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Discovering All Resonance Amps in Destiny 2

The Enthralling Quest of the Seraph Season has commenced in Destiny 2, immersing Guardians deeper into the ongoing battle between Light and Dark in the upcoming Lightfall Expansion. While the unfolding events grip our attention, there are numerous additional pursuits that captivate Guardians.

One such endeavor involves triumphs and unlockables. After completing the initial missions of the Season of The Seraph storyline, Guardians will obtain Resonate Stems. Combining four of these Resonate Stems will reward you with a Resonance Amp.

Each Resonance Amp offers a tantalizing description of a planet and a specific area within it. Exploring this designated vicinity, Guardians will be greeted by the unmistakable melody emanating from a musical octahedron known as a Warmind Node. Interacting with the node will grant you a Season weapon and 3,000 Glimmer.

These expeditions not only yield powerful weapons but also contribute to the completion of Triumphs associated with the Season. Discovering a total of 20 Warmind Nodes is necessary to attain the illustrious “Seraph” title and unlock the secretive “Music Theory” Triumphs in the Season of the Seraph Ritual tab.

To aid you in this endeavor, we present a comprehensive guide to locating all 20 Warmind Nodes.

All Resonance Amp Locations in Destiny 2

It’s important to note that the order of Resonance Amp locations is not predetermined. My own Resonance Amp, for instance, led me to Europan Warmind Node 2.

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Music Theory I – All Warmind Nodes on Europa


Begin by heading to the Beyond Landing Zone, near the Exo Stranger. From there, proceed due East, following a long, snowy corridor to the right of the Exo Stranger. Leap across the gulch to access it. Traverse the corridor until you reach its end, where the Warmind Node awaits.

All Resonance Amp Locations in Destiny 2


The easiest Warmind Node to locate on Europa can be found by heading to Charon’s Crossing. Instead of entering the building, veer right and stay near the ledge. The melody of the Warmind Node will guide you. Descend from the ledge to discover it.

All Resonance Amp Locations in Destiny 2


Commence at Charon’s Crossing Landing Zone and head left towards Cadmus Ridge. On the left side of the path leading to the ridge, you’ll notice a row of black rods. As you approach the final one, just before entering Cadmus Ridge, dismount your sparrow and leap towards the black rod and the cliff’s edge. A narrow ledge will appear just below the rods. Traverse it to reach the Warmind Node.

All Resonance Amp Locations in Destiny 2


Begin at Charon’s Crossing Landing Zone and take the straight/right path towards the Asterion Abyss. On your map, you’ll notice a geometric vex structure at the center of the Abyss. Concealed within this structure is the Warmind Node. Ascend the icy path until it culminates in a drop. Once there, dismount your Sparrow and turn around. In the alcove formed by the juxtaposition of the structure and the ice-sheet, you’ll find the Warmind Node.

All Resonance Amp Locations in Destiny 2


At the Eventide Ruins Landing Zone, immediately turn right. You’ll spot a cliff beside you. Jump down onto the ledge concealed beneath its edge, and you’ll discover a cave to your left. Venture inside, and the Warmind Node will quickly come into view.

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All Resonance Amp Locations in Destiny 2


From the Eventide Ruins Landing Zone, swiftly veer left while riding your sparrow. Amidst the snow, you’ll find a dome partially buried. Its entrance remains accessible. Enter the structure and notice the metal crosswalks above. Leap up to the crosswalks to encounter the final Warmind Node on Europa.

All Resonance Amp Locations in Destiny 2

Music Theory II – All Warmind Nodes on the Moon


Travel to Sanctuary and proceed directly to Archer’s Line. On the map, you’ll observe a somewhat broken circle to the East of Archer’s Line. This circle represents a dome with two floors. Ascend to the second floor and locate the Warmind Node.

All Resonance Amp Locations in Destiny 2


The second Warmind Node can prove elusive. Begin at Sanctuary and make your way to Archer’s Line. Follow the Crevasse until you encounter a Lunar Rover. With caution, navigate your way into the rock outcropping within the green-tinged crevasse.

All Resonance Amp Locations in Destiny 2


Spawn at Sorrow’s Harbor and head South towards the Hellmouth. As you venture deeper, stay to the right. This area possesses numerous layers, and the Warmind Node is most likely hidden beneath your feet. When you spot a downward opening beneath a rock shelf ceiling, descend into the cave to uncover the Warmind Node.

All Resonance Amp Locations in Destiny 2


Depart from Sanctuary on the Moon by heading North towards Archer’s Line. Upon arrival, immediately veer right. On your map, you’ll notice a circle at the center of Anchor of Light. This circular area holds our destination. Proceed towards it to find the Warmind Node against the far wall.

All Resonance Amp Locations in Destiny 2


Arguably the most challenging Warmind Node to locate on this celestial body. Spawn at Sorrow’s Harbor Landing Zone and stride forward towards the east. Ignore the main flight of stairs leading to the Scarlet Keep, as well as the smaller flight of stairs. Instead, proceed North towards the Keep walls. A cave will be embedded within the wall. Enter this cave, and at its end, you will discover the elusive Warmind Node.

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All Resonance Amp Locations in Destiny 2


While Sorrow Altar Recess may be the most challenging, locating the Sanctuary Stage is a breeze. Land in Sanctuary and pass Eris Morn. Behind her, on a narrow outcrop, you’ll find the Warmind Node.

All Resonance Amp Locations in Destiny 2

Please note that as of December 12, 2022, these Warmind Nodes are available. Music Theory III and the remaining nodes unlocked through Operation: Seraph’s Shields will be accessible on December 20.

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