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Best Team for Dragon Showdown in Cookie Run: Kingdom

The Legend of the Red Dragon special episode in Cookie Run: Kingdom has introduced a new and challenging content called the Dragon Showdown. This level, available in both Story and Dark mode, requires unique team setups to overcome its difficulties. In this article, we will explore the best Cookies and toppings to help you conquer the Dragon Showdown on your first try.

Cookie Run Dragon Showdown Team

How to Clear Dragon Showdown (Story) in Cookie Run: Kingdom? (June 2023)

Note: The team setups mentioned below are most effective when all Cookies, toppings, and treasures are upgraded to high levels. It is also advisable to stick with the specified Cookies, unless mentioned otherwise.

1) Milky Way

Milky Way plays a crucial role in breaking through the shield. Her strong defense reduction and high damage output pave the way for Tarte Tatin to deal heavy hits. Additionally, Milky Way provides individual survivability, damage resistance buffs, and an HP shield for the entire team. These abilities are essential for keeping your team alive and successfully navigating the Dragon Showdown.

If Milky Way is not available, alternatives such as Pitaya and Wildberry can still deliver similar value. However, they are recommended only if the Sugarcloud Express conductor is inaccessible.

2) Hollyberry Cookie

Hollyberry Cookie serves as the main defender in this team setup. Undoubtedly, she is the best defender in Cookie Run: Kingdom, making her an ideal choice for this role. Survivability is the primary challenge in the Dragon Showdown, especially for Tarte Tatin. A strong front line is crucial for this effort, and Hollyberry Cookie fills any gaps in fending off enemies.

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3) Tarte Tatin Cookie

Fresh out of the Gacha, Tarte Tatin is the much-awaited “Bomber” class Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom. Despite some initial disappointment due to a change from melee to ranged type, Tarte Tatin impresses players with his powerful damage-dealing abilities. He serves as the dedicated damage dealer in this team composition.

For players who haven’t acquired Tarte Tatin, Pitaya Dragon from the first Legend of the Red Dragon update can be a suitable alternative.

4) Herb Cookie

Herb Cookie is an essential addition to the team. With his unique Purify buff, Herb Cookie periodically cleanses all allies from enemy debuffs. As a support Cookie, he contributes to the team’s overall survival, which is a central challenge in the Dragon Showdown.

In case Herb Cookie is not fully upgraded, newer additions like BTS, Creampuff, or Snapdragon Cookie can also work effectively in this team composition.

5) Pure Vanilla Cookie

Pure Vanilla Cookie, renowned as the best healer in Cookie Run: Kingdom, takes the role of the primary healer in this team. It is strongly recommended to use Pure Vanilla only, as no other Cookie can match her healing capabilities and keep the team alive. Pure Vanilla offers versatility and reliability, making her an excellent investment for any player.

To bring this Cookie Run: Kingdom team together and complete the Dragon Showdown, make sure to upgrade the Old Pilgrim’s Scroll, Squishy Jelly Watch, and Sugar Swan’s Feather to the highest possible levels.

Stay tuned for more updates and news from Cookie Run: Kingdom!

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Note: Some parts of this article reflect the author’s subjective opinion.

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