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Dan Heng – Unveiling the Best Builds and Teams

Dan Heng, the formidable 4 Star Wind element playable character in Honkai: Star Rail, has been making waves in the gaming community. Voiced by the talented Nicholas Leung, Dan Heng possesses immense potential. In this article, we will explore their best builds, relics, light cones, teams, traces, eidolons, and how to obtain them!

Unraveling Dan Heng’s Character Information

Dan Heng Basic Info and Rating

Dan Heng is a rarity among characters, wielding Wind element powers. Let’s dive into the details and explore their path, tier list rating, and overall stats.

  • Path: Wind
  • Tier List Rating: Based on E0 ratings

How would you rate Dan Heng? Share your thoughts and check out the character tier list to see where they stand.

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Dan Heng Base Stats

Take a closer look at Dan Heng’s base statistics at Level 1 and Level 80. These stats include HP, ATK, DEF, and SPD.


Acquiring Dan Heng – The Journey Begins

Obtained in the Prologue

Dan Heng is a free 4-star character obtained right at the beginning of the game. Embrace their powers and embark on your adventure!

Pull From Any Banner

If you’re looking to add more copies of Dan Heng to your roster, you can acquire them from all active banners. Limited and Permanent Banners, including Epochal Spectrum, Brilliant Fixation, Stellar Warp, and Departure Warp, offer a standard rate for obtaining additional copies.

Unleashing the Power – Best Builds for Dan Heng

Discover the most effective builds to unleash Dan Heng’s true potential. Let’s delve into their main DPS build and explore the possibilities.

Main DPS Build

Looking to maximize Dan Heng’s damage output? This is the build for you!

Assembling the Perfect Teams for Dan Heng

The key to success lies in assembling a well-rounded team that complements Dan Heng’s abilities. Let’s explore two of the best team compositions.

Dan Heng F2P Team (Free to Play)

For players looking to excel without spending a dime, this team composition is perfect. It can handle most single-target situations and is one of the most consistent teams in the game.

Team Composition:

  • Main DPS: Dan Heng
  • Support: Yukong Trailblazer (Fire)
  • Support: Natasha

This team ensures you can conquer any content with ease.

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Dan Heng Hyper Carry Team

Take your gameplay to the next level with this hyper carry team. Buff Dan Heng with ATK and DMG buffs to unleash devastating Ultimate DMG.

Team Composition:

  • Main DPS: Dan Heng
  • Sub-DPS / Support: Welt Tingyun
  • Support / Healer / Shielder: Flexible choice

Slowing down the enemy while empowering Dan Heng will lead to unrivaled damage potential.

Illuminating the Best Light Cones for Dan Heng

Find out the recommended Light Cones to enhance Dan Heng’s abilities. These Light Cones are arranged based on rarity and strength, ensuring you make an informed choice.

Harnessing the Power of Relics – The Best Relics for Dan Heng

Equip Dan Heng with the most effective relics to amplify their potential. Here are the top relic choices for our wind-based DPS character.

Mastering Dan Heng – Gameplay Tips

Unleash the full potential of Dan Heng with these gameplay tips and tricks.

Dan Heng’s Trace Priority

Understanding the priority of Dan Heng’s traces is essential to maximize their effectiveness. Here’s a breakdown of their traces and their priority levels.

Dan Heng’s Recommended Eidolons

Discover the Eidolons that perfectly complement Dan Heng’s abilities. Each Eidolon offers unique benefits that enhance the hero’s performance.

Dealing More DMG against Slowed Enemies

Dan Heng excels at dealing damage to slowed enemies. Their basic attacks and Ultimate unleash their true prowess against slowed opponents.

Skill Can Slow Enemies Down

Dan Heng’s skill possesses the ability to slow down enemies. Utilize this skill to hinder your foes before unleashing your Ultimate for maximum damage.

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Allies can Trigger Wind RES PEN

Teaming up with harmony, abundance, or preservation characters can trigger Wind RES PEN. This synergy allows you to deal massive damage to enemies while maintaining an advantageous position.

Unveiling Dan Heng’s Traces – Skills and Passives

Delve into the details of Dan Heng’s traces, including their techniques, basic ATK, skill, ultimate, talent, and bonus abilities. Each trace contributes to their overall combat prowess.

Ascension and Trace Materials – The Journey Continues

Discover the materials required to ascend Dan Heng and level up their traces. Plan ahead and collect the necessary materials to unlock their full potential.

Honkai: Star Rail Related Guides

Explore more guides related to Honkai: Star Rail to enhance your gaming experience.

With Dan Heng’s unbeatable skills and your strategic prowess, you’re ready to conquer the world of Honkai: Star Rail. Unleash their power and embark on an adventure like never before!

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