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Best Diablo 4 Server Slam Level 20 Druid Builds: Unleash the Power of the Wild


Are you ready to dominate in the upcoming Diablo 4 Server Slam Beta with the mighty Druid class? In this guide, we will explore the top three must-try Druid builds for level 20. With the recent updates and buffs to the class, there’s no better time to harness the power of nature and unleash devastation upon your foes. So, let’s dive into the details and build your character for the ultimate server slam experience!

The Power of the Wild: Druid Zoo Build

Let’s begin our journey by delving into the first build, the mighty Druid Zoo Build. This build focuses on summoning and enhancing your loyal companions to wreak havoc on your enemies.

Basic Skills

To start, allocate your skill points in Storm Strike, Enhanced Storm Strike, and Fierce Storm Strike. These skills provide immobilization, vulnerability, and bring you into melee range for added benefits.

Spirit Skills

Invest points in Tornado and the Terminator to summon more tornadoes and slow down your enemies. The core spells of this build serve to provide utility and support for your companions. Enhance your critical chance against nearby enemies with Predatory Instinct.

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Defensive Skills

Ensure your survival by investing in Earthen Bulwark and making it unstoppable. This defensive skill will keep you alive during intense battles.

Companion Skills

Here comes the exciting part! Allocate points to Wolves, enhancing their damage, attack speed, and critical hit chance. Consider investing in Vine Creeper, Ravens, and Call of the Wild to further empower your companions.

Offensive Aspects

Choose from a variety of offensive aspects to amplify your power:

  • Aspect of the Alpha: Transform your Wolf Companions into Werewolf Companions, granting additional damage and the ability to spread Rabies.
  • Aspect of the Stampede: Summon an additional Companion and boost the damage of your Companion Skills.
  • Aspect of the Wildrage: Bestow your Companions with the benefits of the Bestial Rampage Key Passive.
  • Nighthowler’s Aspect: Increase Critical Strike Chance and affect nearby Companions and Players with Blood Howl.

Defensive Aspects

Enhance your defensive capabilities with these aspects:

  • Aspect of Mending Stone: Extend the duration of Earthen Bulwark and replenish its Barrier upon killing enemies with Earth Skills.
  • Earthguard Aspect: Gain bonus power to your next Earthen Bulwark for each enemy you Crowd Control.

The Fury of the Earth: Druid Earth Build

Next, let’s explore the power of the earth with our second build, the Druid Earth Build. This build revolves around utilizing Pulverize and maximizing its usability.

Basic Skills

Invest a point in Wind Shear, Enhanced Wind Shear, and Spirit Bonus. These skills will grant you additional resource, allowing for prolonged battles.

Spirit Skills

Focus on enhancing Pulverize, increasing its effectiveness and providing overpower bonuses. Channel the raw power of the earth to crush your enemies.

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Defensive Skills

Enhance your survivability with Earthen Bulwark, Unstoppable, and additional fortification. Debilitating Roar slows enemies and amplifies your damage against them.

Companion Skills

Allocate points to Vine Creeper for added damage and critical chance. Your companion’s strangulation by Vine Creeper will deal devastating blows to your foes.

Wrath Skills

Harness the power of Crushing Earth to deal significant damage when enemies are slowed or immobilized. Crush your enemies beneath the weight of the earth itself.

Offensive Aspects

Choose from these offensive aspects to enhance your earth-focused abilities:

  • Aspect of the Expectant
  • Aspect of the Ursine Horror
  • Crashstone Aspect
  • Shockwave Aspect

The Wrath of the Storm: Druid Storm Build

Lastly, let’s discover the destructive potential of the third build, the Druid Storm Build. Embrace the fury of lightning and wind to decimate your enemies from afar.

Core Skills

Empower your Tornado skill with Enhanced Tornado, increasing its vulnerability chance. Allocate points to Wind Shear for additional Spirit, ensuring a steady flow of powerful spells.

Defensive Skills

Combine Earthen Bulwark with Cyclone Armor to bolster your defenses. Though unable to use the ultimate skill in the beta, maximize the potential of your defensive capabilities.

Companion Skills

Invest points in Vine Creeper and Nature’s Reach. Keep your distance from enemies and disable them with slows, immobilization, or knockbacks.

Wrath Skills

Unleash the fury of Hurricane upon your foes, slowing them down and making them vulnerable to your onslaught. This build allows you to become a mage-like casting Druid, wielding the power of storms.

Offensive Aspects

Choose from these offensive aspects to augment your storm-based abilities:

  • Runeworker’s Conduit Aspect
  • Stormchaser’s Aspect
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With these top-tier Druid builds, you are well-equipped to dominate the Diablo 4 Server Slam Beta. Whether you prefer a zoo-like swarm of powerful companions, the brute force of the earth, or the devastating storms of lightning and wind, there’s a build here for you. Master your skills, strategize your aspects, and unleash the power of the wild upon your enemies. The server slam awaits, brave Druids!

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