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How to Finish the Barbarian Class Quest “Masters of Battle” in Diablo 4

The Barbarian Class Quest “Masters of Battle” in Diablo 4 takes you to the city of Ked Bardu in the Dry Steppes. This quest becomes available once you reach Level 15 with the Barbarian class and is essential for advancing your weapon masteries. Follow our detailed guide below to successfully complete the Masters of Battle quest in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 Barbarian Class Masters of Battle Quest Walkthrough

You’ll find the D4 Masters of Battle quest in the desert city of Ked Bardu, located northwest of Kyovashad. If you’ve previously encountered Lothar, this is the same city where he was last seen.

Once you arrive, your objective is to find Forgemaster Gerti. You can find him near the Blacksmith and Armor Merchant, just south of the fast travel location. To reach them, take the path to the right of the teleport point and then head down and to the left.

Forgemaster Gerti will explain that there is a way for you to join the Oxen Tribe instead of remaining tribeless. To do so, you need to locate Katra, who can be found just outside the northern part of town. While on your way to find Katra, consider picking up the Thieves’ Famine quest, as the trial location coincides with that quest.

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Where to Find Katra in the Masters of Battle Quest

Katra can be found north of the eastern entrance to the city. Look for her above the ridge that resembles a C shape. Once you locate her, she will assign you the trial of eliminating 30 bandits and 20 creatures.

A notable aspect is that Katra will accompany you and assist in defeating enemies, making the trial shorter than it would be on your own. The area is populated by various creatures, such as the large Beast and Plains Hornet. However, if you encounter Plague Maggots by heading up a small path, they won’t count towards your creature total since Katra will stop following you at that point.

If you have the Thieves’ Famine quest active, you’ll notice Stolen Supplies dropping from the slain bandits.

How to Locate the Diablo 4 Masters of Battle Quest Cave

After you defeat the required number of creatures and bandits, Katra will instruct you to find a cave. The cave’s proximity to Ked Bardu can vary, but it will be north of the city. The most apparent landmark is a multitude of dead bodies outside the cave.

Inside the cave, you’ll encounter the beast responsible for slaying the people. For the final part of your trial, you must face it alone. As you proceed further, you’ll reach the beast’s den. It will charge at you once it catches sight of you, so prepare to dodge its attacks. Known as the Beast of the Steppes, it is an Elite enemy that can intimidate you. During my battle, I simply overwhelmed it with brute force while keeping an eye on my health. Therefore, defeating the beast does not require any special skills or weapons.

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After the beast is defeated, collect its head as proof of completion and return to Katra. She will acknowledge your achievement and send you back to Forgemaster Gerti. In Ked Bardu, you will be warmly welcomed into the Oxen Tribe, bestowed with the tribe’s crest forged in the Great Forge, and the quest will be considered complete.

Barbarian Class Masters of Battle Quest Rewards

As a reward for completing the Masters of Battle quest, you will obtain the Bone Helm of the Beast:

  • 232 Item Power
  • 290 Armor
  • 2.5% Damage while Berserking
  • 1.8% Cooldown Reduction
  • +10 Intelligence

In addition to the rare helmet, you will receive 1,020 gold and 6,370 XP. With this quest’s completion, you can now set and utilize weapon techniques as part of your class unlock, enhancing your expertise with specific skills that require an arsenal weapon.

That’s all there is to know about finishing the Barbarian Class Quest “Masters of Battle” in Diablo 4. For more helpful walkthroughs and tips, make sure to explore the rest of our comprehensive D4 guides.

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