ally using Moonlight or Draining Kiss. When Clefable reaches level 10, it learns its Unite Move, Wonder Wish. Use Wonder Wish to heal your allies during crucial team fights.
  • Levels 12+: Continue sticking with your allies to hunt targets, secure objectives, and push lanes. Aim to reach level 12 before or when Rayquaza spawns to have a fully-upgraded moveset.

Clefable Combos

  • Moon Trap Combo: Get aggressive with Gravity by trapping opponents and healing yourself and your team with Moonlight.
  • Multi-Heal Pull Combo: Utilize Draining Kiss’s multi-AoE hit and heals with Follow Me as a setup. Pull targets towards allies or clump opponents together for maximum hits and healing.
  • Ultimate Wonder Aggression Combo: Use Wonder Wish during team fights to heal allies and potentially burst down opponents. Depending on the extra move you get from Wonder Wish, contribute damage to knock down opponents.

Clefable Matchups and Counters

Clefable has various matchups against different Pokemon. Here are some notable matchups:

  • Hard Counters: Buzzwole, Urshifu, Absol, Mew, Mr. Mime
  • Even Matchups: Durable Pokemon with Crowd Control, Supporters, Pokemon with Burst Damage
  • Easy Matchups: Mobile and Sturdy Pokemon

Understanding your matchups allows you to adapt your playstyle accordingly and make informed decisions during battles.

Best Teammates for Clefable

  • Mew, Venusaur: Quickly take down enemies with their burst attacks.
  • Mr. Mime, Sableye: Stun and debuff opponents to support Clefable’s disruption.
  • Slowbro, Snorlax: Tanky disablers that can lead the charge and help Clefable set up its attacks.
  • Gengar, Zoroark: High burst damagers that can pin down opponents and create openings for their teammates.
  • Machamp, Tsareena: Hard-hitting initiators that can sustain themselves and create opportunities for Clefable.

Synergizing with the right teammates can greatly enhance Clefable’s effectiveness in battles. Consider their playstyles and strengths when forming a team composition.

With these strategies, builds, and combos at your disposal, you’re ready to unleash the full potential of Clefable in Pokemon UNITE. Master the art of healing and disruption to lead your team to victory. Good luck, and may the power of the moon guide your path!

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