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Diablo IV Head of the Snake: Unraveling the Hideout Entrance

Head of the Snake is an intriguing side-quest in Diablo 4, set in the mystical Kehjistan region. This quest is not only essential for completing the A Wolf’s Honor Challenge but also an exciting continuation of the More Value Than Gold side-quest. In Head of Snake, you will embark on a mission to locate and assault a secretive Triune hideout. Your reward awaits, with Renown points, Gold, XP, and a valuable Cache up for grabs. If you find yourself in need of assistance, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive walkthrough below.

How to Initiate the Head of the Snake Quest in Diablo 4

To dive into the Head of the Snake quest, which falls among the 44 side-quests in Kehjistan, you must first reach Act 4. Make sure to complete the preceding quests in the questline, On the Hunt, and the aforementioned More Value Than Gold. Once you’re prepared, head towards the Iron Wolves Encampment, located on the east side of the Ragged Coastline area in Kehjistan.

Diablo 4 Head of the Snake becomes available after completing the More Value Than Gold side-quest

Upon reaching the designated spot marked on your map, you’ll encounter the Iron Wolves Haddad, Asa, and Dawood interrogating a bandit. The Iron Wolves have gleaned some valuable information from the Bonesnapper, which leads them to believe there is a Triune hideout near Uldur’s Cave. The specific method of entering the hideout, however, remains elusive. It appears that the medallion you acquired during the More Value Than Gold side-quest holds the key. Haddad plans to team up with Asa and Dawood, scouting for the hideout and seizing the opportunity to strike if it arises.

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Now let’s discover the whereabouts of the Triune hideout.

Locating the Pillar in Diablo 4

As previously mentioned, the hideout can be found by a pillar near Uldur’s Cave. Begin the search by rendezvousing with Asa and Dawood near Uldur’s Cave, as indicated on the D4 map below.

Asa and Dawood are found near Uldur

After conversing with the NPCs, consult your map to identify the quest’s search area, located eastward. Explore the search area diligently, keeping an eye out for a distinctive pillar that serves as the entrance to the Triune’s hideout. If this pillar seems elusive, refer to our supplementary map, where we have pinpointed its exact location.

The pillar is located east of Uldur

Great! You’ve discovered the pillar, but it appears to lack an obvious entrance. However, if you approach the black rock on the mountain wall west of the pillar, utilize your medallion to reveal the hidden entrance to the Triune Hideout, as exemplified in the image below.

The entrance to the Triune Hideout is behind a black rock west of the pillar

To proceed, venture inside the hideout and eliminate all the Triune cultists that stand in your way. Prepare yourself for an intense battle, as you’ll encounter numerous mobs, including two formidable Elites. Clear the area meticulously, and be sure to check on Dawood, who appears to be injured. The wounded NPC informs you that he will await your arrival in Dahlgur, as he urgently requires medical attention.

With the completion of Diablo 4 Head of Snake, your curiosity may be piqued about the conclusion of the questline. To unveil the next chapter, embark on the A Moment of Peace quest in the Iron Wolves Encampment.

Remember, in the treacherous world of Diablo, every decision you make can determine your fate. Stay vigilant, embrace your powers, and forge ahead on your heroic journey!

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