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Top 5 Exotic Choices for Void Warlocks in Destiny 2

In the ever-expanding universe of Destiny 2, the selection of subclass and elemental power holds tremendous weight. With the advent of the Witch Queen expansion, Bungie took its first shot at overhauling the game’s elemental powers, beginning with the Void. The Void 3.0 update introduced aspects and fragments, such as Stasis, which allowed players to craft unique and powerful builds for their Guardians.

For Warlocks, certain exotics stand out when it comes to maximizing the potential of Void 3.0 builds in Destiny 2. Let’s explore the top five choices that Warlocks can synergize with for optimal performance.

1) Nezarec’s Sin: Amplify Your Power

Nezarec's Sin (Image via Bungie)

Nezarec’s Sin takes the first spot on our list with its powerful exotic helmet. This versatile piece has long been a top-tier choice for Voidwalker Warlocks. Its intrinsic perk, Abyssal Extractors, activates whenever you score Void damage kills. This grants you a 300% additional base regeneration rate for grenades and melee, as well as a 200% additional base regeneration rate for class abilities and supers. The buff lasts for 2.5 seconds but can be refreshed with consecutive Void kills, reaching a maximum duration of 20 seconds.

To fully leverage the potential of Nezarec’s Sin, pair it with Chaos Accelerant and Feed the Void aspects. Feed the Void provides the Devour buff after every Void kill, restoring health and a chunk of Grenade energy. Meanwhile, Chaos Accelerant increases the size and duration of your vortex grenade. With these aspects combined, you’ll be able to flawlessly tackle any content solo.

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2) Contraverse Hold: Unleash the Chaos

Contraverse Hold (Image via Bungie)

Next up is Contraverse Hold, featuring its exotic perk, Chaos Exchanger. This perk allows you to charge your Void Grenades while mitigating incoming damage. Additionally, it returns grenade energy upon successfully hitting enemies.

Contraverse Hold doesn’t require you to secure kills to replenish grenade energy, but it does have a short cooldown timer. However, when using a vortex grenade, the lingering duration will outrun the cooldown, effectively granting double grenade energy upon hit in Destiny 2.

To make the most of Contraverse Hold, equip the Chaos Accelerant aspect, as charging the grenade is a prerequisite for utilizing the intrinsic perk.

3) Secant Filaments: Empower Your Rifts

Secant Filaments (Image via Bungie)

Secant Filaments, an exotic piece of leg armor introduced with the Witch Queen DLC, offers an intriguing perk called Devouring Rift. This perk allows you to cast an empowering rift that grants the Devour effect. While standing on this rift, both you and your allies deal increased damage to combatants in Destiny 2.

For a long time, healing rifts overshadowed empowering rifts in end-game content due to their continuous healing properties. However, Secant Filaments turned the tide by granting Voidwalker Warlocks the ability to receive both health restoration and increased damage output through empowering rifts.

As these leg armor pieces already provide Devour on class ability activation, you can enhance the healing benefits and grenade damage by combining them with the Child of the Old Gods and Chaos Accelerant aspects.

4) Nothing Manacles: Explosive Force Unleashed

Nothing Manacles (Image via Bungie)

With Nothing Manacles, another exotic gauntlet, you gain the Scatter Charge perk. Equipping this armor grants you an additional Scatter Grenade charge along with a tracking bonus.

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Since Nothing Manacles already provides Chaos Accelerant’s Tracking Bonus, you can skip that aspect and focus on building stronger grenades that continuously replenish in Destiny 2.

5) Verity’s Brow: Unleash Your Grenade Fury

Verity's Brow (Image via Bungie)

While Verity’s Brow is a subclass-neutral exotic, it proves to be an excellent choice for Void 3.0 builds. Its intrinsic perk, The Fourth Magic, grants stacks of the Death Throws buff whenever you deliver final blows with a damage type matching your subclass energy. This buff provides a boost to grenade damage and regeneration.

This exotic helmet complements any end-game build, providing not just significantly increased grenade regeneration for yourself, but also extending the benefits to nearby allies for a short duration.

Before creating a build with Verity’s Brow, make sure to acquire a Void-element weapon or check your vault for any Void weapons. Once you have one, pair it with your Voidwalker build to activate the exotic perk in Destiny 2.

By synergizing with these top-tier exotics, Void Warlocks can unleash their full potential in Destiny 2. So, gear up, embrace the Void, and let the power of darkness guide you to victory!

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